delicious pancakes Pancakes are a traditional Slavic dish, whichinvariably associated with the Carnival. There is an opinion that the pancake symbolizes the sun, a rich harvest, fertility and wealth. However, many ethnographers tend to think that pancakes are more a memorial meal. This treat was used in many funeral rites and rituals. So, for example, it was impossible to eat the first pancake, because it was intended for dead ancestors. It was believed that the souls who came to earth themselves participate in its preparation. It was said that if a live person would eat such a pancake, he would become a lump in his throat. This is where the proverb "the first pancake is lumpy" comes from and it is very far from the modern interpretation. Many interesting customs in the Slavic culture are associated with this traditional dish. By the way, we owe them the foreign glory of Russian cuisine these days. Who does not know the famous pancakes with black caviar? I should not say that this dish emphasizes our national character. In appearance, "simple as a pancake," but with such a rich inner world! Today pancakes have taken a weighty place in our daily diet. We prepare them not only for Shrovetide or another special day, we experiment with fillings, and do not even think about some magical destination. But our ancestors could not afford this dish every day. After all, pancakes were prepared only on special days, when the souls of all the deceased came to visit. It was believed that the violation of this rule is fraught with terrible consequences - you could go to the world of the dead forever. Only witches and sorcerers could violate this prohibition in order to get in touch with the ancestors. This seemingly simple dish really has its own history, it is associated with a lot of beliefs and legends. There is no single recipe for pancakes. There are many ways to prepare both the dough and the filling. But that is not all. Each landlady has its own secret secret, a secret element, which makes it possible to turn an ordinary dish into a real miracle. One of such secret elements is mineral water. Pancakes, in the recipe of which there is mineral water, differ lightness, tenderness and can boast of "lace" edges. There are a lot of recipes for pancakes on mineral water. Below are some of the most successful. Please note: all recipes assume that mineral water is carbonated. traditional recipe for pancakes

The traditional way

Ingredients: 200 ml of milk, 200 ml of mineral water, 200-250 ml of flour, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, salt and sugar - to taste. Preparation: Pour the flour into a deep container, gradually whisking, add milk and mineral water. Then add the rest of the ingredients. Whisk the dough until smooth. The consistency of the dough should be liquid, if it is too thick, you can add a little liquid - milk or mineral water. Cooking pancakes in a frying pan on both sides, using vegetable oil.

Simplified recipe

Ingredients: 500 ml of mineral water, 3 eggs, 2 h.l. sugar, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, 250-300 ml of flour, salt - to taste. Method of preparation: In a deep container, pour out the mineral water, dissolve salt and sugar in it, add vegetable oil and hammer eggs. Then, gently whisking, gradually add flour. Beat the dough until smooth and consistency, it should be liquid (like liquid sour cream). Cooking pancakes in a frying pan on both sides, using vegetable oil. pancakes with fillings

The recipe for pancakes

This recipe is suitable for those who strictly observefasting or watching the caloric content of food. Ingredients: 500 ml of mineral water, 2 tbsp. vegetable oil, 3 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp. salt, 250-300 ml of flour. Method: In a deep container, mix the mineral water, sugar, salt and vegetable oil. Then, gently whisking, gradually add flour. The dough should be homogeneous, without lumps and is liquid enough. Cooking pancakes in a frying pan on both sides, using vegetable oil. During cooking, pancakes need to be stacked - so they will cool down more slowly. Whichever recipe is chosen, if desired, you can grease each pancake with butter. You can serve it with sour cream, jam, honey or sugar. Bon Appetit!