antiperspirant "It smells like a barracks!"- we wrinkle our nose, smelling the feet. And it's not surprising - hardly anyone will like this ambre. And what is our horror, when on one "beautiful" day we understand that our feet start to smell as well! What to do? Of course, you can go on the path of least resistance and buy a deodorant for shoes. But, alas, this problem does not solve - just disguise the smell. So let's try to figure out whether there is a remedy for the smell of the feet, which can radically cope with this trouble. Moreover, there are a lot of recipes for folk medicine, which are no less effective than medications and even more so deodorants for the feet. The only thing to remember is the possible allergic reactions to this or that component of the remedy. True, this is rare, but it's worth it. Before use, apply a small amount of the product to a small area of ​​the skin and observe for 10 minutes. If burning and redness does not occur, you can use the selected remedy.

Therapeutic baths

The first thing that is worth trying - therapeuticbaths that normalize the process of sweating and prevent the development of pathogenic microflora. Before any bath, you should thoroughly wash your feet with soap - they should be clean:

  • Camomile bath

Strangely enough, the daisy not only struggles withinflammatory processes, but also the unpleasant smell of the feet perfectly eliminates. First, prepare a decoction of chamomile: boil one liter of water, put five tablespoons of dry chemist's chamomile and boil for about 15 minutes. The broth should be infused for at least an hour. In the evening, before going to bed, pour into a basin five liters of hot water and add a decoction of chamomile. Do not forget to check the temperature to avoid burns. Place your feet in the bath for about 30 minutes, then allow them to dry.

  • Linden bath

Similar properties have a lime color. To make a lime bath you need to prepare an infusion: put in a thermos three tablespoons of lime-colored and pour a liter of steep boiling water, leave to infuse for a day. After that, you can make a bath. Heat five liters of water, add lime infusion and three tablespoons of any natural honey. Thoroughly stir the water so that the honey is dissolved, check the water temperature. The duration of the bath should be at least 30 minutes. If the water cools, add hot - otherwise the effect will be much weaker.

  • Oak bath

As it is easy to guess, an unpleasant smellappears in the event that the feet sweat too much. So, you need to eliminate excessive sweating. And the best thing for this task is the oak bark, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Grind five tablespoons of oak bark, place in a small enamel saucepan and pour one liter of water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and boil the broth for about an hour, then cool and strain. Before going to bed, wash your feet and make a bath - add five ounces of oak bark to five liters of hot water. The duration of the bath is 20 minutes. foot odor

Medical compresses

Baths, of course, are very useful, but betterall combine them with medical compresses. All these baths and compresses are combined, so choose for yourself the most liked.

  • Honey pack

Honey is generally a universal remedy. It will also help in the fight against the unpleasant odor of the feet: after the bath, when the feet are completely dry, apply a thin layer of honey to the skin. Pay special attention to the skin between your fingers! Wrap a plastic wrap, put on cotton socks and leave for two hours. Then rinse the remnants of honey with cool water and thoroughly wipe your feet.

  • Valerian compress

Acquire a valerian root in the pharmacy andchop three tablespoons. Mix the resulting powder with three tablespoons of any yogurt or sour cream. After the bath, apply the resulting mass to the skin of the legs, cover with a plastic wrap and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse your feet with cool water. unpleasant smell of feet

Hygiene rules

However, all of the above measures to combatan unpleasant smell will be absolutely useless if a person does not follow the basic rules of hygiene. Unfortunately, most people always forget about this.

  • Clean feet

Alas and ah, but many people in most caseslimited to washing feet before going to bed, and even then not every day. And very much in vain - you need to wash your feet not only in the evening, but every time you take off your shoes. And it does not matter, there will be some sandals or winter boots. Wash your feet thoroughly, not forgetting the skin between your fingers, and with soap.

  • Socks and tights

Of course, standing in the corner socks - verya funny sight. Perhaps, even for the element of decor can get off. But they do not contribute to a pleasant smell. So try to change socks after every washing of your feet. After all, with the invention of washing machines, the question of washing certainly lost its relevance. Also pay attention to the materials from which socks are made - avoid synthetic materials. Cotton, linen, wool - natural materials prevent an excessive impression, absorb moisture well and reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant smell of the feet.

  • Footwear

All of the above is equally true inrespect to footwear. Clean shoes should not only sparkle outside, but be clean inside. At least once a week, arrange your shoes a bath day. Never wear wet shoes - always dry it. And the shoes should ideally be made of natural materials. And deodorants for shoes will not be superfluous - there are a lot of them on sale, so you can easily find the right tool for you. Follow these simple rules and the unpleasant smell of the feet will remain in the past! If, despite all your efforts to cope with the problem can not, always consult a doctor - a dermatologist. Perhaps you will need more serious measures. We advise you to read: