hair extensions on capsules More recently, hair extensions were something of aan extraordinary number. But now girls with hair extensions are everywhere. And at the same time you will never guess that this beautiful woman with black hair below the belt, which defiled by, did not get this wonderful gift from Mother Nature at all. Hair extensions on the capsules are invisible to the naked eye, with such strands you can make a variety of hair styles, not being afraid that the capsules will be visible. Modern technology to increase natural strands embodied the female dream of long and beautiful hair in reality. Moreover, today it is not too expensive to increase hair, and in any city you can find a good master for building. The first hair extensions in history were conducted by African women. They braided tight braids, and fastened to them foreign strands of hair. Similar technologies have been used on the African continent to this day. And here in Europe are progressing more sparing types of build-up and modern technologies. Let's consider the basic. hair extensions on capsules

Types of hair extensions on capsules

Hair extensions are divided into species independing on the technology of the procedure. The two main types of buildup on capsules are hot and cold hair extensions. Hot hair extensions This technology involves the use of a special device, and the fastening of hair strands to your hair will occur in a thermal way. In other words, take a thin strand of hair, which is attached to the root of your strand with a small droplet of a special substance the size of a grain of rice. Special forceps with a warmed-on tip fuse the build-up strand to your hair, retreating about 1 cm from the root, and without damaging either the scalp or hair. This is ensured by a temperature that is 50-60 degrees lower than the temperature of the hearth for smoothing or curling the hair. And the substances used to glue the hair are keratin or a special resin. To hot hair extensions are some subspecies of this procedure, which are conditionally divided among the countries that founded the technology.

  • English technology. The first and most widespread in the whole world. The strands of hair are fastened to the back of the head or to the temporal part of the head, to the bottom row of hair, leaving about 1 cm from the root. This is done with a natural organic resin (like candle wax) and a special glue gun. The nozzle of the gun is heated on a stacked strand and attached to the hair. As your hair grows, you need to make a correction. Strands are disconnected and rearranged above. Usually it is done every 3-6 months, depending on the speed of hair growth.
  • Italian technology. Apply strands of hair of superior quality with already applied to each drop of artificial keratin resin. Keratin is softened with special forceps, heated to the desired temperature, with which the strand is pressed against your hair. After hardening, the resin forms a transparent capsule, which firmly and securely strengthens the hair, and is absolutely imperceptible.

Strands, embroidered in Italian technology,They hold themselves much more firmly than strands, set in the English way. They are almost not combed out with everyday care. However, it is more difficult to remove them during correction. So each of these varieties has its pluses. Cold hair extension This method of hair extensions completely eliminates the heat treatment of the hair. It uses a special glue that freezes naturally, at room temperature. After drying, the adhesive acquires a slight whitish shade, so this type of build-up is more suitable for owners of light hair. Also, hair can be built up with beads, which completely exclude the use of any adhesives. Cold building also has its own territorial variations and features.

  • Spanish technology. A special glue, not requiring heat treatment, attaches a strand of hair. After drying, a small flat or round capsule with a whitish hue is formed. Therefore, as already mentioned above, this method is recommended for hair extensions of light shades.
  • French technology. It is similar to Spanish, but it has one know-how. The glue adds the right dye, or the glue already has its own varieties in color. This allows you to build hair of any color, even coal-black. In addition, this technology allows you to adjust the amount of hair in each strand.
  • Pulling on beads. Miniature beads made of cermets or special plastic are used. A special crochet strand of hair is passed through the bead and fixed on your hair, clamp it with the help of tweezers. Hair is combed out with daily care, but in this case your hair does not come into contact with glues or resins, and do not undergo heat treatment.

beautiful hair extensions on capsules

Stages of hair extensions on capsules

Hair extension can be carried out in severalstages, it depends on the type of build-up, as well as on the master. However, there are key stages of building up, which are the same in all technologies and varieties. These are the four main steps.

  • Individual consultation. This is the first stage where the master listens to all your wishes regarding the length, volume and color of the hair, after which he gives his recommendations, depending on the structure of the hair. Together with the master you select strands of the necessary length, density and color, and also the necessary structure similar to your hair.
  • Hair preparation. Hair for extension is divided into strands even at the factory, however this can be done in advance by the master himself. The client's hair can be prepared for building up as follows: painting (if necessary), washing, drying.
  • Extension procedure. The main stage, which depends entirely on the experience of the master. The technology of building can be any, but they are all similar. The hair is built up with very thin strands, so be prepared to spend several hours in the hairdresser's armchair.
  • Leveling haircut. After building all the necessary strands, the master performs an adaptive haircut, making the transition and the difference between your hair and accentuated unnoticeable. In this way, the absolute naturalness and invisibility of the procedure is achieved. After the haircut, the necessary styling is done.
  • Care for hair extensions

    It is understandable that care for hair extensionsmust be special. They do not get any nutrition through the scalp, unlike your own hair. Therefore, the hair must be nourished and moistened additionally. For this, there are special shampoos and balms, nourishing masks and remedies, which will help you pick up a master for building. For combing hair, you need to use special tools and do combing and untangling the hair very carefully so as not to damage the capsules. There are special combs with natural bristles, or with balls and loops at the ends of the denticles, so you can comb the hair from the roots, not being afraid to damage the capsules. To avoid strong tangle of long hair at night, it is worth braiding them in a not very tight braid. Wash extruded hair follows a special shampoo, selected for the type of hair extensions. If you use a conventional shampoo, it should be diluted with warm water before use to avoid strong foaming. Wash your hair by standing upright. You can not toss your head forward to avoid damage to the capsules. It is best, if you wash your hair extensions, you will be on a special hairdresser's sink. After washing, the hair should be dried immediately with not very hot air of the hair dryer. In a bath or sauna, you need to hide your hair under a special cap to avoid overheating the hair itself and melting the capsules. If the hair is accrued by "cold" technology, then saunas or a bath are contraindicated in general. Also, you should be careful when swimming and swimming in sea water. Do not be afraid of high temperatures only hair, accrued on beads. Styling the hair should also be very gentle. Try to avoid the touch of a thermo-clamp for a curl or curl to smooth the hair, as their temperature can melt the capsule. It is best if the styling is done by a master who has been building up your hair, or a hairdresser who at least knows how to work with hair extensions. Means for styling should also be chosen neutral, not aggressive. All of the above types of hair extensions have their advantages. Which technology to choose depends on you. It is worth recalling that having very short hair, you can not build too long strands, because your hair simply can not stand the weight of the accreted. Therefore, ladies, be careful in your desires, do not overdo it, and - be beautiful! We advise you to read: