how to dress stylish and inexpensive To have a sense of style means to always lookflawlessly and stunningly, be able to apply new fashion trends to your image. Every girl and woman wants to look fashionable and stylish. Someone just go to the brand store, pick up things from the last collection - and the issue is resolved. Unfortunately, most can not afford this because of their financial situation. Simple tips will tell you how to dress stylish and inexpensive.

Studying fashion trends

Nobody canceled a trip to boutiques! To dress in the latest fashion, you need to know what trends it dictates. Walk through the most fashionable shops, drawing attention to the latest collections, the latest colors and new details. Glossy magazines, television programs and the Internet will also help you learn new items and figure out how to dress stylishly. Having discovered the main hits of the season, determining what styles, shoes and accessories are popular, you can start creating your own style. It is not necessary to buy a lot of things. In the wardrobe must be present a few basic elements of clothing, which will fit well with each other. It can be classic trousers, versatile jeans, a skirt, a cardigan and, of course, a small black dress. Then every season you can buy a few fashionable things and accessories, combine all this with each other and get a stylish image.

Where to buy things to save money?

stylish dress up photo How to dress stylish without spending a lot of money? High quality clothing that meets the latest fashion trends can often be bought at affordable prices:

  • Many branded stores at the end of the seasonarrange sales and all kinds of shares. Prices can be reduced to half the cost of the same clothes in the season. Scam and avant-garde models are best not to buy, because next year they can already go out of fashion. It is better to buy things that are likely to be relevant in a year or two.
  • Do not forget about the discount centers. Here, the remains of collections from Europe flock. It is real to buy clothes from last year's collections of famous designers with substantial discounts.
  • You can buy clothes online. Abroad, prices for it may be lower than ours. In online stores, there are also often sales and promotions. If you draw friends for such purchases, you can save on delivery and get discounts when ordering a large number of goods. Here the truth is a couple of drawbacks: you can not try on a thing that you liked, and feel the quality of the material.
  • There is another way to buy inexpensive quality clothing, though it does not suit everyone. Practically new branded things can be found in commission shops or second-hand.
  • When to buy a branded thing does not work, alwaysthere is an opportunity to find a similar more democratic brand or sew to order. If you have a good dressmaker, you can sew exclusive clothes, which at the same time will ideally sit. This will help to save considerably. Avoid impulsive shopping. You need to think in advance which things you need to buy, in what stores they can be sold, with what will be combined. Then your wardrobe will not have extra clothes, and you will not incur unplanned expenses. Paradoxically, when you buy expensive things, you really save. It is better to buy some trousers, qualitatively sewed from good material, and they will last more than one year, than buy cheap, but every season. As clothes of good quality always looks more stylishly and richly. Shoes, bags, outerwear are things that characterize the status and taste. Therefore, it is better not to save on them. If they are of high quality, then they will serve not for one year. But different tops and T-shirts, seasonal accessories can be bought cheaper. For good things you need to look after. Follow the instructions for care: incorrectly choosing the mode of striki, an expensive thing can be spoiled. Listen to the manufacturer's recommendations. This will help keep your favorite garment in good condition for a longer time.

    We complement the image with accessories

    how to dress stylishly Many underestimate the role of accessories in creatingstyle. Correctly selected detail of the wardrobe - shawl, scarf, strap, gloves, bijouterie - will be able to turn even a combination of the most common things into a fashionable and unique image. A stylish woman knows how to change an outfit without changing clothes, just by changing accessories. We conclude: in the wardrobe should be a lot of bags, belts, belts, watches, all kinds of scarves and scarves, bracelets and beads. Of course, you need to learn how to combine them correctly with clothes, so that the image is winning and bright. To purchase a sufficient number of accessories, money is needed significantly less than for a couple of items from the latest fashion collection. If you want to learn how to dress stylishly, the collections of famous designers will provide you with invaluable help in this. Considering models dressed in the latest fashion trends, you can choose the image that suits you, explore fashionable styles and actual colors, and decide on suitable accessories. Now you can go shopping or atelier.

    Natural beauty is an integral part of the stylish image

    The image of a stylish woman is formed not only foraccount of beautiful and fashionable clothes. It is very important to complement the good outfit of a good hairdo. The hair should be well-groomed and look natural. The same goes for make-up - cosmetics should be almost invisible. It is necessary to follow the shoes. Nothing so does not spoil the appearance, as dirty and groomed shoes. Necessarily need to keep in order the hands: tender skin lubricate the cream, make a manicure on time and do not allow peeling varnish on the nails. All this does not require special expenses and every woman can. Now you know how to dress stylish and inexpensive. This is quite real. The most important thing is to choose a wardrobe so that various things are present in it, but at the same time it is advantageous to combine with each other. Style is an external manifestation of personality. Be confident, cheerful, smile - and your image will be the most stylish. We advise you to read: