the perfect girl with the eyes of men "What a pity that I'm not perfect!"- you think, wiping away the tears after another quarrel with the boyfriend. You do not have much and do not know how, but is this simply female happiness? This and many other questions suggest what kind of girl she is - the ideal girl through the eyes of men?


Take and listen to the men talk about the girls. What do they notice first? That's right, appearance. And it is no longer a secret that men love eyes. More precisely, they love later, of course, heart, but they fall in love with their eyes. That's why it's so important for men that we look beautiful and well-groomed. It is worth mentioning that a long time ago there is no single standard for women's beauty: someone likes tall and slender girls with a small breast or even lack of it, and someone - low growth and lush forms. What can we say about the variety of colors of the eyes, hair and characteristics of other parts of the female body! Accordingly, any girl can be beautiful - it is important only to learn to emphasize one's own virtues and hide the shortcomings. To do this, you will need to spend some time researching yourself. What colors and styles do you go to? What kind of hair do you like more? Which tan shade looks best on your skin? You will have to answer these and other questions. By the way, this knowledge explains the fact that many women in maturity look much better than in their youth - they just know what things emphasize their beauty. It is the grooming and attention to themselves that underlie the external appeal, and directly the natural data actually give their owner not so much a head start. By the way, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on maintaining beauty - they can be replaced by time and desire. Not enough money for an expensive fitness club? Start running in the morning. I want to dress in quality clothes, but do not have money for a bunch of designer gear? Buy things in the second hand and selectively (see the previous paragraph) - something really cool in the stores. Remember that nothing is impossible - there are only reasons not to do so.


No, of course, there are men who want to havenext to a beautiful doll, but most of them still want to find a beloved partner and friend, with whom it will be interesting. But to begin with it is necessary to be defined with what woman to consider clever. Men are not at all attracted by complex reasoning about higher matter - they find them meaningless and boring. But the ability to understand art, literature, cinema and music will be very helpful. A wide range of views is what makes you an interesting companion (just do not overdo it. Still, nobody loves being too smart, because next to them you feel stupid). And if you understand some narrow and purely "male" theme, it makes you truly an ideal girl! But the mind is not only a storehouse of academic knowledge and encyclopedic facts. It is also the ability to operate with them, solve some creative tasks, create something and rebuild. Very many men complain that women do not understand them. So, a living and sharp mind can make a man's mind open and understandable to you. the perfect girl with the eyes of men


Female sexuality is not just shortskirt and frivolous behavior, rather, on the contrary - such a woman will be recognized as vulgar and unattractive. However, an ideal sex girl loves and considers it an important part of her life. And how else, because her female essence is very, very developed! Sexuality is manifested in the fact that such a girl knows what brings her pleasure. She is attracted to a beloved man, and she is able to be the only queen for him (and let the others lick!). She is relaxed and ready for experiments in bed, but she does not have rigid frameworks and stereotypes about what sex should be. Sexy girl knows that he can be different, and the bed - it's only for two. She does not compare her man to the others.


Of course, the ideal girl should be fun -no one will want to communicate with a boring person! This does not mean that she will be a ringleader and an "energy-intensifier" twenty-four hours a day. She can afford to relax and mourn, but this is not a familiar and comfortable state for her. Such a girl always has a lot of ideas about how you can have fun. There is some kind of light "madness" that makes the time spent with her unforgettable. Such a girl is quite capable of replacing a whole company of drunken men, and that is why she is ideal. the perfect girl with the eyes of men from the side


The ideal girl is one in the world, and thisit becomes clear to everyone who communicates with her for at least ten minutes. There is something in it that distinguishes it from all others, but it's not always possible to formulate what exactly. Perhaps it is extremely open and trustful, or vice versa - mysterious and closed. There are no rules, and maybe everything. Just do not immediately try to become "not like everyone else." This can not be learned or planted from outside. On the contrary, it is necessary to discern in yourself the very zest, which will be your essence. Only then you will not look unnatural and captivate everyone with its originality and uniqueness.


And the last, but probably the most important -self-confidence. The ideal girl knows that she's cool, and she will succeed. Her gait, gestures, mimicry, words - everything says that she loves herself and has a sense of dignity. She sets high goals and achieves them with enviable persistence. Every man dreams of being with her. About such a girl no one will want to wipe their feet - instead, it will be worn on their hands. She does not scold herself for every nonsense, because she knows that there is simply no absolute ideal! And here we have a pretty nehily list of qualities of an ideal girl. Of course, any of us, upon his reading, have an irresistible desire to correct something in themselves and become a real man's dream. But remember that this is not at all a guarantee that you will soon be married, give birth to a child and become happy. This list is just an outline for a picture that will never be written because there is no ideal that would be one for all. So it turns out that the ideal girl through the eyes of men - this is a really beloved girl, when both her dignity and weaknesses are perceived and accepted by the partner. We hope that there will be one for each of our readers. We advise you to read: