thrush treatment The thrush dulls life to a huge amountwomen of all ages. And, unfortunately, very often a woman simply ignores the problem, preferring simply to suffer unpleasant sensations. Either goes to the drugstore and buys some remedy, which she learned from advertising or from a girlfriend. At best, if you're lucky, this way you can only mute the disease and achieve the disappearance of symptoms, not more. And periodically the disease will make itself felt again and again. Therefore, remember that treatment of thrush requires a responsible approach.

Pills from thrush

If you want to get rid of thrush as possiblefaster, pay attention to preparations for internal use. They are quickly absorbed into the blood and immediately begin to act - relief will come within 12 hours, and sometimes even earlier. There are a lot of such drugs, but at the heart of any of them is the active ingredient fluconazole. It is he who makes treatment of thrush the most effective. For example, you can try a very effective drug called Mycosyst. It is inexpensive, but the effect is simply astounding. Firstly, the thrush recedes very quickly. Secondly, full protection of the vagina from repeated infection with fungi is provided, which can get on mucous from other places - for example, from the intestine. In most cases, you will only need a single dose of Mycosyst - one 150 mg ampoule. And only in rare cases it may be necessary to re-take the drug - usually in three days. If treatment of thrush in this situation is not repeated, the disease will return. Approximately the same action is possessed by the following preparations:

  • Flucostat.
  • Fluconazole.
  • Diflucan.
  • Mycoflucan.
  • Itraconazole.

However, as already mentioned above, the most reasonable will be if the drug will help pick up a gynecologist. Which, strictly speaking, should control the treatment of thrush. treatment of thrush

Candles from thrush

During thrush there is irritation, andsometimes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina. So, the treatment of thrush is not only the destruction of fungi, but also in the elimination of inflammation. And the easiest way to do this is with the help of vaginal candles.

  • Candles with clotrimazole

Clotrimazole very effectively suppresseslife activity of fungi. Which, strictly speaking, and provoke the development of thrush. In small amounts, clotrimazole slows the growth and reproduction of fungi, and in large quantities completely destroys them. The course of treatment is 7 days.

  • Candles with pimafucine

Candles with pimafucin act more gently, but for a longer time - the average duration of treatment is about 14 days, not less. thrush treatment with folk remedies

Folk remedies for treatment of thrush

In addition to medicines, you can trytreatment of thrush with folk remedies. Of course, they can only be used as ancillary - and preferably after agreement with the doctor - but it is not worth it to completely write them off.

  • Bath with chamomile

Chamomile has a powerful anti-inflammatoryaction, so it removes itch and burning sensation. First, prepare a decoction: in a small saucepan, put three dining rooms with a spoonful of dried inflorescences of chamomile, then fill them with a liter of water. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and cover the pan with a lid. Boil the broth until about a third of the water boils. Then remove the pan from the heat and wrap it in a towel so that the decoction is properly infused. After five hours strain the broth with a gauze napkin or a special strainer. Before going to bed, wash and collect in a basin three liters of water, add a chamomile broth. The duration of such a sedentary bath is at least 30 minutes. Repeat the trays until the discomfort disappears.

  • Soda baths

In the event that the thrush is in acutestage, you can try a soda bath. Heat several liters of water. While the water is heating, prepare a saturated soda solution - in a liter of water, dissolve as much soda as it will dissolve: in the end, you should have a sediment. The solution (without sediment) is poured into a tray and mixed well. The duration of the bath is 10 minutes. Be prepared for the burning sensation. After the bath, do not forget to rinse the genitals with cool water. Relief will come very quickly, but, alas, will not be too long - about three hours.

  • Kefir compresses

Fungus not only settles in the vagina, but alsomucous membranes of the external genitalia. And in this case, as it is impossible by the way, compresses with kefir will come. To do this, heat a third of a glass of any natural kefir a little - about 37 degrees, no more and prepare several gauze napkins. Wash and lie down. As follows, moisten in kefir gauze napkin and attach to the external genitals. After about 10 minutes, change the napkin. In total, about 4 similar approaches are needed.

  • Garlic syringing

Another very effective tool - garlicsyringing. It is made simply - peel one small clove of garlic, cut it very finely and pour a glass of clean water at room temperature. Insist for several hours, then properly inject. This procedure should be done once a day, for three days. To avoid the return of thrush, treatment can be repeated in a week.

  • Douching with sage

If you feel a burning sensation, you can trydouching with sage. First, prepare the infusion - put in a thermos three tablespoons of dry herbs, pour a glass of boiling water. After an hour, strain the infusion with gauze. Before going to bed, wash and douche. Treatment should be continued until uncomfortable sensations disappear completely. In a word, treatment of thrush is not an easy task. But you still need to treat it, so as not to earn a whole bunch of very unpleasant complications. You do not want that, right? We advise you to read: