papilloma treatment Papillomas, of course, are not such a big muck,as warts, but also a pleasant little. Therefore, they must be disposed of - at least for the sake of their psychological health. After all, the physical, as a rule, nothing is threatened. Unless except for situations when the papilloma arises in such places where it can be traumatized by clothes. It is more reasonable to seek help from a dermatologist, although many people prefer to get rid of papillomas with the help of traditional medicine recipes. In fairness, it should be noted that these recipes are often very effective. But, unfortunately, they help for a little while - already existing papillomas disappear, and new ones come very soon. And this is explained very simply - neoplasms appear due to the fact that the human papilloma virus is in the body. Therefore, it is wiser to cure the virus, and then the papillomas themselves. As you understand, you can hardly cope with the virus yourself. Therefore, at least once visit a dermatologist. And people's recipes are used as improvised. Although, as a rule, traditional methods of treatment are so effective that there is no need for any additional measures. treatment of papilloma

Traditional treatment with papillomas

First of all, the doctor will prescribe an examination,talk with a sick person and carefully examine it. After this, taking into account all the features of your body, the doctor will select an antiviral therapy that in the worst case will suppress the active vital activity of the virus, and at best destroy it altogether. Such drugs in any case can not be taken without the appointment of a doctor, and otherwise you risk damaging your body. After the course of treatment, the doctor can offer prompt removal of papillomas. Do not be afraid of this - modern medicine can save a person from various benign neoplasms, including papillomas, absolutely painlessly and quickly. Most likely, the doctor will offer you several options to choose from and tell about each of them, but still it will not hurt to get acquainted in advance.

  • Cryodestruction

Behind such a tricky name is hidden removalwarts with liquid nitrogen. For complete removal of papillomas, only one procedure is enough, and it costs not so much. thanks to these factors, this method has become very widespread.

  • Electrocoagulation

This method involves the removalneoplasms with the help of an electric current. In the people, incidentally, this treatment is called cauterization. It's not entirely clear why, but the fact remains. Recently, this treatment of papillomas is being used less and less often, since after it there may be traces.

  • Laser treatment of papillomas

Laser neoplasm removal for todayday is the most expensive procedure, but also the best. Neither painful sensations, nor any scarring on the skin simply does not happen. So if you are determined to eliminate the papilloma, laser treatment should be considered first. papilloma treatment

Folk remedies

If on radical treatment of a papilloma you notyou decide, you can try folk remedies after antiviral therapy, which will help to remove already existing papillomas. All these drugs are practically safe, unless you have an allergic reaction to a particular component.

  • Garlic

The simplest method is garlic. Peel one or two small cloves of garlic, crush it very carefully and attach to each papilloma. From above it is best to cover the compress with a plastic wrap or at least a gauze cloth - this will enhance the effect of garlic. Do not be surprised - most likely you will feel burning and easy tingling. Experiencing this is not worth it, if the discomfort is not too strong. After 15 minutes, rinse the garlic and wipe the papillomas with a cotton disc dipped in vegetable oil. This procedure should be repeated once a day, for one week. If during this time you can not get rid of papillomas, take a break in three days and repeat the treatment.

  • Oak bark

Put in a pan three tablespoonscrushed oak bark, pour half a glass of steep boiling water and insist for 24 hours. Then drain the water, and add 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to the oak bark gruel. Stir the mass thoroughly and place it in a sealed container that must be stored in the refrigerator. Three times a day, apply a thick layer of mass to the papilloma, always covering it with a plastic film. This compress should be on the papilloma for 30 minutes, and then it is washed off ... with warm milk. Treatment should last at least three weeks, even if the papillomas disappeared much earlier. If they do not disappear, it does not make any sense to treat this remedy further.

  • Therapeutic cake

If papillomas are very many, treat them muchmore difficult. But it's okay - in folk medicine and for this case a prescription is saved. To prepare the product you will need flour, water and a few chopped cloves of garlic. Mix garlic with flour, add a little water and knead a steep dough, from which form a cake of the required size. Apply this cake to the papillom accumulation sites for two hours a day - and in just a couple of weeks they will disappear. If all your tricks are useless, then go to the doctor. Otherwise, you can treat the papilloma very long. We advise you to read: