correct acupuncture points on the foot Acupuncture (also acupuncture,acupuncture, reflexology) - the direction of alternative medicine, which influences the body through special points of the body through the introduction of needles in them and subsequent manipulations. Came to us from China, Japan, but also long (more than 4 thousand years) is used in India. Points on the human body are located on the meridians, along which the energy of life circulates. These points are called biologically active. In total, there are about 150 main points on the human body. The method is designed to normalize the functioning of all body systems.

Stop in terms of acupuncture

One of the varieties of acupuncture isacupuncture of the foot. The foot has a special place in acupuncture, since it is rich in nerve receptors and through it access to any part of the body. Of all the biologically active points on the foot is approximately 60. The sole of the foot is considered as a small map of the placement of internal organs of a person. Points are connected with all internal organs. If this is taken as a basis, then it is possible to easily influence the state of the whole organism by using point massage or using acupuncture needles. It is known that a person's foot is the foundation, the foundation that takes and distributes the load of the whole organism when we move. The ankle is one of the most unique perpendiculars in the human body. A large accumulation and interlacing of nerve endings creates many reflex points, which are used in acupuncture of the foot. The inner edges of the foot are responsible for the spine, the outer surface for the front. The ends of the fingers are connected with the head. The foot sole corresponds to the back side of the trunk. The heel part is responsible for the buttocks, and the lower part of the heel is behind the genitals. Acupuncture acupuncture points

Stop from the point of view of modern medicine

Modern medicine looks at the foot asthe most important network of blood vessels (microcirculation). On the foot there are a lot of nerve nodes, it reacts well and has a beam of information. Has a more complex structure than the surface of the hands. The muscular layer is more dense. When walking, due to muscle activity, the blood vessels expand and contract. At a time when the blood vessels are dilated, the descending flow of blood is easy and nourishes the feet. If the muscles contract, the blood vessels push the blood to the upper part of the body. Consequently, it is possible to move blood from the furthest places to the heart. Action by the principle of the pump, when blood circulation is normally accelerated. The feet are sometimes called the second heart. Due to the fact that modern people are walking less and less, there is no way to achieve the normal operation of the pump. Therefore, there are obstacles in the circulation. Modern people spend on average two-thirds of the time in a sitting or standing position. There is no effect on the active points. The consequence of this is that the harmful substances that are in the body, under the influence of gravity, settle in the human foot. This leads to a violation of blood circulation. It is not surprising that the aging of the human body begins with the feet. In an age of progress, when technology is developed, engineering, people are less and less likely to walk. As for women, walking on heels increases the load on the foot. And the farther away, the less opportunities to use your feet for their intended purpose. Therefore, from the point of view of modern medicine, foot reflexology significantly improves microcirculation and helps enrich the body with oxygen. acupuncture of foot

Contraindications to foot acupuncture

A number of studies havescientists, showed that reflexology of the foot has a positive effect at any age. We remember that this method is not able to replace the necessary treatment of classical medicine. But it is successfully used as a supplement. But can anyone do such therapy? Note that with this effect, the doctor uses needles, improper insertion of which into the skin can be painful or cause a number of complications. Without the experience and sufficient skills to practice acupuncture is not recommended. Before you start treatment, you should check if you have any contraindications. This is primarily a violation of blood coagulability, pregnancy, acute infectious diseases, severe liver disorders, chronic infectious diseases during an exacerbation, venous thrombosis, embolism at the time of exacerbation, the presence of the point of skin pathology in place. Acupuncture points can be affected by self-massage. This kind of massage is recommended to be performed within 10 minutes. You can use cream or oil. This massage will relieve tension in the muscles of the legs and tones the human body. In summer, try to walk barefoot at the first opportunity.