how to choose bed linen All the girls dream of a wedding. White dress, a sea of ​​flowers, champagne, amazing gifts and a real family life. And after it comes a completely different time, there are several other interests. After all, how the newly-made wife will be able to equip his family nest, in many ways depends on the future life. In this article there are no recommendations on the construction of marital relationships, because about this written tons of books. In addition, as practice shows, outsider's advice has been of little assistance to anyone, because from all difficult situations one has to look for a way out by himself. This is the way the most valuable experience is acquired, which you can later share with your girlfriends, children and even grandchildren. It's about trivial matters, in particular, for example, how to choose bed linens. It belongs to the category of irreplaceable in the family life of things and therefore often worries many young wives.

Recommendations for choosing fabrics

As for the choice of material, there issome valuable advice. After all, it is on the fabric of bed linen that you need to pay attention first. Although many young and inexperienced housewives at first look at the coloring, and only when they sleep on the purchased set, they understand that they expected otherwise. So, picking up the package with the bed, carefully study the characteristics indicated on it. The most comfortable for sleeping is linen made from natural fabrics. It will allow your body to "breathe" and not cause allergies. If there is such an opportunity, when choosing clothes, you should touch the material, hold it by hand to see if it is soft and smooth enough for you. Perhaps you want to get the effect of a starched bed from the purchased set, as in childhood, then you need to look for a stiffer fabric. Do not interfere with the sniffing of linen. About its quality, in the first place, says the absence of an unpleasant smell of paint. A really good kit should smell of textiles, not chemistry. To correctly approach the issue of how to choose bed linens, you need to understand what materials it can be made of. It is important to know that the words "coarse calico", "satin" and so on do not indicate the composition of the fabric. They are called only the way of weaving. And produce fabrics made of bamboo, silk, cotton, linen and synthetics. And only then, according to the technology used, they get all known names. Since the best are natural materials, the speech in the article will be about them. Bed linen, like everything that surrounds us today, has its own categories. They are determined by the price and quality used in the fabrication of fabrics. The cheapest sets are made of chintz. I must say that, in addition to low cost, such linen can not boast of anything good. It has a short service life and is subject to deformation when washing. The average price segment is represented mainly by sets of cotton fabrics of good durability. When sewing expensive linen elite materials and unusual techniques of drawing are used. This will be discussed later. bed linen how to choose

Bed linen on the basis of cotton

Coarse calico is a cotton fabric thatis made by the technology of linen weave. The history of its origin goes back to ancient times. Linen from coarse calico is practical, durable and, importantly, does not need special care. It came to us from Central Asia and Persia in the early sixteenth century, but at the time its properties were not appreciated. Previously this fabric was made bleached, and then it was dyed and supplemented with embroidery by hand. Coarse calico is a two-faced material, that is the same on both sides. This is achieved by a special thread weaving technology, which provides fabrics with extraordinary smoothness and opacity, as well as high strength and lightness. In addition, the bed of coarse calico rinses a little, it is perfectly washed and ironed. Considering the fact that the overwhelming majority of manufacturers make this fabric from 100% cotton, the linen from it is also environmentally friendly, allowing your skin to "breathe". Therefore, if you appreciate the practicality and unpretentiousness in bed linen, and also love that it was matte, choose a set of coarse calico. Satin is a fabric that has a shiny and dense surface. In its manufacture, double-braided technology is used. Bright gloss and smooth satin gives a special, dense twisting of threads. Produce it from high-quality cotton, and in terms of its external characteristics, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish satin from silk. The history of the appearance of this kind of fabric originates in medieval China. It was made in those distant times by hand and was not cheap. To date, the bed of satin is optimal in terms of price and quality. Among the durable and durable materials, this type of fabric takes the leading place, because the laundry from it will retain its original appearance and characteristics for a long time even after numerous washes, as it does not "sit down" and does not shed. Satin can also be referred to as "breathing" tissues, and, most importantly, it often does not have to be ironed, because it almost does not crumple. If you like shiny, light and smooth underwear, which you do not even need ironing, you can safely choose a bed from satin. This is how your bedroom will always have a smart and aesthetic appearance. Perkal also refers to cotton fabrics, and the technology of its production uses the same linen interlacing of threads, and also the sizing method. But it is produced without finishing, because it is a technical material. In its smoothness, percale is inferior to satin and coarse calico, but its wear resistance (due to sizing) is very high. This is evidenced by the fact that it has found its application in the manufacture of parachutes. Perkal is also made from natural quality cotton. If you appreciate practicality and high wear resistance, choose bed linen from this kind of fabric, and it will not disappoint you. Ranfons is a tissue that has an increased ability to absorb moisture. It is distinguished also by a very high density of weaving cotton threads. In the past few years, Ranfons has been a leader in the production of bed linen, and not for nothing. The undoubted advantage of this fabric is the ability to maintain its temperature, so you are not threatened to go to bed on a cold winter night or wake up sweating on a hot summer morning. Ranphons also refers to cotton fabrics and therefore has excellent consumer characteristics. This fabric does not deform a lot of washing, and its pattern always remains bright and even. And if you prefer a deep and comfortable sleep, then choose a bed from rangfons.

Bed linen based on other materials

Silk - the fabric is very soft, thin and soft. Everyone knows that he came to us from China. Thanks to the triangular cross-section of its constituent threads, silk has the property of reflecting light like a prism. This is what determines the brightest shine of the fabric and beautiful overflows. It is hypoallergenic and has the ability of thermoregulation. Therefore, on a hot night, a sheet of silk will pleasantly cool your body, and in winter you will quickly get warm in such a bed. However, it should be noted that this fabric, in spite of good consumer characteristics, requires a delicate attitude. Features of the operation of bed linen from silk are indicated on the packages, so do not be lazy to get acquainted with them before you make the final choice. Of course, silk is able to create in your bedroom a refined and unique atmosphere of romance and passion. Linen - the fabric is thin, durable and reliable. It probably has the oldest history, since it first appeared in Egypt. Bed linen from flax also has the ability of thermoregulation, it absorbs moisture well and is resistant to wear. Perhaps the only drawback of this fabric is that it is difficult to iron it. But the price of such a set of linen is very high, and therefore we, unlike Europe, do not easily find a linen bed in an ordinary store. But if you want to give your bedroom a respectable and status look, then linen is an excellent choice. The fabric made of bamboo fibers, which recently appeared on our market, has already gained popularity among the population. After all, the bed linen from it is shiny, soft and durable. A set of bamboo is a very good choice. Since this material is able to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, it is very pleasant to the touch and has antibacterial properties. Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture well, but if you want to choose a kit from it, pay attention to the peculiarities of its washing, drying and ironing. In addition to the tissues described above, there are many others. The bed of poplin is certainly beautiful, and the fabric itself has a transverse hem. Jacquard linen looks amazing, although it is expensive because of the fact that the picture on it is textured and felt by hand. Satin-silk is an interweaving of two kinds of threads, therefore has a bright glossy luster. As you can see, the assortment of bed linen is very wide, and you can only choose, based on your own tastes and purse. how to choose the right bedding

Design of bed linen and its sizes

Of course, the materials from which theModern bedroom sets are a key issue. But we, women, attach great importance to the way our bed looks in the general concept of the design solution of the room. Much depends on how we plan to spend the night - just to sleep off or enjoy sensual and passionate feelings in the arms of a beloved man. Therefore, you should pay due attention to the choice of colors in the range of models offered. To begin with, let us turn to the advice of psychologists who believe that the intimate life of a young couple largely depends on the properly selected underwear. For example, a red satin bed makes joint nights very passionate, but it is not always recommended to use it, because the main task of any linen is to give moral and physical rest. Therefore, save kits of this and other saturated colors for special occasions, and for everyday use it is better to choose reserved pastel shades, for example, green, pale yellow, blue and so on. According to psychologists, pink tones favorably affect the emotional state and help create a pleasant romantic relationship. The classic white color has always been a symbol of purity and innocence, but black is its complete antagonist. Consider this when choosing a bed. By the way, resting on white linen, you can make your sleep the most complete. The influence of flowers on human health is also known. Blue-blue color scale calms the nervous system and, as experts say, helps to fight colds, red underwear is contraindicated for people with vegetative-vascular dystonia hypertonic type (high blood pressure). If you are prone to migraines, choose to sleep a bed of tender green color. Want to lose weight and make a lot of effort? Then avoid juicy orange shades - they excite appetite. As for the drawings on your bed set, the large flowers and shapes contribute to the turbulent nights in love. If in your plans to calm down already vivid and passionate relations, linen of calm pastel tones or in a fine drawing just will suit for these purposes. Remember that sets with geometric patterns are best suited for good sleep after a hard day's work. If you want to choose linen as a gift to a loved one, then determine who he is by nature. Romantic people will surely like pastel linen in a small and large flower with trimmings and ruches. People vigorous, strong-willed and resolute can be presented bright sets in the oriental style. If your close friend has the status of a business lady, make it pleasant and give a chic jacquard set of monochromatic warm tones or with an unusual pattern. To know how to choose the right bed linen, you need to understand and its size, because the duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases included in the kit can be presented in several versions. It depends on the manufacturer, because in different countries their ideas about the standard. If it is a popular double kit, then it can have several types:

  • quilt cover with dimensions of 180x210 (215), 200x220 cm;
  • sheet with dimensions of 175x210 (215), 210x230, 240x260 cm;
  • pillow cases with sizes 70x70, 50x70, 60x60 cm.

Linen in the double set "euro" has other sizes:

  • Duvet cover 205x225 or 225x245 cm;
  • sheet 240x280 cm;
  • pillow cases 70x70 or 50x70 cm.

And the family set of "euros" differs fromdouble with the presence of two duvet covers with a width of 150 cm and a length of 210 cm each. In addition to these, there are other types of bed linen, for example, one-and-a-half or children's. They have their sizes. Therefore, when choosing a kit, pay attention to all its characteristics, because they may not correspond to your existing pillow and blanket, as well as the bed itself. If the bed linen is more or less clear, then you need not forget that a young woman should be able to choose and the right home clothes, because a beautifully made bed should match, for example, a good pajamas set, a seductive dressing gown or an original gown. And do not prematurely say that they all look the same. Perhaps you just do not understand them well enough. By the way, I must say, in the house every housewife should have several dressing gowns. A terry bathhouse is designed to warm you with your gentle warmth in the morning and immerse yourself in your arms after an evening shower. Satin - great clothes for the house, it can help create the atmosphere that you aspire to, and will perfectly match with your chosen bed. Modern models look very nice and sexy, and a flirty lacy insert on a light short gown will simply drive your loved one crazy. Armed with such knowledge, you will certainly be able to show all your skill and talent in order to bring into your bedroom exactly the mood that will serve a good rest or create a romantic mood.