how to grow a mandarin from a stone Fragrant sweet mandarins are reala storehouse of vitamins and health. The smell of mandarin helps to restore strength in fatigue and chronic fatigue, eliminates anger and irritability, helps to concentrate. A kind of golden-orange fruit against a background of juicy-green leaves is able to effectively drive away the depression and spleen and help tune in a positive way. Therefore, if you want to create a festive mood in your home, then start a mandarin tree. And we will tell you how to grow a mandarin from a bone. For sure, having eaten a fragrant sweet mandarin, you had a desire to grow a mandarin. Perhaps you even tried to do it. And if you do not succeed, we will now find out how to grow a mandarin at home and how to take care of it. Many exotic plants are very whimsical in care. But when they blossom, you realize that the efforts expended worth it. But there are also such exotic plants, which are not very whimsical in care. This includes citrus fruits, including mandarins and lemons. At home, to grow a mandarin from a bone is a feasible task. A mandarin tree grown from scratch will not only be a real object of your pride, but also a source of good mood in the house. It will delight you with a beautiful gloss of greenery, filling the house with a characteristic tangerine flavor.

Cultivation of mandarin

If you are interested in how to grow a mandarin frombones, then the rules that we now tell you, will help you easily cope with this simple task. To plant a mandarin tree you need bones that you will find in ripe mandarins. To increase your chances of success, collect more seeds - not less than a dozen, since not all of them will germinate. In order for the bones to germinate, wrap them in cheesecloth and slightly moisten with water for a few days. For the same purposes, you can use a hydrogel, balls of which are sold in flower shops. The hydrogel absorbs moisture and retains it for a long time, thus creating the necessary conditions for seed germination. It is better to plant a mandarin bone in the middle layer, since the top quickly dries up, and in the lower one there may be a lot of moisture. If you are too lazy to deal with the germination of bones, you can stick them directly into the ground, but do not forget to water. For successful cultivation of mandarin on the windowsill you need good light, full nutrition and high humidity. If your windows do not go south, then you need to highlight the mandarin tree in the morning and evening, so that its light day lasts 12 hours. It is better to use for these purposes a special lamp "Reflax", but you can also include a fluorescent lamp. To ensure the necessary moisture, leaflets should be sprayed daily with clean, preferably boiled or filtered water. Instead, you can install an air humidifier or a mini-fountain near the tree. to grow mandarin from the bones

Drainage and nutrition of mandarin

Mandarin is grown in nutritive soila mixture into which equal parts include compost, which has repelled manure, humus, and turf. Peat can not be used because it dries quickly, is inadequate and often sours. Therefore, you need to take care of the earth mix yourself, as peat is the basis of all earth mixtures sold in the store. In the worst case, you can take the usual land and add there, on the basis of a bucket of land, a glass of wood ash, one kilogram of organic fertilizer "A truck farmer's dream" and a small guest of superphosphate. At the bottom of the tank you need to put drainage, which can be used as charcoal or expanded clay. Usually after two to three weeks, an active period of growth begins. At this time, it is desirable to feed mandarin once every two weeks with solutions of fertilizers. From mineral fertilizers it can be "Kemira-lux", "Ryazanochka" or "Sudarushka", which are bred at the rate of 1-2 g per liter of water. From organic fertilizers, this can be a concentrate of horse manure "Flumb", which is bred 1:60. In the same mixture and in the same way it is necessary to transplant the plant. Do it better in late February or early March. Transplant the plant, trying to keep the old earth clod as much as possible, so as not to damage and not disturb the roots of the plant. how to grow a tangerine at home

Protection against pests

Growing a mandarin tree, you should know,that failures in this matter are related to the activity of pests such as false scabies and spider mites. False-scabbards are fixed brown "turtles", which secrete a sticky substance, and spider mites are tiny spiders that twist the plant with a thin cobweb. Plants "suffocate" from the discharge of these pests. To combat them there are harmless to humans, but very dangerous for pests biological preparations "Fitoverm" and "Actellik", which you need to use exactly according to the instructions attached to them. But the plant is better not to spray, but to wash carefully the crown in a bucket with a solution. In this case, the drugs are more effective. Repeat this procedure three times every week. We advise you to read: