why a newborn baby hiccups The appearance of crumbs in the light of parents are waiting fora real miracle. Although why why? The emergence of a new life is a very real miracle. And when a baby is born, it instantly becomes the object of close attention of parents and numerous relatives. Traces every movement, every breath of a baby. And sometimes parents with horror notice that the newborn hiccups. Immediately begins a terrible panic - parents hiccups scare very much, they are ready to "pick up the ears" of everyone and everything with the question "What to do?" However, is this panic always justified? After all, as a rule, this little hiccup is not particularly inconvenient to the baby, even if it continues for a very long time. When to start worrying and what to fear?

Why does hiccups appear?

What is a hiccup is known, probably, to everyone - this iscontraction of the diaphragm, which is of a convulsive nature. For those who do not remember the anatomy - the diaphragm doctors call that muscle barrier that separates the abdominal and thoracic cavity. The voice gap is then sharply closed and a characteristic sound arises. And if vomiting is a sign of disruption of the digestive system, hiccups are a purely reflex phenomenon, associated with the activity of the nervous system. Despite the fact that hiccups and food are not directly related, certain errors in nutrition can still lead to hiccups in a newborn baby. Let's try to understand this issue in more detail:

  • Excessive overeating

In the event that the baby ate too muchthe amount of food, the appearance of hiccups is not so rare. It arises because the walls of too much stretched walls of the stomach exert excessive pressure on the baby's diaphragm.

  • Ingestion of the stomach

Sometimes the walls of the stomach overstretch not because ofexcessive amounts of food, and because of ingestion of a crumb of air, during feeding. This can be due to the fact that the child eats too fast and greedy, or in the nipple is too large a hole. Of course, in these cases, hiccoughs begin soon after eating. By the way, nursing mothers, take note! In the event that you have a lot of milk - slightly express his excess. Otherwise, the child will choke, and accordingly, swallows air. And as a result - immediately after eating hiccups will arise.

  • Inflammation of the intestine

Quite often the cause of hiccups inInfants become bloated. There is the same thing as when swallowing air or overeating - the walls of the intestine squeeze the stomach, which, in turn, presses on the diaphragm, provoking hiccups.

  • Problems with the central nervous system

In some cases, the reason forhiccups can become nervous shocks or excessive emotions of the baby - a visit of an unfamiliar person, a bright light, a loud sharp sound. This is a kind of neurosis, but it can also be observed in children with a perfectly healthy nervous system, just more sensitive. In some cases, the systematic emergence of hiccoughs may be a direct consequence of some birth trauma, or intrauterine hypoxia. Fortunately, such a thing is extremely rare, so do not immediately suspect the worst. why is a newborn born

What to do?

So, with those reasons that are often provokeddevelopment of hiccups in a child of the youngest age, we figured out. Now let's find out how to do it if the child often hiccups. As a rule, single cases of hiccups are of special concern and interference do not require. And to cope with them is quite simple.

  • Heat

For example, if the baby is frozen and started to hiccup, itsyou must either dress, or move to a warmer room. You can give the crumb a drink warm water - very often this measure immediately stops hiccups.

  • Food intake

If you notice that the child is hiccuping in the mainafter eating, pay close attention to the very procedure of feeding. Above it has been said that it is necessary to select the right nipple - milk should flow out by drop, and not a trickle. Otherwise, the child will swallow a large amount of air. In the event that you are breastfeeding your baby, also make sure that the child is eating hastily, without choking. And be sure to control the seizure of the breast - when it is correct, the air almost does not enter the digestive system of the baby. Immediately after the newborn has eaten, it is recommended to eliminate the cause of hiccups - air. To do this, hold the crumb in a vertical position for several minutes in a row, so that all the air in the stomach comes out. By the way, this simple measure will help to avoid not only hiccups, but also regurgitation of food. In the same case, if the child's hiccups occur continuously, lasts a very long time, do not try to find out for yourself why it arises and what to do with it. In some cases, such persistent hiccups may serve as a sign of such serious pathologies as diseases of the nervous system or pneumonia. And these children need urgent hospitalization. Doctors will quickly find out why this situation has arisen. We advise you to read: