ozonotherapy To date, ozone therapy proceduresoffer many clinics, beauty salons and cosmetology rooms. They are conducted by all well-known leading cosmetologists. It is possible to say with confidence that in the cosmetology this procedure has reached the widest distribution. A professionalism of specialists, adherence to the accuracy and sterility of the procedures, a small amount of injections and thin needles give minimal cosmetic consequences. Ozone therapy almost leaves no traces of edema and bruises, and after the treatment itself, the recovery period is not at all necessary, therefore the procedure can be performed at any time, since it does not need to change the habitual way of life. Ozone itself is a unique remedy that preserves and restores skin health and natural beauty. Ozone therapy does not deal with the disguise of skin imperfections, but stimulates independent work and normalizes its natural functions. That is, the procedure affects the skin in this way: ozone eliminates hypoxia - this is an insufficient supply of body tissues with oxygen. And it improves by increasing the amount of hemoglobin in erythrocytes, increasing their blood supply. Indeed, it is hypoxia - this is the "enemy number 1" for the skin, because it contributes to the development of infection, as well as aging. To suspend skin aging is the goal and pursues ozonotherapy in cosmetology, and testimonials of grateful customers best confirm the achievement of this goal. The procedure can be carried out both at the local level and in a complex manner. At the local level, these are subcutaneous injections in the right zones, and the complex procedure is when the ozonated saline is injected intravenously. ozonotherapy in cosmetology

Effect of ozonotherapy on the skin: rejuvenation and stress relief

Mechanism of ozonotherapy in cosmetologyis based on very high chemical activity of oxygen, when its atoms immediately react with the cells of tissues. As a result, there is an acceleration of metabolism at the cell level, the damaged and keratinized cells are removed and new ones are synthesized. There is also activation of the formation of elastin and collagen cells, which are responsible for moistening the skin and its tone. These processes occur against the background of the excretion of free radicals with the products of the vital activity of cells and the neutralization of various toxins. Thus, ozone therapy is not only skin rejuvenation and wrinkle smoothing, but also increasing its resistance to external negative effects. Such an excellent result is well demonstrated by ozonotherapy of the face: reviews of patients speak of the appearance of a gentle blush, the "radiance" of the skin, which becomes even velvety to the touch. In addition, such unsightly defects as small scars, pigmentation and vascular asterisks disappear, and this is not only face therapy, but also body therapy. Double action: from the surface and from the inside of the body - this is what distinguishes this procedure from other cosmetic procedures and funds. Thus, we get a revolutionary and at the same time affordable means for rejuvenation, which is ozone therapy - the prices for such a procedure are quite acceptable. Moreover, the barrier, immune, water-retaining, reparative and excretory functions of the skin are restored and its structure is improved. All this is capable of one ozonotherapy: reviews of satisfied clients of beauty parlors only confirm this effect. And to correct the signs of aging skin after 35 years, it is possible to successfully rejuvenate ozonotherapy courses of the face with subcutaneous injections where wrinkles are located, and in other areas where there are signs of wilting (neck, cheeks, chin). After this procedure, the patients undergo manual massage - cosmetic or plasticizing, so that the ozone-oxygen mixture is distributed evenly. The procedure can show its well-pronounced effect after three or four procedures: the pastosity decreases, the skin turgor raises, the complexion improves, the fine wrinkles are smoothed and a blush appears. Actually such results speak about the need for ozone therapy in cosmetology - the patients' comments to this also add that the dryness of the skin as a whole is reduced, and the effect of tightening after washing is no longer present. Also, doctors and patients note the lifting effect in the buccal-chin and submandibular regions. And, what is extremely important, ozonotherapy improves overall well-being.

Ozone therapy against acne

It's no wonder that ozone, thanks toits high bactericidal properties, found its use in the treatment of acne. So ozone therapy from acne is literally a panacea for those who can not get rid of this problem in any other ways. Local obkalyvanie inflammatory foci (pustular cells, infiltrates) with an ozonoacid mixture - this is the procedure for acne. Elements of acne, under which the ozone-oxygen mixture is punctured, ripen in a few hours and after being opened, without leaving scars behind. Inflammatory densification (infiltration) of tissues is quickly removed, if several acne empties. The lipolytic properties of ozonotherapy with acne help to remove accumulated sebum from the cystic formations and improve blood circulation at the injection sites than accelerate the maturation of the scars formed, and as a consequence, return the skin a normal color. Many studies show that, as a result of ozonotherapy with acne, normalization of the work of sweat and sebaceous glands occurs, the contact allergy is weakened, and the supply of facial muscles is improved, and the elasticity, tonus and turgor of the skin increase. In addition, the ability of ozone therapy from acne to somewhat accelerate the consumption of fat accumulation removes excess fat in the chin, as well as along the lower jaw. Usually a course of treatment requires about five to six procedures with an interval of five days. Although in most patients clinical improvement occurs after the first procedure for ozonotherapy for acne. This result is expressed in the reduction of soreness, exudation, swelling and softening of infiltrates. If we compare these terms of treatment with the terms of traditional methods, then they reduce ozone therapy two or three times: side effects are not observed, and the result speaks for itself. ozonotherapy against cellulite

