dermotonia Many women face the problem of celluliteand flabbiness of the skin. It is especially unpleasant to realize the presence of this problem in warm seasons when one wants to wear short shorts, light dresses and open swimsuits. But, caring about women's beauty and health, beauticians have developed a procedure that is known as dermotonia. The technique of dermotonia takes its roots in the newest philosophy of restoring the functioning of the body, since the skin is an organ that works in unity with other organs and with the entire human body as a whole. It's no accident that all diseases of the internal organs are reflected on the face. Dermotonia is a vacuum reflex-therapeutic method aimed at combating cellulite. The procedure is designed to revive microcirculation, deliver nutrients and oxygen to tissues, stimulate metabolism in cells and remove toxins. The object of exposure are the dermis and hypodermis. As a result of the procedure, the venous-lymphatic circulation is activated, the arterioles expand, and the slags are removed. They resort to this procedure in case of need for treatment of stretch marks, for postpartum recovery of body shapes and restorative correction of the breast shape, for the treatment of postoperative scars and varicose veins.

How is dermotonia performed?

As the procedure does not provide foruse of cosmetics, the risk of allergic reactions is zero. The duration of the course is always individual, but most often from 8 to 15 sessions. The schedule of visits is daily or in one day. This cosmetic procedure is a hardware procedure. Nozzles for massage are adapted to the body structure, constant and pulsating regimes contribute to volume reduction, modeling of silhouette and improvement of skin condition. In the office where dermotonia will be performed, specially selected light is used and pleasant music for relaxation is included. The procedure takes place in four stages:

  • Examination of the patient, detection of skin areas with fibrous tissue (dermatonia zone);
  • Reflexology. Treatment of biological points of the body with a light suction regime of the apparatus;
  • Massage. Apparatus in constant exposure mode, suction force is determined by the individual sensitivity of the patient and the area of ​​the procedure. On the treated areas there is a slight sensation of heat. The effect causes an improvement in metabolic processes, improves tissue tone, and has a defibro- sizing effect.
  • Drainage. The device is in pulsating mode. First, the opening of the lymph nodes (treatment of the projection zones of the lymph nodes), post-lymphatic drainage, and the final action is the closure of the lymph nodes.
  • The procedure is perceived by women as quitepleasant. In the position on the back, the apparatus acts on the abdomen, chest, hands, the front part of the thighs, and in the position on the abdomen - on the back surface of the thighs and lower legs, buttocks, waist, back. dermotonia of the body

    Dermotonia of the body

    Dermotonia of the body is a process of mechanicaleffects on the skin and muscles of the human body. The impact is carried out in hardware by means of ebonite rods, which move towards each other (reciprocal-rotational movements). The speed and amplitude are given. Sticks gently seize skin folds and simultaneously affect different areas of the skin. Vessels and tissues are not injured at all. During the dermotonia of the body, microcirculation improves in the epidermis and dermis, which increases the elasticity, and when the lipolysis process improves, fat burning begins. Basic dermotonia helps to reduce body volume, say goodbye to local fatty deposits, helps to get rid of cellulite, helps restore skin elasticity and relieve pain. The frequency of exposure is 50-70 Hz, which provides analgesic, decongestant and lymphatic drainage effects. Capillary flow during the procedure is increased fivefold, lymph flow - three times.

    Dermotonia of the face

    Dermotonia of the face - aesthetic proceduretreatment, helping to smooth out fine wrinkles, remove the double chin, "bags" and dark circles under the eyes, to remove the common swelling of the eyelids. Use dermotonia should be, if there was a weakening of the tone of the muscles of the face, causing the appearance of a double chin. Violation of the circulation of lymph will cause swelling of the eyelids and dark circles under the eyes, this procedure will also help. The saving procedure can also be in the fight against fine wrinkles caused by both active face mimicry and natural aging of the skin, and in the fight against the weakening of the circular eye muscles. What does this procedure give? Women note the improvement of complexion, increase of softness and elasticity of the skin, changes in the face oval for the better. dermotonia of the skin

    Indications and contraindications

    This procedure has not so many contraindications, but not to mention them yet it is impossible. Here that can serve as a handicap:

    • Inflammatory processes of the skin;
    • Skin diseases;
    • Infectious diseases of the skin;
    • Fungal skin diseases;
    • Formations on the skin (in particular, tumor-like);
    • Thrombophlebitis;
    • Fever;
    • Hypertensive diseases 2-4 degrees;
    • IHD;
    • More than six months of pregnancy;
    • Acute respiratory diseases.

    Indications for dermotonia:

    • Disturbed blood circulation;
    • Disturbed metabolism;
    • Disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • Presence of postoperative scars and scars;
    • Burns;
    • Spikes:
    • Pain syndromes;
    • Prophylaxis of decubitus;
    • Prevention of striae (stretch marks);
    • Local fat deposits;
    • Cellulitis;
    • Heaviness and swelling of the legs;
    • Capillary meshes;
    • Circles under the eyes;
    • Double chin;
    • Edema of the eyelids;
    • Skin laxity;
    • Wrinkles and wrinkles;
    • Unhealthy complexion.

    Questions and answers

    And now we will give answers to the most frequent questions of women about the procedure of dermotonia.

    • Is it possible to remove a crease on the abdomen, which is the result of fullness or pregnancy?

    This fold is the deformation of the anterior abdominal wall. In the people it is called "dangling fold" or "apron". Excess skin and adipose tissue, resulting from excessive fullness or pregnancy, dermotonia can not be removed. Only surgical intervention can help.

    • Will the weight loss procedure help with its excess?

    If there is a complex treatment of excess weight, then by removing excess fluid, the procedure of dermotonia will serve as a good helper in this difficult matter.

    • What is the duration of dermotonia and the required number of sessions?

    The procedure assumes an individual approach toEach patient, depending on the susceptibility of the body and skin condition. The body treatment procedure takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, and the face treatment is thirty minutes. The number of sessions is 5-12 visits.

    • Is it possible to combine the procedure of vacuum massage with other procedures and means?

    An integrated approach to caring for the body does not contradict the procedure of dermotonia, but, on the contrary, contributes to a more sustainable effect.

    • What can I do to keep the effect as long as possible?

    Reviews about this procedure leave not onlycosmeticians, but also those who have already passed her. To achieve a quality result, you need to complete 2 full-fledged courses throughout the year. The effect is quite long, since the metabolism is normalized. We advise you to read: