pain during sex Sex should be fun, but notuncomfortable sensations. And in practice, a woman often encounters such a phenomenon as pain during sex. Often she is embarrassed to admit to someone that there is a similar problem. They say, will get sick and stop, you can and suffer. But the result of such a relationship can be quite pitiable. A woman so often experiences pain during sex, that she develops a kind of unconditioned reflex. Sex - expectation of pain - the pain itself. And even after the cause of pain sensations is detected and eliminated, the organism at the moment of sexual intimacy extracts the usual sensations from the "archives" of memory and gives them out. As a result, there is a vicious circle - and there seems to be nothing to hurt, but at the same time, the woman experiences a real pain. Therefore, in no case should you ignore the problem - try to solve it immediately after it first made itself felt.


And we begin our conversation from the very beginning of sexuallife of a woman. For the first time, most women experience pain during defloration or, in simple language, during the deprivation of virginity. And most often the main reason for such pain is the banal fear of a woman before sex. It is fear that leads to severe spasms of all the muscles of the body, and especially the muscles of the vagina. Sometimes there are cases that the hymen is excessively thick and with a huge number of nerve endings. But it is much more often than a skin very thin and elastic, therefore at the first sexual contact she does not tear, and smoothly extends. And that's why in most cases, sharp pain during defloration should not be. As, by the way, bleeding - his absence can be called a norm rather than a pathology. As you can see, most often the cause of pain is banal fear.


Vaginismus is also very widespreada common problem. As a rule, the cause of development of vaginismus is a sad sexual experience, in which the woman experienced very unpleasant sensations. These negative associations are fixed in the subconscious and at the most crucial moment make themselves felt. Actually, the pain does not arise because of penetration of the penis, but because of the strong contraction of the muscles of the vagina. Incidentally, the same pain sensations in women arise and with gynecological examination. The muscles of the vagina strain so hard that it is almost impossible to insert a mirror. And in the first and in the other situation, the mechanism of the appearance of pain is the same - a strong muscle spasm. And it is because of this that painful sensations arise, and not because of the foreign body entering the vagina. The only way to cope with the problem in this situation will be the help of a psychologist and sex therapist. In principle, with timely treatment, the problem is eliminated quickly enough. pain in the abdomen during sex

Inflammatory processes

In the event that during sex a womanexperiences unpleasant sensations in the vagina, such as burning, pain, itching, you can suspect her of the presence of certain inflammatory processes. And the first thing to do in this situation is to seek medical advice from a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe the necessary examinations and appropriate treatment. For the duration of treatment for sexual intercourse, it is necessary to refuse, or, in extreme cases, use condoms. By the way, treatment must necessarily be carried out in both partners, regardless of what the results of the man's tests are. And pay attention! Do not immediately attack your spouse, accusing him of all mortal sins - not every inflammatory process is a testimony of treason. In most of all cases, the development of the inflammatory process is provoked by a natural microflora for any organism: staphylococcus, E. coli, fungi. Being in their habitual habitats, these microorganisms do not cause any problems. But getting into unusual places - for example, from the intestine to the vagina, they begin to actively multiply and lead to the development of inflammation. Therefore, do not look for the guilty, but you need to start treating as soon as possible.

Adhesive processes

Also, many women are often concerned about the pain belowstomach during sex. And there is a very high probability that the cause of these painful sensations is the presence of adhesions. Spikes in all cases are a consequence of previous inflammatory processes of the intestine or appendages. If a woman has noticed pain during sexual intercourse, she needs to remember if she had had periodic pain in her stomach before. Doctors say that spikes in the pelvic organs are present in the vast majority of adult women. Often they do not bother women at all and do not do any harm to their health. But in some cases, the pain from adhesions makes itself felt during sex - especially in certain poses. Incidentally, it is the right choice of posture that will help to minimize the uncomfortable sensations during sex. In addition, you need to seek help from a gynecologist. He will conduct the necessary examination and prescribe the treatment. Most often the problem can be solved with the help of physiotherapeutic treatment. But in some cases, if the adhesive processes are particularly strong, doctors need to resort to surgery. Incidentally, the same applies to various injuries, tears and stitches, especially after difficult births.


Very often pain in the lower abdomen duringsex is a consequence of a disease such as endometriosis. Endometriosis is often manifested by smearing excretions, not associated with the menstrual cycle, and painful sensations. Including pain during sex. And with endometriosis pain is most intense in the middle of the menstrual cycle. And this pain is extremely strong - it often makes sexual life almost impossible.

Venous blood stagnation

In the event that the sex life of a womanirregular, or if during sexual intercourse a woman does not get an orgasm, she can face a very unpleasant phenomenon. The blood will constantly pour into the organs of the small pelvis, and its proper outflow will not occur. First, a woman will have a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, drawing pains after sexual intercourse. Over time, this condition leads to swelling of the walls of the vagina, which means - painful sensations already during sex itself. And the pain can be very sharp. This condition is not just uncomfortable for a woman - it has a very negative effect on the overall condition of the woman's reproductive system. It can provoke the development of such diseases as mastopathy, uterine myoma, endometriosis, dysfunction of the ovaries and others. Therefore, in no case do not leave this problem without attention - in a timely manner, contact the gynecologist, and if necessary - and the sex therapist.

  • Neuralgia of pelvic nerves

In the event that a woman marks severe painin the field of the small pelvis, which is further enhanced by sexual intercourse or gynecological examination, giving in the foot, it is fair to assume that the woman has neuralgia of the pelvic nerves. This phenomenon is not known to a common man in the street, but the fact remains that neuralgia is not only intercostal or facial. Leaving neuralgia without treatment is by no means impossible. Yes, and it is hardly possible, because the pain is extremely strong, even if the woman is in a state of complete rest. Neuralgia of the pelvic nerves is treated as well as any other neuralgia - physiotherapeutic procedures, warming ointments, pepper plasters. But self-medication is best not to deal with - contact your gynecologist, who reliably diagnoses the disease and prescribes the optimal treatment.

  • Insufficient amount of lubricant

In the event that a woman during a sexualthe act is allocated too little amount of lubricant, during sexual intercourse there can also be very uncomfortable sensations, and sometimes pain. In such situations it is worthwhile to see a doctor who will help to establish the cause and find a solution to the problem. In addition, you can use special lubricants, which are sold in pharmacies. pain in the abdomen during sex

From what can not be sick?

Among women, someerroneous ideas about what can cause pain in the lower abdomen during sex. In order to dispel these myths, below we will talk about the most common of them:

  • Cervical erosion

You can often hear that the pain in the lower abdomenduring sexual intercourse is caused by erosion of the cervix. But doctors say that the physiological characteristics of the female body are such that erosion of the cervix can not be sick. So, it is necessary to undergo examination and reveal the true cause of pain.

  • Anatomical incompatibility of partners

Very often pain in intercourse womenwrite off specifically on the discrepancy between the sizes of the sexual organs of partners. In fact, this happens very rarely - no more than 1% of all cases. The tissues of the vagina are so elastic that there will be no painful sensations from the stretching by the penis in a healthy woman. Therefore, in any case, to determine the cause of pain, you need to see a doctor-gynecologist as soon as possible.


In any case, pain is always a signalthe body that he has something wrong. As you can see for yourself, the pain can testify both to physical and psychological problems. And in neither case is it inadmissible to leave this phenomenon without attention, because any problem is easier to solve at the early stages of its occurrence. And the solution of such a delicate problem, as a rule, should be complex. The decision of the gynecological problem, the stabilization of the psychological state, the help and support of a loved one - all these measures will very soon give a positive result. Yes, and a general examination of a woman is also superfluous, since everything in the body is interrelated. By the way, a lot depends on the sexual partner. If a woman trusts her beloved, then the treatment will be faster. And if you can not get such support, think about it - maybe next to you the hero is not your novel? In any case - do not despair, you will succeed. And let your life be beautiful in all its manifestations! We advise you to read: