botox pros and cons Botox injections are increasingpopularity, but with the intricacies of this procedure are familiar, alas, few. Let's take a closer look at the main features of this procedure, as well as what botox pros and cons are. The phrase "botulinum toxin" is familiar to most, and the name for this name is the neurotoxin A-type, which is called botox. The basis of the toxin is the protein produced by the microorganism Clostridium botulinum. On our face is a lot of muscles that are involved in facial expressions. The skin reflects each movement, forming wrinkles in the eyes, nose and forehead. Botox action is based on blocking of facial muscles, due to which the skin is smoothed and becomes more elastic. Getting inside the muscle, the toxin acts relaxing, without causing atrophy and without affecting the process of blood supply. Over time, people who apply such procedures, it becomes easy to manage the expression. In addition, prolonged exposure to the neurotoxin helps to smooth even very deep wrinkles, restoring healthy appearance and firmness to the skin.

"Botox" and "Disport" - we are looking for a difference!

Many are confused when they hear about injectionsDisport instead of the usual Botox injections. Doubts to anything - the active substance in the preparations is absolutely the same. The French company Beafour-Ipsen-Speywood acts as the producer of the disport. It has other storage conditions and the number of active units per package. Botox is produced by the American company Allergan. Despite the fact that both drugs have the same efficacy and side effects, the term "Botox" has become more common in Russia, which now calls all injections that prevent the transmission of the impulse.


Scientists discovered botox in the XIX century, when they were looking forthe cause of botulism. After cleaning, the drug began to be used in medicine, and the history of its use in cosmetology began in 1980. Now Botox is widely used in the US, where almost all Americans use it at least once. For some of them, this procedure becomes routine and is carried out regularly. In Russia, injections of the neurotoxin have not yet acquired a mass character. Perhaps the fault was the considerable price of the drug. However, at present Russian scientists are engaged in the development of a domestic alternative to Botox, which should lead to a reduction in the cost of injections and make the procedure more accessible. Ambiguous attitude to this struggle with age in other countries. For example, in the Muslim world, the main religious body of Malaysia decided to end such procedures. This is due to the fact that in the production of Botox some components are derived from pork, the consumption of which for Muslims is prohibited. An important role was also played by the flooding of the Asian market by Botox imitations, the use of which is dangerous to health. botox minuses and pluses

Technical details

Special preparation before the procedure is not required. It is enough to follow simple rules that will help to transfer injections better and without consequences, and will also enhance the effect of the drug:

  • Do not drink alcohol the day before the manipulation to avoid the appearance of bruising;
  • stop taking antibiotics and drugs that prevent fast blood clotting;
  • the day of the procedure is better to postpone massage sessions,general cleaning and purchase of shoes, tk. all of the above requires a long inclination of the head. With frequent and prolonged inclinations of the head, the blood flows to the face, which can interfere with the correct distribution of Botox;
  • It is strictly forbidden to massage and even touch the injection site;
  • after the procedure should be delayed with the use of analgesics and antibiotics;
  • For several hours after the injection, you can not lie down or play sports;
  • from a week to ten days after a shot of Botox advise not to drink alcohol and refuse warming procedures (sauna, sauna);
  • four hours after the procedure, doctors recommend to constantly work with facial muscles and keep upright.

Thus, the fulfillment of these simple rules is notwill give way to disappointment in the effect of the procedures, get rid of possible negative consequences and will be a pleasant stage on the way to beauty. "Lunch break procedure," as often called a neurotoxin prick, allows the patient to drive a car in a few minutes or to start working.

On an armchair without fear

The procedure for introducing Botox usually does not requireno anesthesia and the caused anxiety is comparable to a mosquito bite. The patient sits in a chair and a doctor, after disinfecting the injection site, injects a thin needle with a thin needle. Then the site of action of the drug is cooled with an ice pack. In total, the procedure takes 15-20 minutes. If you are still afraid of painful sensations, the doctor can recommend the use of a special cream with analgesic effect. A slight heaviness in the muscles immediately after the administration of the drug should not cause concern, since soon unpleasant sensations pass.

The question of effectiveness

If you dream of making the skin of the neck, the area aroundmouth (nasolabial folds and vertical wrinkles in this area) are more smooth, then, unfortunately, Botox is not your assistant. These sensitive places require an individual approach and selection of procedures. Moreover, the use of botox in the lower third of the face can cause deformation and tissue sagging. But vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows and horizontal on the forehead, wrinkles on the wings and the back of the nose, the "rays" in the corners of the eyes are amenable to Botox treatment perfectly. The result of using the drug will not take long to wait and will become visible on the fifth-seventh day. After two weeks from the introduction of Botox, its action usually reaches a maximum. However, there are exceptions from all the rules, and some notice changes already on the second day after the procedure, and some will have to wait for the desired result for three or four weeks.

Forewarned is forearmed

Like any medical procedure, manipulationIntroduction botox is not shown to all. The procedure should be abandoned if you have: muscle weakness, blood clotting disorders, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking antibiotics or anticoagulants at this time, and if your skin has foci of inflammatory infection. Also, the procedure is contraindicated for people with exacerbation of any chronic diseases, lung diseases, renal or hepatic insufficiency. Women are recommended to prescribe a procedure in the middle or the end of the menstrual cycle. People after sixty injections with significant sagging of soft tissues are not carried out. The risk of any adverse reactions with the administration of the drug is relatively small, and arises in most cases due to the wrong way of administering the drug, errors in the choice of dose, non-compliance with Botox storage rules and handling of the injection site. Here are the main adverse reactions observed with the use of this neurotoxin:

  • In 1.3% of cases, pain can occur at the injection site;
  • In 2% of cases, patients complain of a headache;
  • Hematomas at the site of administration are observed in 6% of cases;
  • Numbness in the injection site and allergic reactions to the drug, as well as the lowering of the eyebrows, are recorded in less than 1% of cases;
  • Reversible ovulation of the upper eyelid and edema of the eyelids is observed in 0.14% of patients;
  • 2% of complaints are due to double vision.

Positive characterizes the drug andpeculiar "habituation", characteristic for these procedures. It manifests itself in the extension of the positive effect after the procedure, and after several manipulations may increase from a duration of four to six months to ten months or a year. You can stop using the procedures at any time. Muscle movements will gradually return to normal, but the habit of frowning or frowning eyebrows will disappear itself, which will stop the appearance of new wrinkles. pros and cons of Botox

Age qualification

If you belong to the vast majoritypeople on whom the neurotoxin works (and such according to research data from 98 to 99.9%), and do not suffer from the chronic diseases listed above, the only obstacle in carrying out rejuvenation procedures with botox can be age. Age restrictions are rather mild: from 18 to 65 years. But after sixty to agree on carrying out of manipulations it is necessary with the big care, because of danger of an omission of fabrics. If you are over sixty, surgical lifting is recommended, and after, in the complex, you can use Botox injections. The optimal age for starting procedures is 30-33 years. In this period, the appearance of fine wrinkles is activated. Although your personal feature of facial expression may be, for example, the habit of constantly wrinkling your nose or frowning your forehead. In this case, with the goal of prevention, you can resort to botox before.

Question price

In the Russian practice of using the palmPopularity championships have injections in the area between the eyebrows and next to the corners of the eyes. In the salons of Moscow, this procedure will cost 6,000 rubles. Get a smooth forehead will cost a little more - about 7000 rubles. Recently, cosmetic creams with Botox effect are actively advertised, as an alternative to the procedure. They are developed and offered by both medical companies and many cosmetic companies. It is worth noting that many of them are really capable of reducing the number of fine wrinkles, but only injections are able to penetrate deep folds.

Health pricks

Now you know what are the pros and cons of botoxhas in cosmetology. But besides that botox is actively used in cosmetology, do not forget about its original purpose and use in medicine. Relaxing effect of the drug will help get rid of spasm of the muscles of the back, neck and shoulder girdle. Injections also help in the treatment of migraines, cerebral palsy, various types of dystonia. Also with the help of botox, strabismus, multiple sclerosis, the consequences of strokes, craniocerebral injuries are treated. Resort to the use of the drug is also sick, suffering from stuttering, tics, constipation, urination problems. According to recent studies, it has been proven that Botox promotes wound healing processes and prevents the appearance of scars and scarring. The drug is particularly effective in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. The toxin does not allow the transmission of impulses, not only to the muscles, but also to the sweat glands. Thus, excessive sweating passes, and sweating disappears on the second-third day after application of the drug. At the same time there is no danger in breaking the body's thermoregulation, and the skin becomes more hydrated. The positive effect of the drug is quite long and can last from six to twelve months. Most people suffering from hyperhidrosis suffer from increased sweating palms of the hands and axillary cavities. Since these areas are very sensitive to injections, the treatment is performed using an anesthetic cream. Will get rid of negative manifestations of the disease in the amount of about 30,000 rubles. We advise you to read: