In the life of every modern woman, stylishaccessories are of great importance. After all, they mean much more than a fashionable decoration - it is a reflection of her personality. However, fashion is too capricious in this century. Therefore, more and more women prefer bijouterie, which is an excellent alternative to real diamonds. And often it is bijouterie that plays the role of the "first violin" in creating the image.

The motto of our time is "attention to detail"

Therefore, among the varietyvarious decorations and accessories you want to choose not only pleasing to the eye, but at the same time quality, and also corresponding to all fashionable tendencies of the product.

A little bit about the countries-manufacturers of costume jewelery

The most advanced in design and fashion arethe Italians. It is in Italy that incredibly beautiful and high-quality costume jewelry is made from classics to ethnics. The main pride of the Italian masters is the Murano glass. Homeland of this amazing material is the Venetian island of Murano. The secret of manufacturing Murano glass, which has survived to our days from the deep Middle Ages, is still kept in secret. In families of glass blowers it is passed down from generation to generation. Growing up, their children become real designers. If you see an unusual ring in Rome or Milan, you can not doubt, in front of you - the latest squeak of fashion. In the East, the trendsetter is South Korea. Inexpensive, but quality bijouterie from Seoul is in great demand in many countries of the world. Koreans specialize in bent wire and multi-colored glass. And they are the producers of the best metal chains in the world, which here make all kinds of weaving, both coated and without it. In addition, Koreans produce best-selling studded with brooches brooches, rims, crabs and hairpins. Such products do not hesitate to buy even picky Italians and prim French. Australia occupies a leading place in the production of accessories in the ethnic style. The new costume jewelry is created on the basis of ancient Aboriginal drawings, processed in an urban style by modern designers.

Safety and quality of ornaments

All costume jewelery produced in these countries is notonly high quality, but also hypoallergenic. To produce high-quality artificial jewelry, only high-tech "jewelry" alloys are always used: alloy and brass, which, unlike nickel used for the production of cheap products, never cause allergies. Thanks to high-quality finishing materials (silver and gold of the 750th test) and platinum group materials (palladium, rhodium and ruthenium), as well as modern methods of spraying, exceptional durability of the products is achieved. For decoration are used as beads, enamel, wood, leather, tiger and cat eyes, and the famous Swarovski crystals.

Fashionable Costume Jewelry

Today buy high-quality imitation jewelryproduction is not a problem. Now for convenience and pleasure of buyers all the latest novelties from the world of fashion and style are gathered in the online store of jewelry and accessories, where you can choose fashion accessories to your liking. Today the whole world was swept by a wave of "wiggle-up." In this season in the fashion of massive and multi-layered beads, combining bright elements that attract attention to the neck: glass, stones, beads, plastic and metal. The most fashionable in this season are wide wooden, plastic, leather, metal or forged bracelets, often paired and decorated. Also wear and massive rings, decorated with rhinestones and large stones in combination with large earrings. If you are from Moscow, then you can buy - at affordable prices. We advise you to read: