how to clean an aquarium Whatever the aquarium in the house - an elementinterior, the subject of a hobby of one of the household, or both - it invariably attracts everyone's attention. For the fish, swiftly gliding in clear water or lazily moving fins, standing in one place, you can be fascinated to watch for hours. But the water really needs to be transparent. Because an aquarium with muddy greenish water instead of water and with overgrown walls is a very ugly sight. Of course, you do not often see such a picture. But beginners in the aquarium, having faced for the first time with the problem of water pollution, do not know where to start. Here for them, we will now consider how to clean the aquarium.

Cleaning the walls

The first thing that a personrecently started an aquarium - this is the fouling of the aquarium walls by algae. No danger to the internal ecosystem of your aquarium, they do not represent, but spoil the overall picture and reduce the review. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the glasses of algae regularly about once a week or two. It is not difficult to do this. There are scrapers for glasses especially for these purposes. If you do not bother buying this tool, it may well be replaced by a conventional dishwashing sponge, plastic card or razor blade. But if your aquarium is made of plexiglass, then you can use only a sponge, so as not to scratch the walls. Just in case, we add that the sponge should be new. Do not forget that the aquarium is a living, closed ecosystem, and any impact on it disrupts the equilibrium established in it. But for the future it is better to buy an aquarium scraper, and for your convenience it is better to buy a magnetic scraper.

Ground siphon

The next step is cleaning the bottom in the aquarium, socalled the siphon of the ground. In the process of vital activity of your fish, their bowel movements accumulate on the bottom of the aquarium, which must be regularly removed. This is done with a hose with a special tip. You can buy it at any pet store. The diameter of the hose must be such that all the dirt from the aquarium can pass through it unhindered. In order to determine whether there is already a need to clean the bottom of the aquarium, turn something in the soil. If there are no bubbles that rise from the bottom, it is too early to make a siphon. If they are, then using a hose, collect all the garbage not only from the bottom surface, but also sticking it into the ground to clean it.

Change of water in the aquarium

Periodically, a couple of times a week in an aquarium you needchange the water. Or rather, to replace, because the water in the aquarium never changes completely - for fish, and for the whole system as a whole, this is a real stress. By replacing water regularly, you constantly maintain its purity. Usually this procedure is combined with the siphon of the soil. For one change of water does not change more than 30% of its volume, so that it does not affect the health of fish. Water for substitution must necessarily be defended for at least one or two days. how to clean an aquarium properly

Clean the filter

Today all aquariums are equipped with filters,which in the majority not only clean water, but also aerify it. But in order for the filter to work effectively, it must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning requires special filter media, which are porous sponges. During the filter operation, dirt accumulates on them, which the filter absorbs from the water. It is necessary to wash the filter as necessary. This is evident from the operation of the filter itself. If he pumps water badly, then he is already hammered, and it's time to clean it. The filter, or rather the foam liner from it, can be rinsed under a stream of clean running water, but it is better to rinse it in the water from the aquarium that you downloaded during the substitution. Do not use detergents for washing foam rubber inserts. After rinsing the liner, do not forget to clean and wash the plastic parts of the filter, including the head with the nozzle. This can be done with an old (but clean!) Toothbrush. Properly clean all the parts under a stream of running water, carefully flushing all the buildups.

Fish for aquarium cleaning

Many aquarium fish not only please usits beauty, but also help maintain the purity of the aquarium. Among such "cleaners" the first place is occupied by "live-bearers", which include guppies, pecilia, sword-bearers and Mollies. Fish, cleaning the aquarium, have a special structure of the mouthpiece. Due to the developed lower jaw, which works like a scraper, they successfully remove plaque from plants, from the walls and bottom of the aquarium. More often for these purposes use antsistrusov - armored somic. A peculiar oral apparatus in the form of a sucker helps them not only to keep and move along the walls of the aquarium and plants, but also to remove from them the organic coating that they feed on. Therefore, they can also be used to clean the aquarium. We have briefly tried to consider how to properly clean the aquarium. This is not all wisdom. In the process of working with the aquarium, you will learn how to determine when and how to clean your aquarium, what else you need to do to ensure its beautiful appearance and healthy fish existence. We advise you to read: