anthurium does not blossom You pay a lot of attention to your anthurium, and henot blooming? Why is this happening? Most likely, it's not your incompetence, but the fact that the nature of this plant is very capricious. Many species of this flower feel good only in greenhouse conditions. But, if you are a gambler and like to overcome difficulties, we will try to explain how to make anthurium bloom on the windowsill of a city apartment. And also tell about the reproduction of this amazing flower. So, how to properly care for the anthurium to make it bloom? There are two important points in care - lighting and humidity. With the right content, you do not have to wonder: "why does not the indoor anthurium blossom?"

Basic principles of growing anthurium

  • Watering and Moisture

For watering take warm and soft water. The procedure is carried out as the top layer of the soil dries, watering the plant abundantly. Water must first be defended, and then boiled. To maintain the necessary humidity, you need to regularly spray the leaves from the spray gun. It is advisable to avoid getting water on the leaves, otherwise they will darken - the plant will look untidy. You can use the proven method: to plant the plant with moss sphagnum or any other material that absorbs moisture well, and then sprinkle them.

  • Location

The most suitable for anthurium are the windowsnorth-west and east side of the house. If the anthurium does not bloom for a long time, perhaps it lacks light. Take care of good lighting throughout the day, but do not allow direct sunlight. Remember that all representatives of this genus need warm maintenance, all the year round. And no drafts - they are able to completely destroy the plant. The ideal temperature regime in the winter is 15-17 degrees Celsius, in summer - 20-28 degrees. Lower temperatures are recommended gradually, beginning in September.

  • Additional fertilizing

During the period of active growth the plant needsfeeding. Fertilizers are applied in a diluted form, once every two weeks. As an additional option, foliar weekly fertilizing with appropriate fertilizers for the leaves is possible.

  • Priming

You can prepare it yourself orbuy a mixture in a flower shop. If you decide to do everything yourself, take peat, rough leaf earth, humus and sand in the proportions of 1: 1: 2: 0.5. Mix everything thoroughly. Additionally add 10% of the volume of any coarse material. It can be charcoal, broken brick or even chopped foam. To anthurium began to bloom, it is necessary to achieve good air permeability of the soil.

  • Safety precautions

All procedures should preferably be carried out with gloves,because anthurium refers to poisonous plants. Of course, it is better not to allow children and pets. The contact of the flower juice on the skin can cause diarrhea, vomiting or dermatitis. Anthurium does not bloom

Reproduction of anthurium

Two methods of reproduction are used: vegetative propagation of leaves or stems, sowing of seeds. The vegetative method consists in that during the period from March to April the stem processes are separated from the main plant. It is then that the root system is formed as quickly as possible. For propagation, you can take not only the stems, but also the upper leaves of the plant. If the roots are not observed there, then the shoots are rooted in sand or perlite, and for reliability the pot is wrapped with a transparent film. This will create the necessary moisture for the rooting of the cuttings. The method of reproduction of anthurium with seeds is laborious and time-consuming. It is possible to achieve germination only on condition of sowing immediately after harvesting. And to get the seeds, it is necessary to carry out artificial pollination of the plant. Seeds are planted in the most light soil, where in the future it is necessary to maintain high humidity. During the formation of the stems, the temperature of the air should not fall below 25 degrees Celsius. The Anthurium will not begin to bloom until three years after emergence. why the anthurium does not bloom

Why does not the anthurium blossom?

To find out why your plant is capricious, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes that lead to the lack of formation of inflorescences:

  • Non-observance of the lighting mode

Light for the plant needs diffuse. This is a prerequisite, direct sunlight is fatal for anthurium. The indoor anthurium does not bloom in the absence of lighting. Therefore, if natural light is not enough, use fluorescent lamps.

  • Low content temperature

In order to form flower buds, you need a temperature of at least 22 degrees (can be higher). When it is reduced to make anthurium bloom almost impossible.

  • The plant hibernates at too high temperatures

The buds are laid during the rest period, whentemperature of 15-16 degrees. Therefore, try to create the right conditions for the plant. Otherwise, the anthurium will not bloom for a long time.

  • Non-observance of the watering regime

Do not allow excessive drying of the soil or stagnation of water in it. If the soil is too moist and the plant does not choose water, it needs a fresh land transplant and a drainage change.

  • Insufficient air humidity

Do not forget that the anthurium is a guest from the tropics. Hence, it needs high humidity. Dry air often causes a delay in flowering.

  • Faded inflorescences continue to remain on the plant

After buds have faded, they beginto seed seeds, and this significantly weakens the plant. If you want the flowering to last as long as possible, clip the discolored inflorescence as soon as you notice the signs of wilting. We hope that our advice will help you successfully overcome all the difficulties and make the anthurium bloom.