how to choose an aerogrill To date, aerogril can be calleda real miracle of household appliances. And this is not an exaggeration, because this device combines the functions of several kitchen appliances - a hob, an oven, a grill, a deep fryer, a microwave oven, a toaster, a shish kebab, a smoker, a steamer and even a Russian stove. Do not believe me? Let's then try to figure out what it is and how to choose aerogrill among the many presented models. Aerogrill appeared in the mid-eighties of the last century in the United States. This name is given to this household appliance because it is made with the help of hot air streams. In addition, it is possible to cook a grilled dish. At us aerogril has not received special distribution yet. Buyers are alarmed by the advertised versatility, and they are eyeing the new device with apprehension. But the manufacturers claim that the aerogrill prepares tasty and healthy food. In aerogril, you can cook several dishes at the same time.

  • streams of heated air are used to heat excess fat from products, thereby reducing their calorific value;
  • useful substances and vitamins are retained as much as possible;
  • The cooking process takes place solely due to hot air; in this device there is no microwave microwave radiation;
  • dishes in aerogrill can be prepared without using oil, which means that carcinogens are not formed in food.

Miracle construction

Before choosing an aerogrill, you needunderstand that this device represents itself, how it works. Externally, the aerogrill is a transparent cylindrical container of heat-resistant glass, which is mounted on a special plastic support, which protects the table from contact with a working hot device. Above the aerogrill is covered with a lid, which is quite impressive - its weight is 2.5 kg. Such a large weight is formed due to the fact that the control panel is located outside on the cover, and the heating element and fan are fixed from the inside. The heating element can be of two types - halogen or TEN. In the first case, heating is faster. Fans, however, vary in the number of speeds. Models have simpler speed only one, and "advanced" can be up to three. And it should be noted that the more these speeds, the wider your possibilities and the range of dishes that you can prepare in aerogrill. Inside the aerogrill, you can place baking trays and grills, thereby simultaneously receiving up to three levels for preparing several dishes. But keep in mind that advertising, which claims that smells in aerogril do not mix, disingenuous. The flavors will undoubtedly unite. Therefore, you need to choose the right foods that you will cook together. Do not, for example, cook fish and pies at the same time, but a chicken with potatoes - no problem. Moreover, with the simultaneous preparation of different dishes should be selected products that require the same temperature conditions. The time of preparation has no special role. Prepared earlier the product can simply be removed when necessary. In aerogrilles, the net includes a reticulated pan for steaming, three grills, a ring - a magnifying ring, which is put on the flask to add volume, four skewers and grasping tongs. pros

  • You can cook a variety of dishes in it.
  • In aerogril can be cooked without oil, and, therefore, you are guaranteed a diet and healthy food.
  • The presence of several levels, which are created by pallets and grills, allows you to cook several dishes at once, which will save you time.
  • Minuses

  • The glass body of the aerogrill very much heats up - almost to the cooking temperature, so be careful about the case, you can seriously burn yourself.
  • The power of the aerogrill is not small, and the cooking time is decent. This can seriously affect your electricity bill.
  • choose aerogrill

    Cooking in aerogril

    The cooking process is very simple. In aerogrilles are pawned products, the lid is closed and the process goes. Depending on the fact that you want to set the temperature, which can vary from 65 ° C to 260 ° C, set the speed and the fan's rotation time. The heating element provides the set temperature, and the fan - convection of hot air through the flask. Thanks to this dish is evenly warmed from all sides. This can be compared, for example, with a grill, where such frying is performed on rotating skewers or with a microwave oven, where microwave waves are reflected from the walls of the inner chamber.

    Secrets of "communication"

    Working with aerogril, you need to know and remember about several points:

    • stack it too tightly to each other the food is not worth it;
    • air should circulate between products freely - the distance between them should be at least three centimeters, and between products and walls of the grill - more than a half centimeters;
    • on the bars, the food is prepared more quickly;
    • for cooking in aerogrill any heat-resistant cookware that can withstand temperatures up to 280 °, including usual pans and frying pans, is suitable;
    • The ready dish should be taken out with special forceps which go in the complete set of an aerogrill;
    • if during the cooking process the lid is opened, the aerogrill is switched off automatically - it will turn on only after the lid is closed again;
    • the cooking time of the dish is within one hour, for example, a grilled chicken is cooked in it for about forty minutes;
    • The flasks of aerogrills are made of impact-resistant glass, but with careless handling it can break.

    Possibilities of aerogrill

    For those who want to choose an aerogrill, it is importantThe question is what can be cooked in it. Producers argue that the possibilities for it are unlimited and in aerogril you can cook almost everything - from dessert to soup. For example, if you take meat products, then with the help of aerogril they can be extinguished or smoked, cooked shish kebabs, ham. Of course, these will not be the kebabs that you cook on the grill, but these will be real fried shish kebabs. The only thing that they will differ - there will not be a characteristic smell of haze. Smoking, too, only remotely resembles the present, although in aerogrill it is possible to add shavings or a preparation for smoking that will give the necessary smoke. In addition, in aerogril you can fry fish, cook porridge, soup, bake pizza and cook many more different dishes. In it, you can even make a dessert - pies, jam, meringues and so on. A good helper, he will help you with canning products - it is very convenient to sterilize the banks. The device in many respects can replace a microwave oven - in it it is possible to defrost products or to warm up dishes. However, in microwave it can be done more quickly, but if you do not have it, then it will be replaced by aerogril. It should be noted that not all models are as universal as they are described in advertising. Not every model can cook such a wide range of dishes. If you are interested in how the aerogrill works, how to choose it, what its capabilities depend on, then you should know that they directly depend on the number of fan speeds. In aerogril with one speed, you can easily cook simple dishes - porridge, soup, grilled chicken, fried potatoes and so on. In three-speed devices, in which there is a low, medium and high speed fan, you can extinguish, smoke foods, cook mulled wine, meringue, yoghurt, patties and much more. In the most advanced models, there is a large selection of temperature modes - up to nine, convection speed control, and an operation indicator. The possibilities of such aerogrills are very high. But we must admit that, as claimed by the owners of aerogrills, pies in the oven are all the same better. However, aerogril is not designed to compete with it. It can rather replace only small kitchen appliances such as a steamer, microwave, toaster and the like. In addition, such dishes, where you want to lay products in stages, it is easier to cook on the stove. For example, rice porridge can be cooked in aerogrills, and manna - it will not work. When you start working with an aerogrill, you will have to adapt to working with it: learn how to choose the right temperature and speed of the fan. And then you can quickly and seamlessly prepare healthy and tasty dishes. aerogrill how to choose


    Before choosing an aerogrill, one should studyits technical characteristics. Its overall dimensions are small - up to half a meter in height and forty centimeters in diameter. Since the ring is included in the aerogrill set to increase the volume, the volume of the bulb is indicated in two sizes. The cover of the device can be floppy, fastened on the bracket, or removable. The hinged lid is fitted with a shock absorber in case it accidentally closes. The covers on the bracket are more safe and convenient to use. All models are equipped with a timer, but in some models, more advanced, there is also a delay cooking timer, which is a very convenient function. You can pre-lay in it the necessary products and set the timer for a certain time. A hot dish will be ready for your return. The same with heating. Almost all aerogrile models are equipped with self-cleaning function. A special coating provides it. To do this, pour detergent and water into the flask, turn on the machine and after a certain time, which is indicated in the technical passport, the aerogrill will be clean. But, nevertheless, periodically it still has to be washed by hand. In this case, protect it from accidental impacts, because, as already mentioned above, glass, although shockproof, but do not drop and hit the flask - it can crack. You can also wash the flask in the dishwasher. Aerogrill is a very convenient kitchen appliance. Its innovative features will greatly facilitate your life and save your time. The choice of the model depends only on what you are going to prepare in aerogrill, as well as on your financial capabilities.