presents for February 23 with their own hands How often do men receive gifts? Do not you think that they are undeservedly deprived of our attention, while we are constantly waiting and receiving gifts from their men? They give us flowers, useful trifles and useless, but touching souvenirs about and without reason. And we? Of course, on the birthday and on New Year's, almost all men receive gifts. As a rule, these gifts are expensive and often purchased. But there is a special holiday and a wonderful occasion to present a gift made by one's own hands to a man (spouse, father, lover, colleague, grandfather). You have already realized that this is the 23rd of February, the most important male festival. So, as a recognition of masculinity and strength, as a sign of respect and boundless love - gifts for February 23, made by own hands. presents with my own hands on February 23

Universal gift

We offer you to start a couple of optionsa universal gift made by oneself. It can be given to a father or grandfather, a husband or a lover, a brother or a son. In short, any man, regardless of age, status of your relationship and degree of relationship, will be satisfied with such a gift on February 23. And, of course, this exclusive will allow you to emphasize your attitude to this man, and he will give you the opportunity to feel your own worth. Cover for documents A truly universal gift, as documents are available for almost any man. Remember from books and films hand-made tobacco pouches, which men took with them to the war (or not to war, but just carried with them)? So no man ever forgot to solemnly announce to anyone who saw this pouch for the first time that this item was received as a gift, and besides it was made by himself or decorated by his wife (mother, sister, bride). That's such a version of the subject of pride will be the cover for the documents that you make and present to your man on February 23. For this gift you will need:

  • Black thick fabric;
  • Cotton fabric for lining;
  • Canvas (large-mesh) for embroidery;
  • White, brown and black woolen yarn;
  • Flizelin;
  • Slanting the bike;
  • Scissors;
  • Cardboard for the template;
  • Needle.

Making a cover is not an easy task. You can make it in several stages, with a minimum of time and effort.

  • From the cardboard we cut out a rectangular pattern withsides fifteen and twenty centimeters. From the canvas, we cut out the detail with the allowances of five millimeters and embroider a pattern on it. Which drawing to choose is a matter of your own taste. But we recommend to stop on black, white and brown color and use for embroidery a strict ornament.
  • Using the template, cut out the part from the nonwoven and glue it with the canvas, attaching it to the wrong side of the embroidery. Now we cut off the excess edges (allowances) of the canvas.
  • From the cotton fabric, we cut out a rectangular piece according to the size of the template. Having combined both details (a lining from х / б and an embroidery) wrong sides, we sweep them with large stitches.
  • From a black flap and fleece we cut out two rectangular details with sides seven and fifteen centimeters and glue them with the wrong sides. This is the pockets of the cover.
  • From black fabric we cut out a long strip for the edging of the embroidery along the oblique, and we process the long sides of all the prepared parts with the finished bake.
  • We take pockets to the main part, attaching them with the processed sides to the center. We lace the long, and then short sides of the cover with a shiny black fabric, sweeping it with short stitches.
  • We attach the fringing to the cover.
  • The cover for the book The man you areare going to make by February 23 a gift with their own hands, likes to read? And prefers traditional paper books? Then make him a cover for the book as a presentation. To do this you will need:

    • The skin flap is larger in size than the medium format book;
    • hole puncher;
    • stationery knife;
    • crochet hook;
    • scissors;
    • ruler.

    So, we cut out a rectangle from the skin, heightwhich is one centimeter more than the height of the book, and the width is more by seven centimeters. We cut out two details for the cover pockets of height equal to the height of the first part and about five centimeters wide. On the perimeter of all three parts at a distance of one centimeter from each other we make holes using a hole punch. In order for the holes on the pockets and cover to coincide, attach the pockets to the edges of the main part and pierce both layers of the skin. Using a clerical knife, cut out a long narrow strip of leather with a width of not more than five millimeters. Now attach one pocket to the main part (on the sides), aligning the holes on them. From the outer inner hole of the pocket, start to cover the cover, passing the leather cord over the edge. At the end of the cord, make a large knot that does not pass through the hole. Pass it from the front side, wrap it on the underside and thread it into the next hole. Pulling out the cord, wrap it on the front side and thread it into the next hole. Thus, pull the entire cover together with the pockets attached to it. If the cord ends, then fasten it to the hole where you stopped, tying a strong knot (it should remain from the back of the cover). Take one more strip of skin and continue to braid the cover from the place where the previous cord ended. From the front side of the cover, you can make a three-dimensional or stitched applique. By the way, for contrast, you can use leather of different colors or instead of a leather cord to cover the cover with a gold or silver cord-rope. From the same cord will be a very beautiful decoration. First, we draw on the cover the outline of the pattern (arbitrary monograms, inscription, ornament), then we grease this contour with glue and put a twisted cord on it. And the cover, made by own hands, is ready! a gift for February 23 with their own hands

    Gift for February 23 for Dad

    Children are very fond of making gifts with their own hands. What will be the strength of the child who was going to make a gift to the Pope by February 23? Naturally, this should be something simple, but original. Here are a few ideas for such gifts. Origami Find the scheme of thematic figures by February 23. Airplane, boat, tank, car, after all, origami shirt. What is more suitable for your dad? Armed with scissors, colored paper and proceed. Origami - a fascinating and worthy occupation of real men, even the smallest. But the girls will cope with such a gift to their dad. Papin's portrait With great pleasure, even the most inexperienced toddlers will make a portrait of their father. You will only have to tell how exactly such a portrait can be made with the help of an applique. And do not need to seek the similarity of the portrait with the original. Let the pope rejoice at the image that the child will create. A kid will be sure that the portrait depicts his father - the best, the strongest and most beautiful. Postcard This is a gift you will like to make with your own hands the girls. They know how to use postcards! Congratulatory postcard to the Pope can be easily drawn, made an application, decorated with paper lace in the technique of contour cutting. And if you sign such a gift with your own poems, composed on the occasion of the 23rd of February, then any dad will be simply delighted with him! Fairy tale story However, it can be not only a fairy tale, but also poems or even a song! After all, every dad wants to be a hero, so let him become the hero of a child's tale or a song. Naturally, I can not do without my mother's help. So, study literary creativity together. And to write this essay in the family history, make a wall newspaper with Papa's photos, drawings and text. Your dad will be satisfied! gift for yourself on February 23

    Present to the beloved

    February 23 is an excellent occasion to make a landmarka gift to your beloved. Let this gift be individual and once again remind him of your love and that this man has someone to protect. Of course, self-tied socks, gloves or mittens are always a pleasant and useful gift. Pleases it and sewn you a cover for the phone or e-book (tablet). But after all a gift for the favorite defender can be and with sense. For example, make your own puzzles by February 23rd. Find your joint photo and print it in large size. By the way, the photo can be supplemented with a congratulatory inscription made in any graphic editor or directly by hand. Then paste the photo onto thick cardboard and cut into random fragments. A great gift, an unexpected congratulation and an original surprise. If your lover likes music, then give him a music CD with a selection of favorite songs. Believe me, it will also be a pleasant surprise for him. And most importantly - this is also a gift made by yourself, which means, exclusive. Men are individualists. Let this CD include not only modern music, but also what he listened to in his childhood or in his early youth, what is connected with some significant events of his (or your joint) life. If you are with a computer on "you", then try to make a musical slide show of your favorite photos. Only this congratulation should be exclusively laudatory, emphasizing the most courageous traits of your lover's character. Let him know how you see him! Or maybe it will allow the man himself to look at himself differently and fully realize and feel himself really a defender, really unique and unrepeatable. Festive treat. Where without it! Attach all your skill and maximum effort to pamper your man with your favorite dishes. And let what you cook with your own hands, will be much tastier than the most exquisite restaurant dishes. And for dessert ... Any woman will understand what kind of dessert her man needs. Day defender of the fatherland, probably a very good holiday! A man must feel how he is appreciated, how he is loved, how he is hoped for. So, dear ladies, everything is in our hands! After all, without us, there will be no one to protect them! And do not forget about February 23 - we buy or make gifts with our own hands and congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! We advise you to read: