original gift to a friend Girlfriends - this is, without a short, our everything. Yes, yes, and there is no exaggeration. It's hard to imagine how hard it would be for men around us if we, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, were not naturally endowed with the gift of friendship with their own kind. Oh, in this case it was fathers, boys, husbands and brothers who had to bravely withstand a real avalanche of gossip, rumors, complaints and so on. Their nervous system would be the victim of our meaningful whisperings, giggles and glances, and the brain would simply start to boil over the need to advise, prompt and evaluate. Tell me, which of the men can spend hours discussing the same burning question over the phone, while not being tired at all and not losing interest in the subject at all? And shopping? Yes, any guy at the only harmless hint of accompanying the lady of the heart in finding another pair of trendy sandals or jewelry for a new dress is ready to do everything in the world, if only he was not forced to go shopping. And the dedication of the best friend is in general a separate story. Well, tell me, what kind of man will agree to get up at six in the morning just to get you a company for the morning run, because you suddenly found the terrible - the arrow of the scales treacherously jumped one kilogram forward? And all this is not right on time, because the beach season is on the nose! The guy, most likely, simply waved his hand and growls something like this: "What are you, darling! My girlfriend is still beautiful! "Or worse:" I love you and such! ". But the best friend will never show you a treacherous condescension. She will critically evaluate your figure and say: "It's time for a run. When do we start?". So, dear girls and women, our friendship can not be underestimated. Therefore, if your close friend soon celebrates his birthday, wedding or other holiday, then the choice of a gift for her is not a simple matter and requires a tremulous attitude from you. After all, this should not be a trivial trifle, but an unusual and, preferably, useful thing that without words will show the value of your relationship.

Determine with the type of gift

If it comes to the original gifts of a friend,then in the first place they need to be mentally divided into three groups: classical, eventual and made by oneself. The choice of one of these types depends on the close attention on your part to the characteristics of the character of the best friend. After all, it is worth buying a gift with an eye not for your personal preferences, but for what you would like to get from yourself to the culprit of the celebration. So, for example, creative and creative nature will take part in funny jokes, costumed photo shoots, and will be delighted with the presents you made with your own hand. Girls of conservative views will be pleased with the certificates in the perfumery or flower salon, they will happily go to the souvenir shop or the firm bed linen (dishes), they certainly will not remain indifferent and the opportunity to independently choose literary bestsellers. Funny giggles will appreciate the gifts-jokes. In general, before buying anything, think: "And will it like my best friend as well as me?". But do not forget that your tastes may differ, so consider this point. I would like to say a few words about flowers, sweets and alcohol. Of course, a bottle of excellent champagne will always come in handy at a noisy party in honor of the birthday of a close friend. But no one will notice it especially, unless you take care of the bright and unusual design. So try to come up with something original. The same applies to flowers. Your bouquet runs the risk of getting lost in the sea of ​​your kind, unless it's profitable to differ from them. This does not mean that you need to buy lilies of the valley or daisies, in advance knowing that a girlfriend prefers roses or chrysanthemums. Not at all. Just pay proper attention to how it will be drafted. Believe me, an impeccable floral composition in a beautiful and stylish frame will immediately attract the attention of a friend and make them stand out as a separate honorable place. And if the culprit of the celebration gives preference to living house plants, then choose a luxurious orchid as a gift. So you will leave pleasant memories about your congratulations for a long time, because brightly blossoming buds will be associated with you. Now about sweets. If you are not indifferent to confectionery products in the sense that they are able to create real masterpieces from flour, eggs and sugar, then use this talent for the benefit of yourself and your best friend. Bake for her a beautiful and delicious cake, decorate it in the most original way, pack it in a bright box with an obligatory tape and present the culprit to the celebration. Do not know how to bake? It does not matter, in this case you will get a bouquet of chocolates. You can do it yourself, if you practice a little and master the basic subtleties, or order from experienced masters. Such compositions do not leave indifferent women and girls of all ages. Another idea for sweet congratulations are chocolate sweets, but not simple from the store, but with a secret. Go to a good pastry shop and order there an original set of these sweets in the form of hearts or stars, and inside each ask to enclose a touching thought you thought about. You just imagine how a friend will savor your gift and within a few days enjoy warm words addressed to you. Such a gift can be formalized as a gay fortune-telling or a game of "forfeits". Everything will depend on the meaning of the phrases composed and enclosed in the candy. original gift for a friend

Classic Gift Options

And now we will dwell on each of the threecategories of gifts for a best friend. Classic presents are usually manufactured in a factory way. Although there are original works of art. Here, as in other cases, it is important to take into account the friend's tastes. If she is crazy about jewelry, and your financial capabilities allow, then present her with an unusual bracelet, a stylish suspension in the form of a zodiacal constellation or a beautiful brooch. Cute miniature watch also will not leave a young woman indifferent. Girls who are fond of sports will love the signature set of a wristband, headbands and a fluffy towel. Fashionable for sure like:

  • stylish scarf;
  • silk neck scarf;
  • leather belt in tone to new shoes;
  • evening clutch;
  • purse;
  • sunglasses in the original frame;
  • Case for mobile;
  • a casket for storing jewelry and jewelry and much more.

If you are perfectly guided in the tastes of such afriend and know exactly her clothing size, you can choose as a gift and blouse or bright sweatshirts, as well as present a special pajamas. Collectors of glass, porcelain and ceramic figurines will be pleased with the opportunity to replenish their collection with another cute sculpture of an angel or a cat. Lovers of dolls will be delighted with the new German beauty in the royal toilet. An original gift to a girlfriend-motorist will be a stylish keychain made of semi-precious stones, and the same suspension on the windshield or headset to a mobile phone, allowing you to communicate without getting away from the steering wheel. By the way, such men's gifts, like a GPS-navigator or a video recorder, it's quite appropriate to give girls-motorists. If a friend follows the novelties of technological progress, please gladden it with an electronic photo frame, through which you can always see pictures, for example, from the last joint holiday. A friend who likes to cook and always beautifully covers the table, present a set of elegant tablecloth, napkins and rings-holders for them. In the end, and who said that an annual subscription to a favorite thematic magazine can not be an excellent and original congratulation on the holiday? On this assortment of classical gifts is not limited - there are a lot of them, but the right choice depends on how well you know your friend.

Gift-adventure or event

Recently,all certificates for extreme mini-trips, unusual walks, master classes and interesting lessons. So why not take advantage of the services of special firms, so that the holiday of a close friend turns into an entertaining entertainment? If so far no such original gifts have been handed to her friend, then it is not too difficult to imagine the power of her surprise and delight. So, you can arrange a make-up artist's morning visit in her birthday, invite decorators who decorate the room with balls and flowers, arrange an evening walk on a retro car through the historic streets of the city with indispensable champagne, present an invitation to a SPA salon, an opening day or a photobiennale of the famous masters and so on. Do not ignore the very popular cooking culinary classes in recent years, where you can learn how to cook real Japanese sushi, comprehend the art of baking delicious Italian pizza and make exclusive chocolate yourself. The needlewomen will appreciate the invitation to the hand-made lesson, which allows them to master the fashionable technique of decoupage or felting out of wool. Fans of thrill like the certificate for flying in a wind tunnel, riding a buggy or quad bike, extreme driving lessons and so on. Theatergoers will be delighted with tickets for the premiere of their favorite performance, and the opportunity to get to the concert of a famous group or artist will certainly please the music lovers. Correctly organized by you the morning after a romantic wedding also will not leave your close friend indifferent. For this, make an appointment with a special company and arrange a breakfast for the newlyweds on the roof of a skyscraper. A smartly served table, delicious dishes, light wine and pleasant music in the gentle rays of the morning sun will create an excellent mood and will not allow the holiday to end quickly. So do not be surprised if the bride and groom make guests wait a bit. I would like to pay special attention to congratulations related to photography. Firstly, their results will remain forever in the albums, and secondly, such gifts help a person look at oneself from outside and therefore are very useful for those who doubt their own appearance or have other complexes. Pre-arrange with the photographer and arrange a personal shooting for the hero of the celebration. Do not forget about the preliminary visit of the make-up artist. This greeting is appropriate both for the birthday and for the wedding. After all, it's nice for a young girl to remember such important events afterwards, reviewing professional quality pictures! By the way, with the help of the camera, you can record and congratulate the mix from those present and even missing for a number of reasons friends. Let each of them say something particularly warm to their best friend. Perhaps, many years later she will gladly revise the old record and mentally thank you for such a valuable video archive. original gifts girlfriend

Gifts made by own hands

Things and things created with their own hands withthoughts about a specific person, is a truly excellent form to express your attitude towards him and congratulate him on an important holiday. Part of your soul, animating such a gift, gives it the power of a kind of talisman that will protect sincere friendship from misunderstanding, gossip, adversities and omissions. Many of these people can do their own by those who are far from needlework and do not have a great imagination. It's enough just to watch the video lesson, and you will have beautiful candles, fragrant soap, hard scrub and even a miniature bottle of the original spirits. Just one evening of patient work, and you present your best friend with a touching collage or an unforgettable computer card with a voice greeting. If you can draw, create a portrait of your close friend and decorate it in a beautiful frame. Embroider to her as a gift an unusual picture or blind souvenir plate. You can diversify the interior of the culprit of the celebration with self-made toys in the style of the Tilda doll. Having shown some skill, you will be able to surprise your friend with a fragrant coffee tree in a beautiful flowerpot. If you know how to knit crochet or knitting needles and a friend more than once came to delight with your designer clothes, then why not please her with something similar? Openwork mitts, a beautiful set of hats and scarfs, a fashionable now removable collar in "grandmother's" style and even a knitted swimsuit - any of these things is worthy of decorating your best friend's wardrobe. If you have poetic talent, do not hesitate to devote a touching poem or even a whole poem to the culprit of the celebration. Make such a congratulation in the form of a manuscript under the glass, and it will take a worthy place in the girlfriend's room. Do you know how and like to compose melodies? Write down the most successful of them and give your friend such an original musical gift. Do not be shy to use your own talents for unusual congratulations, because it's so nice to present and receive something authoritative and very personal, especially on the occasion of an important celebration! In any case, what kind of gift you would not give your preference, there is an unspoken list of what should be excluded altogether from the list under consideration. So, never give your friends, without their prior consent, so-called live gifts - puppies, kittens, hamsters and parrots. Means for skin care, anti-cellulite complexes and season tickets to the gym are also not the best option for congratulating a friend. The same applies to deodorants, shampoos and similar products of perfume production. It is not necessary to present bottles with strong spirits, smoking accessories and other controversial goods. Try to avoid any ambiguities, this will not add points to your gift. In general, the motto of choosing a good congratulation for the best friend is the motto "Do not give what you do not want to receive on the occasion of your holiday, do not pass unnecessary things to you and do not try to hit at the price of the chosen presentation." Only guided by these simple rules, you will be able to please and pleasantly surprise a loved one on his holiday.