how to style curly hair Unfortunately, the time has come when the majorityfemale representatives prefer the artificial beauty of the natural. Increased nails, hair and tons of makeup hide pretty girls who, under the influence of advertising and advice from pseudo-professional cosmetologists, decided to "improve" their appearance. And yet, a few decades ago in the fashion was naturalness, and not plastic beauty. Maybe, still, do not forget that Barbie is still a doll? And it is designed for children, not for adults. However, even now many men prefer ladies who apply a minimum of make-up on their face and take care of their native hair rather than creating a miracle-hairdresser. After all, how nice to touch the curls that radiate strength and health! That's really what can not be said about the hair extensions .... To become the owner of a luxurious mane is easy, just enough to learn how to properly take care of her and be able to beautifully style your hair. Everywhere there are their little tricks. For example, do you know how to style curly hair? But this is not difficult at all. Do not think that quality hair styling can be performed only by a specialist. You do not need years of training to learn how to create a suitable hairstyle. It is enough to follow only a few tips that will help not only to preserve the health of the curls, but also to save on visiting the beauty salon. styling of curly hair

What is hair styling?

First, let's figure out what is itrepresents the styling. This procedure is simply necessary for those women whose hair locks do not want to lie down as they need their mistresses. The hardest part is the owner of curly hair. They are constantly forced to buy a variety of tools and appliances for styling, which help "pacify" rebellious, protruding in different directions curls. However, this - it does not matter. After all, the main thing is that all these tricks work. Fortunately female representatives, today there is a large selection of drugs to create a beautiful hairstyle. Yes and harmless cosmetics have replaced harmful "chemistry" that was used several years ago. Now, in addition to its main task - hair styling - they also carefully take care of your hair. The result of using modern cosmetics for styling will be brilliant, beautifully curled, healthy and soft hair. In addition, the styling products help to protect the hair from the harmful effects of various external factors. And most importantly, fixing drugs can be used at home, which will create a hairstyle as good as a Hollywood star. Now beautifully laid curls can become the object of your legitimate pride.

Means for styling hair

Penki, varnishes, gels, mousses.... These funds "filled the eye" filled with cosmetic stores. It's hard not to get lost, looking at all the products carefully issued by famous (and not so) companies. Let's look at the properties and benefits of each tool. Styling with gel is the most popular and the method of styling. The gel is ideal for all types of hair, does not overdry them, can be removed by ordinary combing. It is used to create a strict form of hairstyle, when they want to emphasize some single curl. Also fine is the wax - with light finger movements it is applied to the tips of the hair and shows all the nuances of the hair - a slanting bang, a carelessly elongated curl. Waxes are also suitable for giving the hair the effect of "wet hair", but foam is useful for giving the volume to weakened hair. Thanks to the development of the cosmetic industry, harmful varnishes do not enter into the varnish composition - the hairdo will look natural. However, do not forget about the means for hair care. The cream should be applied to the hair when you need to restore damaged and weakened hair. Serum will help make thin and naughty hair soft and shiny. As you can see, all means are good in their own way. The main thing is to choose the one that will suit you personally. But without them, the health of hair is simply impossible. So, you will not get a beautiful styling either. means for styling curly hair

Secrets of laying curly hair

For disobedient curls, there are many waystheir stacking. One of these is the use of a hair dryer with a diffuser. Very convenient for home use, it is easy to use, and its "fingers" turn curls into any hairstyle - elegant, fun, "creative mess". There is only one indisputable rule - to direct the jet of air should be strictly from the roots to the tips of the hair, raising them slightly. To lay unruly curls it is possible and by means of an ironing - it will help to straighten some locks and cardinally to change image. In order to look beautiful it is necessary to look after your hair regularly. It is enough to use fixing tools correctly and you will succeed! The damp hair is applied to the retainer and distributed evenly over the entire length of the hair. Now the hair dryer should be put into operation. Be careful - too hot air is harmful to the hair, and the wrong directions during drying can spoil the whole look. You only need to direct air in the direction you want to lay curls. If you want to straighten hair a little, give it the appearance of sea waves, then it is necessary to moisturize your hair from the spray and use a round brush to pull them down, while directing the jet of air from the dryer down from top to bottom. Pretty nice to get such a hairstyle, if you apply then the gel - just apply it to the ends of the hair and strands will lie only as you create. Styling curly hair - this is a fairly long occupation and requires attention. Do you want to look beautiful? Then take care of the free time in advance and, applying a little fixing agent on your hair, set the direction of the locks yourself. During the creation of the "masterpiece" it is necessary to remember the naturalness, so do not get carried away by excessive use of styling. Make sure that you get a haircut that will emphasize the dignity of the face and hide its shortcomings. Thanks to these tips, you will be able to create a beautiful styling at home. And it will be no worse than a haircut created by a professional. And let Barbie turn green with envy! We advise you to read: