allergic to condoms The fact that safe sex is above all, todayeven a schoolboy knows. And the most common means of protection was and remains a condom. And it is quite natural - a condom effectively protects both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. And on the health of both men and women, the use of condoms does not have any negative impact. Although ... In very rare cases, there is such an annoying phenomenon, as an allergy to condoms. Yes-yes, this is a real medical problem, and not an ordinary excuse, as many people believe. However, fortunately, this type of allergy is not so often - about 5% of adults who have sex. Symptoms of such an allergy, treatment, preventive measures - this is exactly what will be discussed in this article.

Causes of allergy development

What is an allergy, doctors know very well. But why it develops in one person, but bypasses the other side - is still a big mystery. And the allergic reaction to condoms was no exception. However, nevertheless, doctors distinguish two groups of risk, which include people who have the highest probability of developing an allergic reaction to condoms.

  • Genetic predisposition

Of course, you should not rush to your parents withthe question was whether they were allergic to condoms - still the topic is very delicate. However, even an allergy to strawberries in your relatives can talk about what you got if you are not allergic to certain substances, then really predisposition to it - for sure. So, it is possible that in your case for the first time an allergic reaction can occur specifically on a condom.

  • Already existing allergy

Well, and in that case, if you are not hearsayknow about allergies to dust, dogs or chocolate, do not be too surprised if the list of allergens will also add condoms. By the way, more than 70% of all cases of allergic reactions to condoms people have previously suffered from allergies to other substances. unpleasant allergy to condoms

Symptoms of allergic reaction

Allergic reaction to condoms is not noticedit is very difficult, but remember that the symptoms can be very different. And what exactly will arise in this or that case, depends only on the individual characteristics of the organism. So, we should pay attention to such phenomena as:

  • Discomfort in the genital area

In most cases, condoms are allergic toFirst of all, he makes himself known by itching and burning in the genital area. In addition, if the allergic reaction is very strong, you can not rule out redness and even swelling of the genital organs. This is especially common in women.

  • Skin rashes

It is not uncommon for an allergic reaction tothe condom makes itself felt rashes on the skin - in short, hives. The degree of expression can be very different - it all depends on the severity of the allergic reaction.

  • Coryza and lacrimation

Nasal congestion or, conversely, strongdischarge, redness and itching of the eyes, lacrimation - so the body can also make it clear that he is allergic to condoms. In most cases, these symptoms are accompanied by skin rashes.

  • Problems with the lungs

In especially severe cases, the allergy maythemselves with problems with the lungs - in particular, coughing, wheezing in the lungs or worse - with difficulty breathing. To delay in this case in any case it is impossible - as soon as possible to seek medical help. Fortunately, this happens very rarely - in about 1% of all cases. Pay attention - the symptoms of allergy to condoms are very rare after the first application. Typically, the allergic reaction makes itself felt after the second or third use of a condom, a few hours after sexual intercourse - the body needs some time. allergy to condoms and its treatment

What to do?

If you suspect that you are facingallergy to a condom, immediately go to the doctor. To do this it is necessary at least for the following two reasons. First, if there is itching, burning and swelling of the genitals, it is extremely important to make sure that this is not some venereal disease. Of which, alas, no one is insured. Secondly, if it is really an allergic reaction, it is necessary to understand what substances provoke it. Today it is very simple to make a blood test for the definition of allergens - it does not require much time, no big money. And to make it is simply necessary to understand how to proceed. Do you know that all condoms are made of latex without exception? And latex, in turn, is made from the juice of the Brazilian Hevea tree. And it is the proteins of latex in the vast majority of all cases that provoke the development of an allergic reaction to condoms. However, not always - in some situations, an allergic reaction does not develop to latex, but to other components - for example, aromatic substances or lubricant. Depending on the results of the allergy test, there are two options for solving this delicate problem:

  • Allergy to components

If you are lucky and have an allergic reaction to youor your partner is not latex, it is enough to try to change the brand of condoms - as a rule, this is enough to forget about the problem. But remember - you should give preference to condoms without flavors and only with water-based lubricant. Carefully study the information on the package with condoms.

  • Allergy to latex

But those people who are allergic to latex,was much less fortunate - they should completely abandon the use of a condom. Of course, you can try to find condoms from polyurethane on sale, but, firstly, it's something from the realm of fantasy. And secondly, such condoms have a much worse degree of protection. Therefore, the most reasonable thing is to consult a doctor who will choose the optimal contraceptive scheme for you. And, of course, forget about casual connections - health is much more expensive.