Ozonotherapy against cellulite

One of the most common femalecosmetology problems - this is cellulite. Cellulite affects 80 to 95% of women. The usual zones of damage are the buttock and thighs, much less often - arms and back. Cellulite is an uneven formation of adipose tissue, more precisely, its external manifestation. One of the strongest means, which are used for prompt and, most importantly, effective treatment of cellulite, is ozone therapy. Today is really very popular, due to its effectiveness, ozonotherapy against cellulite - reviews you can hear about it most laudatory. Moreover, in all women the unaesthetic bumpy skin that appears on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and other parts of the body causes real despair, and for them, the only real salvation is precisely ozonotherapy against cellulite. In general, the treatment of cellulite, as a rule, pursues the following objectives:

  • eliminate the causes of the disease
  • to correct pathogenetic mechanisms of cellulite development
  • to eliminate its manifestations and consequences
  • These tasks are solved with great successozonotherapy against cellulite. The most rational is the treatment of cellulite at the earliest stages, when it represents only an aesthetic problem. In this case, ozone can be used as a monotherapy, and it is sufficient to conduct only a few procedures of subcutaneous administration of ozone to achieve an excellent cosmetic effect. Variants of ozonotherapy for cellulite are always selected individually. They depend on the shape and stage of cellulite, concomitant pathology, age, the volume of the affected surface, the individual characteristics of the body. Using a combination of topical treatments (ozonated oil wraps, massage, subcutaneous injections of the ozone-oxygen mixture) with complex methods (intravenous administration of ozonized solutions) is the right treatment with ozone therapy, which gives a more persistent and tangible result and whose benefits are most evident. Further parenteral methods are involved in the restoration of the hormonal background, protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as the rapid elimination of the effects of chronic fatigue and stress. In addition, the processes of inhibition and excitation of the nervous system as a result of ozonotherapy from cellulite come into balance - reviews of patients with this problem indicate that this is due to an increase in the oxygen supply of the whole organism. ozonotherapy against cellulite

    Ozone therapy for hair

    The use of ozone therapy for hair isone of the most effective methods against their loss. This high efficiency can be explained by a positive impact on problem areas with low oxygen levels and microcirculation processes, as well as its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Ozone therapy for hair instantly removes harmful substances, stimulates the growth of new hair and improves the structure of existing hair. The ozone therapy procedure improves the overall nutrition of the hair roots, as well as blood flow and lymph flow. I must say that this completely painless procedure - ozonotherapy - did not observe side effects, that is, it does not cause any harm to the hair. In addition, ozonotherapy contraindications, too, almost no, except that in addition to violations of blood clotting and thyroid gland diseases. Another advantage of ozone therapy is the price. That is, this procedure for hair has a low cost, which is only a pleasant addition to the excellent overall effect.

    Ozone therapy at home

    For ozone therapy at home, you canUse ozonator home hydromassage bath, which has the function of ozonation. This allows not only to improve the tone of the body and improve overall health, but to reduce cellulite and fat deposits. Ozone therapy at home - this is the use of a whirlpool with ozonation of water. Thus, three cosmetic procedures are performed simultaneously: hydrotherapy, massage and ozone therapy, which allows to remove dead skin cells, improve its color and structure, saturate cells with oxygen, make the skin supple and soft.


    The benefits of ozone therapy are obvious. But, despite all the visible pluses that ozone treatment has, this method has its own contraindications. So, during pregnancy this procedure is not recommended at all. Only if there is a risk of miscarriage, then only it is possible to apply ozonotherapy, because it will help to save the pregnancy. In addition, the harm from ozonotherapy will be given to those who have allergies to ozone, a tendency to convulsions, organic brain damage such as epilepsy, haemophilia A and B, as well as fresh organ hemorrhages. But there are other disadvantages of ozone therapy. For example, it can cause some side effects: renal colic, an increase in hepatic enzymes, a diuretic effect, and sometimes a feeling of warmth in the lower abdomen, which leads to an increase in body temperature in general. How often can I do ozonotherapy? Logically there is such a question. It depends on the course itself, that is, whether it is about ozonotherapy of the body or face-to-face face therapy. Someone will need to conduct the course only once a year, and someone - and two or three times. We would like to remind you that ozone therapy, as an effective method of treatment and rejuvenation, has been known for more than a hundred years. And it is used in many fields of medicine, and not only in cosmetology, so the high level of this technique does not need any extra evidence. We advise you to read: