how to choose a dog Orient in a huge variety of rocks andtypes of dogs is quite difficult, so it is worth taking a very serious approach to choosing a dog. How to choose a dog, and what criteria should be followed - with answers to these questions, we will try to understand this article. Absolutely universal breed does not exist, and then that there were no regrets about the perfect choice, it is necessary, first of all, to decide what you really need a dog for. Let's start with the definition of the types of dogs, there are three large groups of breeds - these are hunting, service and decorative dogs. About each of them below we will talk in more detail.

Decorative dogs

Decorative dogs come in small and mediumsizes and completely different temperaments and nervous types. Due to their physical characteristics, a powerful defender in their person, you are unlikely to acquire, but as a living alarm they are quite suitable. For example, when trying to infiltrate an unauthorized person into the apartment, a small lapdog starts to bark at the first signs of fuss in the staircase near the door of her hosts. With such small and twisted defenders it can be very difficult to cope, so the attacker often has to go home after a while, pozdorovu. In general, to have such a small "security system" can be very useful, especially if the owners of the apartment are poor elderly people. Another useful argument in favor of a small dog is that with it you are absolutely provided with frequent walks in the fresh air. And people who suffer from so many diseases, such exercises are simply necessary to maintain health, but to stimulate oneself on the regularity of such trips to the street or to the park is rather difficult. When an animal appears in the apartment, which willy-nilly must be walked at least two or three times a day in any weather, it becomes a necessity. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that even an ornamental small dog is still a dog and it is necessary to take care of it constantly and in full. Therefore, if you are allergic to wool, then it is worthwhile to confine yourself to an establishment of either short-haired breed, or generally without a wool cover, since during moult from small dogs there is much more wool than even from larger ones. Often used as ornamentals are the use of dogs of other specialization, for example, hunting. It will be quite burdensome for you if you are not ready for a long march-throw for several kilometers instead of a fifteen-minute walk. Nevertheless, the use of some hunting breeds as fighter rodents and house keepers can be very useful. These can be, for example, varieties of pinschers, dachshunds or fox terriers. Poodles can also perfectly perform the role of "live signaling", but they can often bark idly, for example, on cats, other dogs or boys in the yard. In addition, they are very artistic, well suited to training and are able to give their owners a lot of positive emotions. choose a dog

Hunting dogs

Hunting dogs can be much and detailedwrite, but in the review article it does not make much sense, we will tell about them only in two features. All hunting dogs are divided into specialties. For example, northerners can not be used as pegs, hounds - as northerners, etc. Choose a hunting dog is easy enough, the main thing to remember is that they are working dogs and will have to spend a lot of time on their training and training. Such a dog can become an excellent companion for walking and a friend for children, but it is unlikely to be able to guard you with dignity.


Which dog to choose as the guard of hisat home? This question is often asked by the owners of small and large houses and household plots. Small, mongrel dogs will be able to play the role of an alarm, warning the hosts about the visit to their territory of an uninvited guest, and in case of an attack they can grab for the pant leg. To protect a large plot with many different buildings is much more difficult. One dog here will not be enough, as it can easily be distracted. Two or three dogs, if placed on several points, reliably block the perimeter of the site, but they will not be able to protect their master if necessary or to move to another point. To protect homestead plots of medium size with the houses located on them, the optimal number of dogs will be two or three, one of which must be necessarily a bitch (they are more intelligent and sensitive). The team will need to train and train. It is highly desirable that dogs passed both the general training course, and individual. To one day not to find out that you are in vain feeding your dogs, it is better to take care of the means of their additional preparation in advance. For the service on the plot or the farmstead, large dogs with a developed wool cover are good. Even in winter for such dogs, staying outdoors will only benefit. However, there are moments that you should pay attention to. To feed this team of several dogs will need to build a whole kitchen, and the costs will be quite large. For such a guard, you will also have to constantly monitor, monitor the condition of dogs, treat them with ticks, worms, etc. If dogs are placed in block posts, you should regularly observe if the booths are not drowned, chains and leashes, etc., In order to protect apartments and cars, as well as for the use of personal bodyguards, short-haired or coarse-wool breeds of dogs with a strong constitution, excellent agility and sensitivity, which are easy to train, are most suitable. A more powerful dog with increased excitability or vice versa, too inhibited can create many problems when using it as a guard. which dog to choose

What to look for when choosing a dog?

To answer the question, how to choose a dog bysoul, you need to compare your requirements and the characteristics of your personality, character with the capabilities and needs of your future pet. So, if you are a person who has very little free time and you rarely spend it at home, then you need a pet who will not raise the whole apartment upside down and get bored in solitude. In this situation, it is better to choose a dog that loves to luxuriate and lie around, which does not require much movement. For example, one of the most lazy breeds is bassethound. If you imagine the opposite situation, that on the contrary, a person has a lot of free time, then a dog will approach him, which will become an invariable companion in all sorts of walks and travel. Such a dog is unlikely to quickly get tired and freeze on a frosty day, and long walks will not be a burden to her. Such breeds are at least half of the total, so the choice is quite diverse. For a person with poor physical training, it will be difficult enough to handle a huge and strong dog, so in order for the dog to always listen to you, it is better to choose a dwarf poodle, a lewreth or yorkshire.

How to choose a dog for a family man?

If you have small children in your family, it is importantchoose a dog that can tolerate ticking and yanking at the tail of your baby. The best choice in this case will be a calm dog of large size with a good temper. Due to the fact that it is large enough, it will be easy for them to resist the onslaughts of the children, and due to their reasonableness, it will be very lenient towards the pranks of children. In this situation, you can advise a diver, with his well-known good character, although he needs to be properly educated. Great for a large family hunting dogs, because well-educated they become very restrained and patient, and their fidelity is beyond doubt. For an inveterate dandy and a mod, the small decorative dog is perfect. The most popular of the decorative breeds of dogs currently in the world is the Yorkshire Terrier. Another favorite - the baby may be for you chihuahua, but it is worth considering that the character she is rather wayward and often tries to insist on his. You can also advise a spitz, a lapdog or a Pekingese, they are no less fashionable now.

Which dog to choose a lonely and defenseless person?

After all, in this case you need not only an excellentdefender and a devoted friend, but also tolerant to the constant visits of the guests to the dog. For these purposes is best suited dwarf poodle, because the best friend and understanding companion you will not find. To choose a dog of this breed means to acquire not only a faithful companion of life, but also a very positive and capable of raising the mood of a pet. After all, dwarf poodles constantly entertain their master, perform various tricks and can deliver many amusing minutes. However, it is worth remembering that dogs of this breed are very poorly tolerant of loneliness and may be nervous in the company of strangers. And as a good and reliable protection it is better to purchase the Danish mastiff, since it has enough strength and strength. Although many consider him quite phlegmatic and cold-blooded creature, in fact he is very emotional and for the rest of his life remains a child with a pure heart and a naive soul. A dog for an elderly person is better not to choose large sizes, because such a dog has a decent power and for the constant care of it you need sufficient physical capabilities. In this situation, an excellent variant will be a dog of small or medium size, for example, a small dog of a hunting breed or a terrier. Also suitable for a middle-aged man is a dwarf poodle, chihuahua, dachshund, Tibetan terrier or Maltese lapdog. They have a calm temper and are not so mobile, so do not require long and long walks. Coping with them is also much easier than, for example, with a sheep-dog, which has strong-willed character and great physical strength. We advise you to read: