Mesotherapy for weight loss Slimming, getting rid of cellulite and givingthe body of beautiful contours - these questions are of interest to many girls. Today, in order to solve such problems, a lot of procedures, fitness-complexes and diets are developed, which help to maintain the body in a sporty, slender and tightened form. Mesotherapy for weight loss is just one of the most effective methods, which is preferred by more women. Mesotherapy itself is not just aimed at correcting or eliminating some cosmetic defects, but it also helps to cure even serious diseases. In general, for the first time about the procedure of mesotherapy was learned about a hundred and fifty years ago by Europeans. Its founder is Dr. Pascal, who once healed his patient by injecting an anesthetic, which not only relieved the pain, but also cured some diseases. Even then, this technique was used everywhere.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy has been recognized today not onlyamong those who managed to test the procedure on themselves, but also among professional cosmetologists and doctors, because it positively affects the health in general. At the moment, this therapy can compete with other, more expensive procedures aimed at losing weight. Considering the advantages of mesotherapy, first of all it is important to note its high efficiency. Mesoprocedure allows to increase the activity of biologically important points, which, as everyone knows, are different for all people. In addition, it helps to minimize the appearance of cellulite, while reducing excess volumes. Mesotherapy prevents further manifestation of the "orange peel", removes puffiness, removing excess fluid from the lymphatic system. In addition, this procedure activates the microcirculation of the lymph flow and prevents varicose veins, relieving the heaviness in the legs, that is, there is a complex effect on the body. The effect of the mesotherapy is fixed for a long time. In addition, this procedure is perfectly combined with other techniques aimed at correcting the figure. It can be a massage or wrapping, hardware technique (for example, LPG) - all that you can afford. And most importantly, mesotherapy does not have age limits. After the procedure of mesotherapy, some may notice bruises or irritations on their bodies - they need not be afraid of this. This reaction of the body is more than normal. Very soon it should pass, and your skin will become elastic, smooth, without any damage or defects. good mesotherapy for losing weight

Technique of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy for weight loss is carried out withusing a special syringe, due to which, under the skin, doses of cocktails, consisting of medicinal and plant extracts, vitamins and homeopathic extracts, are introduced into the doses prescribed by the cosmetologist. In the process of applying such micro-traumas in your body, blood circulation significantly increases, which increases the benefit of the cocktail used for injections. It is important to know that such preparations are used for mesotherapy, in the composition of which there are several strong biologically active components. Therefore, for each specific problem area, the physician selects his particular, individual combination. As a rule, such drugs are made by prescription in homeopathic pharmacies. In the event that your doctor has correctly determined the injection point, the procedure will prove its effectiveness very soon, with maximum effect. Mesotherapy can not be called a painful procedure. Perhaps you will feel a little discomfort, but nothing more. If, however, when you enter the medication, you experience severe pain, then, most likely, an incorrect or too painful point was chosen. The depth to which the medicine is administered is two to six milliliters. Mesotherapy has its own classification. For example, in the field of use, classical and aesthetic mesotherapy are distinguished. If you classify it according to the drugs used, it is worth mentioning the medicamentous and drug-free procedure. There is also a mesotherapy of local-regional, local, general and systemic effects on the body. But local-regional mesotherapy can differ in the depth of input, namely: deep, intramuscular, hypodermal, epidermal and mixed. Of course, to conduct mesotherapy at home in any case impossible. In this issue, a professional medical approach is very important.

Contraindications to mesotherapy

Naturally, as with any procedure, uMesotherapy has its contraindications. First of all, they concern people who are prone to severe allergic reactions, as in the cocktail, as mentioned above, there is a complex of potent substances that your body can react to inadequately. In particular, this applies to those who suffer from personal intolerance to sulfurous acid salts, which are used for the purpose of stabilizing antioxidant substance. Allergies to parabens may also occur. To understand if you are inclined to such reactions or not, you need to inject some drug into the shoulder region and evaluate the result. Mesotherapy for weight loss is prohibited for pregnant women, as well as for women at the time of lactation. If you have problematic skin in the places where you need to administer the drug, then it is better to postpone the procedure until the problems are solved. Do not recommend to carry out mesotherapy to people suffering from pathologies of vascular nature, for example, hypertension or ischemic disease. This also includes problems with blood clotting. All those who suffer from cholelithiasis, heart disease, as well as autoimmune diseases and neuroses, mesotherapy is also prohibited. correct mesotherapy for weight loss

Complications after mesotherapy

As a rule, almost all procedures have their owncomplications. Mesotherapy is not an exception. Complications manifested in severe puffiness or long-term redness, pain, or general fatigue, can be triggered by a number of factors. First of all, this is an incorrect selection of a mixture for insertion under the skin. Secondly, it is the use of components that are prohibited by modern medicine. Perhaps, the doctor violated the technique during the procedure and incorrectly introduced a cocktail. Possible errors in the antiseptic or aseptic can also provoke serious reactions. However, the main mistake you can make is to choose the wrong doctor. Of course, no one is immune from this, but medical irresponsibility and incompetence can entail a lot of problems. In the best case, the procedure simply does not give the expected effect, at worst you will get serious complications. It is recommended to visit a clinic with a good reputation, rather than to use the services of unknown doctors who ask for their services at a much lower price.

Mesotherapy: what to expect after the procedure?

First of all, going todoctor-cosmetologist, ask yourself a question: why do you need it, you want to do this with the purpose of losing weight or getting rid of cellulite? For example, if you want to immediately get rid of cellulite manifestations and at the same time lose weight, then it is better to take a small weight loss course before mesotherapy, then start fighting with the "orange peel". Try to normalize your diet by adding to the diet fruits, vegetables, preferably green: cabbage, apples, kiwi, avocado. Do not forget to drink enough liquid for you: mineral still water, green tea, decoctions and compotes; but the use of coffee and alcohol, on the contrary, reduce. Forget about consuming fried, heavily salted and peppery foods, as well as baking, chocolate and baking, and soon you will lose a few unnecessary kilograms. A lot depends on the right diet - after cleansing the body, you will make the procedure of mesotherapy more effective. The same must be said about sports. Even if you resort to expensive procedures, do not forget about sports physical activity. Start with elementary morning exercises, run in the evenings or visit the pool - the options are actually mass. Do not exhaust yourself with hours of training in the fitness center, if you are not used to it - take care of yourself and go to the goal gradually. Over time, it will become a habit. Doctors do not recommend carrying out several mesoprocedures immediately. You can, for example, use pressotherapy to get rid of the manifestations of cellulite, and mesotherapy - as a means to lose weight. As a rule, at the end of the procedure, you can lose up to five centimeters of excess fat in the problem areas. If you are striving for greater results, choose the complex procedures or cavitation. Mesotherapy for weight loss is an extremely effective and useful technique, however it should be used only when you really need it. Therefore, it is not superfluous to turn to a good doctor-cosmetologist for the purpose of diagnosis, before going on the procedure itself. And do not forget that no procedure will give the desired effect, if you abandon the sport and neglect proper nutrition, only an integrated approach will allow you to come to the desired result and become the owner of an attractive slender figure.