plastic of female genitals For hypertrophied labia is characteristicuneven increase in the size of small in relation to the large labia. Reduction of the labia, their rejuvenation is performed with the help of a special operation called labioplasty. The operation pursues a single goal - to improve the appearance of the genital organs in women. At the same time, the genital form is improved from an aesthetic point of view without any negative impact on the body, and this operation will allow a woman to normalize the anatomical state of the genital organs. Reduction of the labia minora for aesthetic reasons in an operative way was first performed in 1983. Technological improvements and modification of the operation were carried out not long ago: in 1998 and 2005. These innovations prevented the development of complications, obtaining an excellent result from the cosmetological point of view. preoperative preparation

And why the labia grows?

There are many factors thathelp increase the labia minora. It happens that a woman is born with this abnormal phenomenon, others acquire it with age. The enlargement of the labia minora can occur after natural delivery, for example, due to hematomas. Piercing of the genitals can also lead to the development of lip asymmetry. A unique operation - labioplasty, which is aimed at correcting the sizes and shapes, as already described above, appeared relatively recently. However, cult circumcision has been practiced in several Arab countries for many hundreds of years. The choice in favor of surgery should be taken by the woman herself. The main reasons for surgical intervention include the following factors:

  • heredity. Excess skin appears during puberty, and the adolescent comes to the conclusion that the genitals differ in their shape from the norm. Often it turns out that small enlarged labia lips seem to "peep" because of large ones, which makes it practically impossible to wear tight lingerie. In addition, many girls begin to complex, experiencing fear of intimacy, refusing to visit public baths or swimming pools.
  • acquired anomaly due to mechanicaldamage and age changes. Basically, it manifests itself after childbirth during tearing and stretching of the birth canal (the vagina shrinks, returning to its original size, and the skin of the lips remains saggy).

How is the labia resection performed?

How to reduce the labia? The form can be adjusted under general or local anesthesia. Typically, the operation lasts less than an hour. The type of anesthesia is selected individually, depending on the complexity of the operation, the general condition of the patient and individual preferences. Although even with general anesthesia, inpatient treatment is not required. Sexual lips can be reduced by a traditional method with a scalpel or with newer instruments, such as a laser or a radio knife. Each method has its own merits, and the choice is characterized by the structure and condition of the tissues of the lips. When planning intimate plastics, it is better to focus on the selection of a good doctor, since success, in general, depends on the degree of training of the surgeon. Examining the patient during the consultation, the doctor himself will advise the most optimal way of eliminating problems. ways to correct the labia

Existing ways of correction

  • Resection is central triangular. This method allows you to get pretty good results. During the operation, the triangular part of the labia is removed. The advantages include conservation of natural forms and corrugated outer edge. Among the shortcomings, there is a violation of genital innervation, loss or deterioration of sensitivity, which manifests itself in the numbness of the labia.
  • Amputation. Old and very unfortunate way, in which small lips are simply cut off. They can be removed completely or partially. With partial removal, there can be a disturbance of the natural appearance due to the absence of a corrugated edge, deterioration of the sensitivity of the genital organs, damage to nerves, a twisted state of the inner part of the labia minora. Complete removal is absolutely unacceptable, because this leads to severe violations of the structure of the genitals, their functioning, violation of intimate life and sensitivity, loss of erogenous zones, dryness of the vagina.
  • Laser plastic. This procedure is considered one of the most progressive.
  • The most widespread method is inlast years. It is possible to achieve complete symmetry of the labia minora. There is no violation of innervation. The result is able to satisfy almost any patient.
  • De-epithelialization. This method was described in detail in 2000. It is based on the removal of the epithelium of the outer and inner parts of the labia minora. The operation can be performed by a laser. Of the disadvantages can be identified a tangible increase in the width of the labia.
  • The combination of clitoral plastics with the reduction of smallof the labia. This method is used for hypertrophy of the labia minora, which is combined with a thickening of the skin above the clitoris, which leads to difficulties in stimulating it during intimacy and, as a consequence, to a decrease in the positive emotions obtained. Correction of the labia and plastic of the clitoris is the most acceptable way out of this situation.
  • postoperative period

    Preoperative preparation

    Any surgical intervention, as well as resection of the labia, requires a number of procedures:

    • coordination of the time and date of the operation. It must be performed at least 10 days before the onset of menstruation;
    • delivery of a clinical analysis of blood, urine and HIV tests, syphilis, hepatitis (the doctor can additionally prescribe other tests);
    • Do not take water and food for 12 hours before surgery (especially important with general anesthesia);
    • Cleansing the body with an enema the night before and the morning before the operation.

    If there is any disturbance, you can ask the doctor to make an appointment in the form of a mild sedative that is compatible with anesthesia.

    Postoperative period

    Recovery period with favorable outcomeThe operation is usually 7-11 days. Throughout this time, you should strictly follow all medical prescriptions and carefully monitor hygiene, otherwise inflammation may occur. Intimate intimacy is unacceptable within 20-30 days after the operation. The whole process of reducing the labia is safe enough. With proper care of serious complications and long-term disability is not observed.