overweight child Lovely chubby kid, whose hands and feet are socalled constrictions, evokes tenderness and a kind smile. After birth, babies are very actively gaining weight - up to about 9 months. After this, as a rule, children begin to move very actively and, accordingly, lose weight. Approximately one and a half to two years, this childhood fullness disappears without a trace. However, alas, this does not always happen. In some cases, the child's fullness remains after he left the tender infants. What should parents do if they are faced with such a difficult problem as the excess weight of the child? Do not pay attention to it, or is it time to sound an alarm?

What is obesity and how to fight it?

The diagnosis of "obesity" doctors expose in the event that,if the weight of the baby more than 15% exceeds the age limit. Of course, taking into account the growth of the baby. But obesity is a serious disease that can lead to disruption of the internal organs. And the psychological aspect should not be forgotten - in fact, if the problem exists, it is unlikely to disappear by itself. And the grown up child risks becoming the object of ridicule on the part of peers. Unfortunately, children are much more cruel than adults. There are several basic ways to combat this scourge. We will tell you about the most basic of them, but remember that this information is given only for general review. In each specific case, the weight loss program is selected only by the doctor, taking into account the characteristics of the child's organism, the conditions of his life, physical activity and many other factors.

  • Diet

Of course, the very concept of diet and childcompatible with labor and lead to the indescribable horror of both parents and all the kindred relatives. However, in most cases, it is the diet that is the main condition for the normalization of weight. Until the age of three, you can not put the crumbs on a diet in any case, and in 4 to 5 years, a low-calorie diet is indicated for obese children. It is prescribed, as a rule, by a pediatrician or a dietician. Diet for children has its own characteristics. For example, the caloric content of a diet is reduced by reducing the number of animal fats, as well as carbohydrates. But the amount of protein can not be reduced in any case - it should exactly correspond to the child's age standard. After all, it is the protein that the body needs for normal growth. For a child, the optimal sources of protein should be dairy products, meat, fish, eggs. And dairy products must be purchased only with reduced fat content. And ideally - and completely skim. Cream the same, sour cream, fatty cheeses, fatty cottage cheese, butter should be excluded from the diet completely.

  • Exercise stress

Alas, but in recent years, even in young childrenmore and more often there is a lack of physical activity, not to mention the older children. Therefore parents should also take this issue under strict control. TV and computer must be strictly limited in time. Make sure that the child moves as much as possible. For young children, it's enough to just walk more and play mobile games. But children five or older years, doctors advised to do some kind of sport. It depends on the parents' abilities and the desire of the child. You still can not decide? Do not worry, try different sports sections - for sure something will please your child more. But do not go on about their ambitions - remember that your child will not be able to participate in competitions, because he will not get medical admission. In any case, the first time.

  • Drug therapy

To the great regret. But sometimes in practice, there are cases in which the doctor prescribes to the child those or other pharmacological drugs, whose action is aimed at reducing weight. However, this should not be done in any case, since it is impossible to predict what will happen to the child's health. Moreover - until the child is 15 years old, it is unacceptable to give him even biologically active supplements. In the event that you are also faced with a similar situation, do not start giving your child any medicines. It is much more reasonable to seek advice from another specialist specializing in problems of excess weight in a child. Parents should understand that there is no "first aid" from excess weight. All these measures are not calculated for one day, a week, and sometimes not for one year. There is a radical change in lifestyle. And pay attention - not only for the child, but for the whole family. Believe me, you will not be able without tears to make the baby eat a useful apple for dessert if you have a piece of pizza or a cake on your plate. Yes, and stories about the benefits of sports from the mouth of the pope lying on the couch, will not look very convincing. In order for your child to follow a diet, go in for sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, parents should not only create all the necessary conditions, but also set a personal example. Do not keep forbidden foods at home, go in for sports with a baby, go on walks, go camping - personal example is very encouraging. excess weight in children

Useful tips for parents

There are a lot of recommendations forabout how to get rid of excess weight. We have tried to systematize this information and offer you really useful tips that will help you keep your child's weight under control:

  • Do not miss the time!

It has already been mentioned above that one should not wait,until the problem disappears by itself. I would like to reiterate that measures must be taken immediately, as the problem will manifest itself. Waiting can only aggravate the situation.

  • Cook yourself

In our time, people are increasingly giving awaypreference for finished semi-finished products. And this is not surprising, because the crazy rhythm of modern life leaves less and less time for the household. However, semi-finished products are faithful allies of excess weight, because they contain a large amount of hidden fat, starch, flour, as well as various spices, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Dishes cooked at home are much safer and more useful for any organism, and even more so for children. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the form in which you prepare the dishes. For example, fried must be completely eliminated. Give preference to boiled, baked and steamed dishes. And soups are better to cook without toasting.

  • Keep track of the contents of the refrigerator

In no case do not bring home those products,which the child can not eat - sausages, sausages, smoked products. Without regret, throw out mayonnaise and ketchup from the refrigerator, soy sauce. By the way, your body will not slow to tell you "thank you" for such a diet. Even in the event that you have problems with being overweight.

  • Watch what the child drinks

Carbonated drinks, as well as jelly, cocoa,fruit juices must also be completely eliminated. So, and what will remain - you ask? And there will be very useful unsweetened compotes, fruit drinks, still water and green tea without sugar, skim milk. All these drinks will bring much more benefit to the body.

  • Dessert

Of course, leaving a child without a sweet isvery cruel. But what if, from the child's menu, you need to exclude cakes, cakes, ice cream, pastries and candies? There is also a way out of this situation. Almost all children enjoy eating dried fruits. Well, on a festive day the child can be pampered with a small amount of marmalade or jelly. But not more than twice a month.

  • Kashi

Be sure to include the porridge in the child's menu - theyperfectly control the weight. Oats, buckwheat and rice cereals are best for these purposes. Mannoy same porridge, like all porridges of fast cooking, must be excluded from the diet completely.

  • Child's diet regime

It is very important to follow not only what is therechild, but also for the way he eats. Feeding the child should occur at the same time - about 6 times a day. The interval between meals should not exceed two hours. Fractional food allows you to rid the child of hunger, but at the same time perfectly adjusts the amount of food eaten, not allowing you to overeat.

  • Decoration of dishes

As a rule, most mothers spend onkitchen clock, carving ears from the carrot, and from the olives - the eyes of some little creature, if only the dish looked beautiful and the child ate with pleasure. In the same case, if your child is forced to diet, these delicacies should be excluded so as not to provoke excessive appetite.

  • Watch the speed of food

When a child sits at a table, be surewatch how fast he eats. In the event that the food is literally swallowed "on the fly", the feeling of satiation comes later than in the case of a slow chewing of food. And as a result, a child with a high probability of eating more than his body needs.

  • Alert all relatives

Do not be lazy and be sure to warn everyonenumerous relatives and friends of the family that your child has a special menu. Yes, and in the kindergarten, make sure to list the products that your child can not at all use. Although, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that in the kindergarten the diet is exclusively dietary.

  • Be consistent!

The most important thing that parents have to do -it's learning how to say no. And the child must clearly understand that your not - it is not. Be consistent in your prohibitions and requirements. This will make life much easier. And not least - not only you, but the child himself.


And at the conclusion of the conversation I would like to mentionthat parents in conversations with the child should be especially tactful. In no case should you allow a child to develop a particular complex. Do not frighten the child by talking about the fact that if he does not lose weight, with him no one will be friends and the like. On the contrary - teach the child to love himself for who he is! Of course, excess weight in children is a problem. But it is completely solved. And do not make this tragedy. Be healthy! We advise you to read: