reviews of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid Quite often the fair sexdream of plump and expressive lips. At the same time, not everyone has been awarded such awards by nature. But today plastic surgery and cosmetology offer a wide range of services, thanks to which you can slightly adjust your appearance for the better. Botox and silicone have long ago come to the fore when it comes to the increase and volume of the lips. At the moment, a fundamentally new material for injections has appeared: hyaluronic acid. What is it and what can be achieved with its help? So, how to increase lips with hyaluron?

Component of beauty and youth

As you know, the human body in no small measureconsists of water. The fluid in this context is almost synonymous with life. Perhaps this expression is somewhat exaggerated, but still it is impossible to underestimate the importance of water for a person. Especially it concerns the issue of beauty and youth. For example, what will happen in the human body if there is a lack of fluid in it? In this case, his skin will begin to become flabby, lose elasticity and elasticity. There will be wrinkles and other age-related changes on the skin. Someone will ask, where is hyaluronic acid? The thing is, hyaluronic acid belongs to the group of glycosaminoglycans, which are an important part of the epidermis. Simply put, these are a kind of liquid "springs" that support the skin in an elastic and elastic state. With age, the production of hyaluronic acid slows down, and therefore the aging process begins. To slow down these changes and the heroine of today's story is capable. But recently it has been used not only to combat age-related changes, but also to adjust certain parts of the body. For example, lips. Hyaluronic acid can also be used to correct the shape of the lips, and to fill fine wrinkles that are caused by age. application of an anesthetic cream

The mechanism of exposure to hyaluronic acid injections

So, the skin, consisting of collagen,"Maintained" with hyaluronic acid. As already mentioned above, it acts as a kind of "springs". There will be no hyaluronic acid - collagen will start to break down. Injection of hyaluronic acid acts by the principle of filling the destroyed areas. The injection itself consists of fillers, which are based on biosynthetic hyaluronic acid. It is injected under the skin, and then spreads there, creating support for collagen fibers. The specialist (cosmetologist) should precisely determine the site of the injection, since it must be introduced with mathematical precision. That's why it's better to go to specialized clinics. Under the influence of a prick with hyaluronic acid, the skin stretches and straightens. As for the lips, their outlines become more distinct, they themselves acquire a more attractive appearance, their size increases. The main charm of this injection is that a person gets into the human body, which is familiar to him and not alien at all, such as silicone. Yes, and overdo it with hyaluronic acid is more difficult than with silicone. It is hardly possible in this case to get "duck" lips or "dumpling lips".

What are the injections?

Different institutions use different compounds, inwhich includes hyaluronic acid. There is a list of the most common types of injections. This is worth paying attention to. Each of them has its own purpose and features. Variety of formulations

  • Composition of "Repleri"

This composition is hyaluronicacid of a stabilized species. "Repleri" is used to correct small and superficial wrinkles, as well as wrinkles on the skin. As for the lips, this composition is applied only to their outlines. So he makes out a little clearer and a little more. On the surface of the lips "Repleri" is not applied. This composition is introduced into the middle layers of the skin. It refers to preparations of non-animal origin. In its consistence - viscous.

  • Composition of "Stylage"

The composition belongs to the group of implants. It is injected under the skin, and then expands inside. It is used on the middle and deep layers of the skin. Suitable for a significant correction of the shape of the lips. The drug contains hyaluronic acid, refers to products of non-animal origin.

  • Composition of Belotero

This drug is aimed at a deepercorrection of the skin. It is a gel based on hyaluronic acid. It is "Belotero" used to directly increase the volume of the lips. In the process of drug exposure, not only the size of the lips increases, but also various irregularities on them, wrinkles or other changes are smoothed. By the way, its effect is longer than that which can be achieved with the help of the previous composition. The very duration of the action of injections of hyaluronic acid will be discussed a little later. There are three types of "Belotero" composition: for insertion into the upper layers of the skin when wrinkles are corrected, for insertion into the middle layers of the skin and for injecting into the deep layers of the skin in order to increase the size and shape of the lips. indications and contraindications for lip augmentation

Indications and contraindications

Conventionally, everyone wishing to resort to a procedureinjections of hyaluronic acid in the lip area can be divided into two main groups. So, the first ones are those who do it only for aesthetic reasons. This group has not yet encountered any sign of aging of the skin of the lips. These include women under 25 years old. With rare exceptions, this may include women of other ages (it will be further understood why). They may have the following reasons for doing this procedure:

  • the natural shape of the lips is objectively narrow, requires refinement by interference with contour plastics;
  • lips from nature have an asymmetric shape, which hinders their owner;
  • the shape of the lips has suffered after any negative impact, that is, imperfection is not congenital, but is a consequence of some kind of trauma.

The second group includes those whose form of the lips was deformed with age: wrinkles, depressions and other signs of aging appeared.

Who should not do the procedure?

Yet the patient's desire is one thing, and the doctor's opinion is another. So, to whom is the procedure of hyaluronic injection for lips contraindicated? This intervention can not be carried out with:

  • pregnancy and during breastfeeding;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • diseases associated with the immune system;
  • presence of other substances in the lips;
  • allergies to anesthetics;
  • herpes and other chronic and acute skin diseases;
  • old scars or scars on the lips.

At the time of the procedure, the patient should be healthy, there should be no catarrhal diseases, especially those accompanied by fever. lip augmentation

What effect can you wait?

An interesting question is, what will be the result? As far as the effect of the procedure is enough, much depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and the organism as a whole. The external effect rarely offends anyone. The lips become noticeably plump, more expressive, and younger. It should be noted that this looks quite natural. There is no such impression that something is done not quite harmoniously. Moreover, in most cases, the intervention is completely invisible, only if you do not compare the photos before and after the procedure. The average duration of the action of hyaluronic injection is one year. After this time, the drug is completely removed from the body, and the lips become the same as they were before the procedure. The process of resorption of the substance itself is started approximately 4-8 months after the injection. You need to know that after the introduction of the drug on the lips on their surface, edema is necessarily formed. This is a completely normal reaction, so it should not be feared. With a good confluence of circumstances, edema occurs in a half to two weeks. All this period you need to periodically visit a doctor, so that he examines his lips. If the edema did not sleep after two weeks, then it is necessary to consult with specialists. Perhaps this is an allergic reaction. The procedure is performed only for patients who have reached the age of 18. Togo requires both physiology and some points of the law, as the contract for the intervention is concluded with the patient.

What are the pros and cons?

As with any phenomenon, injections of hyaluronic acidacids in the lips have their downsides and pluses. It is important to know both, to take the necessary decision for yourself, to weigh everything. Pros and Cons of Injection To begin with, consider the benefits that are in the procedure. The most important positive side, of course, is that you can significantly change your appearance. You do not need to be complexed about the uncomfortable appearance, but you can safely enjoy new features. The next plus procedure is due to the fact that the effect of it does not last a lifetime. For example, a woman may not like the result. But she knows that this is not forever. In addition, you can afford it as an experiment (something like a temporary metamorphosis). Women in fact always strive to improve and change their appearance. In addition, hyaluronic acid, introduced only in the lips, has a tendency to spread in small amounts and to the whole organism, and therefore one can expect a general slight rejuvenating effect on lips close to the lips. A significant advantage is that hyaluronic acid is a natural component. Yet natural substances are always better than those that are alien to man. Yes, and the body they are perceived much more loyal. And what are the disadvantages of this type of intervention? Perhaps someone will want a longer lasting effect than the one given by the injection of hyaluronic acid. And the cost of the procedure is not acceptable for everyone. It fluctuates around 1000 conventional units. Not everyone can afford it. But this is at least within the reasonable framework.

Reviews about nyxes

The opinions of those who did the hyaluronic injection inlip, very different. And yet it is interesting to know them. Are those who decided to take a shot happy? Most people agree that this procedure is not so much painful as unpleasant. In some cases, an anesthetic may not work well, but this is already a question for the anesthesiologist. After the injection, some women noted that prolonged swelling was observed (more than 12 days indicated). Some of the women even had bruises, which after a certain time passed. Most of the ladies are satisfied with the result after the injection. They claim that they have reached the desired size and shape of the lips. At the same time, the parameters were selected in advance from the photographs for consultation with a specialist. As in any other situation, there are those who are dissatisfied with the result. As a rule, there are two complaints. The first is that women did not notice any changes in their lips. They did not change in either size or form. The second claim is based on the fact that the procedure made the lips worse than before the intervention. Perhaps this is due to the individuality of the case, as well as to the incompetence of the specialist who performed the work. Anyway, but any feedback and opinions have a place to be. To summarize, most women are still pretty much making an injection of hyaluronic acid on the lips. Well, now everyone's business is to decide for themselves whether there is a need for a ghouluron injection. There were enough facts to help with the decision. But one can say for sure. Injection of hyaluronic acid is a unique technique that is capable of giving beauty, youth and, importantly, happiness. So why not give it all to yourself? It remains only to wish successful results and delight from a new appearance.