5 Very often situations arise when criticalthe days come suddenly. They can begin at the most inopportune moment and spoil the long-awaited meeting or event. How to be in such cases? You can, of course, try to calculate the cycle yourself. However, very often personal calculations are not entirely accurate, and the probability of critical days is not "on schedule" is very high. Hibercon Technologies has developed a unique application under iOS 7 and above. It will become a real little helper for every modern girl. This application allows you to calculate the menstrual cycle with maximum accuracy. 6 You can download on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPod touch. Your special calendar will now always be at hand! What are the features and benefits of this application?

  • First, it has a nice design. Regardless of the personal preferences of the girls, everyone will like the design. The stylish and modern appearance of the application adjusts to a positive mood.
  • Secondly, it should be noted that with such a programit is easy to understand any young lady. Even if you do not consider yourself an advanced user of gadgets, you will not have any difficulties. In addition, the program is Russified, so the English-Russian dictionary is not required.
  • Thirdly, such a program is able to providevery accurate information. You mark in the calendar the first day of the cycle and already next month you know when to wait again. Thus, you will be able to protect yourself from unpleasant moments that may arise.
  • Fourthly, the application Ooops! weighs very little - only 3.2 MB. You do not need to free up space on your gadget, while removing audio or photos.7

We recommend that each girl getapplication. If you are in step with the times, appreciate every second, prefer to look ahead and predict the future, then Ooops! - this is what you need! With him you will never have to feel uncomfortable and say "oops" in embarrassment. With Ooops! you can always track unexpected surprises of your body!