pirsing-pupkaPiercing the navel, like an intimate piercing, isfull-fledged operations, which consist in piercing the skin for the subsequent wearing of jewelry in this place. To ensure that this procedure was safe for health, and subsequently the result looked aesthetically pleasing, piercing should be done only in proven salons where there is an appropriate license and certified equipment. Women's involves the piercing of the clitoris and labia,and in the case of a male piercing, a spot is punctured in the foreskin or a bridle of the genital organ. Before the procedure, the piercing area is carefully examined by a specialist, an individual decoration is selected, which would correspond to the anatomical structure of the navel. As a rule, the decor for the navel is 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm. The specialist and the client pre-stipulate what type of piercing is chosen - primary or secondary. For the primary, a gold alloy of 750 or titanium is required. For secondary piercing (in case of a healed puncture), you can use earrings from gold of 585 tests and 300 steel samples. Please note that gold and silver of low sample are not suitable for piercing, because they contain harmful impurities that cause an allergic reaction or pigmentation. Intimate piercing involves the use of local anesthesia, when an insulin injector is injected with an insulin syringe. For piercing the navel, anesthesia is practically not used. Preparation for the procedure includes sterilizing the decoration by placing it in a dry-fire cabinet, ultraviolet boxing or simply lubricating it in a special solution. Puncture is performed with a disposable needle. Pre-master using a special marker makes markings for piercing, and pierced place is fixed with clamps. At the most crucial moment, the customer must take a deep breath, and the master quickly pierces and inserts the ornament, screwing it into the hole. After this procedure, the pierceable space is treated with an antibacterial wipe.

How to care for piercings

and intimate piercings need special care. The most common means for treating wounds after these manipulations is chlorhexidine metimistine. Due to the absence of alcohol in the composition of this solution, it does not burn the wound and gently cares for the damaged area. Unlike the same alcohol or hydrogen peroxide (treatment with their help leads to the appearance of darkness near the wound), chlorhexidine metimistine does not burn the epidermis. Daily care for the piercing is relatively simple - the healed piercing is washed every time you take a shower, the earring gently turns and moves, thereby disappearing sweat and dirt. In addition, you can buy special cosmetics for piercing. Please note that after puncturing is not recommended to visit the pool, sauna, bath, at the time it is worth refraining from swimming in water. If the piercing gets bored, the earring can always be removed and a small, barely noticeable, light scar is formed at the puncture site. If you need to perform professional navel piercing or intimate piercing, you should contact the professionals who will perform the procedure with a quality guarantee. And where to find a professional, you will be prompted by a portal for the search of beauty masters .