how to care for nubuck shoes How fast is something else entirely new, outlandish andthe rare becomes ordinary. Here, for example, shoes from the nubuck twenty years ago was a sign of great prosperity and great opportunities. In addition, not all the wealthy people bought such shoes. Do you know why? Because the impeccable beauty of this material quickly faded away, and no special means for caring for shoes from the nubuck yet. But now, there are such shoes almost in every house, but people of quite different prosperity and social status are carrying it. And the means to care for her is not so little. However, thanks to the experience of our predecessors, we have not only special means, but also armed with information about the rules for prolonging life and preserving the beauty of this practical and simultaneously elegant footwear. Strictly speaking, this is what we are offering you - to learn how to take care of nubuck footwear, how to extend its service life, how to clean it and how to store it properly. And let's still find out what kind of material is Nubuck?

What is Nubuck?

A real nubuck is a genuine high-end leatherquality. Its main difference from smooth skin is a finely grounded surface. The main difference between nubuck and suede is the polished surface and the use of other types of leather. As a rule, nubuck is made from the skin of cattle, which is subjected to chrome tanning and polishing. Nubuck is inferior in many respects to smooth skin in relation to moisture resistance, but also considerably exceeds suede ratio. In a word, nubuck is a skin of special make-up, which is a kind of intermediate material between smooth tanned leather and suede. Today, shoes are made from nubuck of different types:

  • Natural Nubuck - a material of animal origin (genuine leather). It is breathable, but demanding in care.
  • Artificial nubuck - synthetic materialorigin (artificial leather). Very similar in appearance with a natural nubuck, more wear-resistant, does not absorb moisture, but also does not allow air to pass through.
  • Nubuk-oil is a material of natural origin. A natural nubuck that has undergone additional waterproof treatment. It features a damp, touch-resistant surface, high wear resistance and unpretentiousness compared to a natural nubuck.

care of nubuck shoes

How to take care of nubuck shoes?

So, no matter from which Nubuckmade your shoes, caring for it comes down to a few basic rules. By the way, contrary to popular belief about the capricious nature of nubuck shoes, caring for her is not so complicated, how delicate. First of all, you need to protect such shoes from moisture and dirt. Therefore, try not to wear it in very rainy and dirty weather. Bad influence on nubuck and various reagents, which sprinkled snow-covered streets. But frosty weather Nubuku is not terrible. However, in the off-season, when there is no heavy rain, from nubuck shoes, too, should not be abandoned. The most important thing is to start taking care of the nubuck on time. If this is not done, then this material will finally lose its already not the best moisture-proof qualities, it will start to get wet and quickly worn out. To care for nubuck shoes do not fit traditional shoe polishes - it needs special impregnation and aerosols. Therefore, when purchasing such shoes, be sure to stock up with special equipment to care for it. When choosing aerosols and cream paints, be sure to check their labeling, where it should be indicated that the product is suitable for nubuck. In addition to special care products for nubuck you will need a special brush. This brush not only cleans dirt, but also keeps the nubuck's special fleecy surface. Remember that you can use it for skin-covered parts of shoes. But for cleaning the soles and heels, it is better to buy one additional brush. Just bought boots, shoes or other shoes from the nubuck should be treated with a special impregnation. And this must be done before the first exit to the street. This procedure will strengthen the water-repellent properties of nubuck and extend its life. The first cleaning is carried out correctly in several receptions, abundantly wetting the shoes with an impregnant. To process impregnation with new footwear it is desirable three times, giving nubuku completely to dry before the next cleaning. If you are not going to wear nubuck shoes in rainy weather or slush, treat it in the same way before going out onto the street.

How to clean a nubuck special means?

Virtually all manufacturers of care productsfor shoes offer foam, paint and impregnation for cleaning nubuck. Among them, such brands as, for example, Collonil, Salton Professional, All Combi, Kiwi, Sitil, Saphir and Barcode. It is also desirable to purchase brushes with sponges of the same brand as the cleaning agent itself. Be sure that you will not spoil your nubuck shoes with such a special tool. First, a dry brush from the shoes removes dirt and dust. If the brush is special, then it will not damage the villi and will remove dirt even in the seams. After dry cleaning, a spray layer for the nubuck is uniformly applied over the entire surface of the shoe. It is important to choose a spray that matches the color of your shoes. This procedure not only protects the nubuck from getting wet, but also restores its color. If the nubuck shoes get soiled, then only the spray and brush will not cope with the dirt. In this case, you can wash the nubuck with a soft sponge soaked in water with the addition of a few drops of ammonia. After this moist procedure, returning the nubuck former appeal, the shoes need to be dried well. And then you can hold your shoes over the steam, which will allow villagers to kill. And only after that you can clean the nubuck with a spray or cream-paint and brush. In the winter season, on any shoe, there are divorces from the salt contained in the reagents. Such white stains and stains are scraped off with a damp sponge that absorbs dirt and salt. After that, the shoes are also dried and treated with a color-restoring spray. how to care for nubuck shoes

What is Nubuk afraid of?

Care of shoes from nubuck is delicate. Therefore, it is necessary to look after it not only correctly, but also cautiously. Remember that you can not clean a wet nubuck! Be sure to let the shoes dry naturally or with a special dryer. Do not also dry nubuck shoes on a central heating battery or near heaters. Afraid of nubuck and traditional creams for cleaning leather shoes. Such creams, if not significantly harm the quality of nubuck, it will spoil its elegantly noble appearance. Just a simple fat cream "will kill" the velvety surface of the nubuck. Does not like this material and soap. And in general, all water procedures with nubuck shoes should be carried out very, very delicately. It can not be washed in any way. It is allowed only to wipe such shoes with a damp sponge. As for seasonal storage, it is not recommended to hide nubuck shoes in plastic bags. It should be moved with soft paper or wrapped in cotton cloth and put in a shoebox. That, strictly speaking, that's all. If you take care of nubuck shoes correctly, use only special tools and do not put it on in very wet or dirty weather, then it will serve you such shoes no worse than ordinary leather shoes. Of course, everything depends on the original quality of shoes, the responsibility for which lies entirely with the conscience of the producers. Do not forget the truism of what the miser pays twice. Expensive high-quality footwear from the nubuck will not give you unnecessary trouble on condition of competent care. So everything is in your hands. Good luck! We advise you to read: