1 Dad works a lot? Or again must go on a business trip? Or maybe he comes to the baby only on weekends, because now he lives separately? All these circumstances dictate to you special rules of conduct. Yes, it is difficult for a father to establish a full communication with a child when he constantly returns late in the evening or flies on business trips. Of course, to successfully combine a career and raise a child, it takes a little more effort, patience and zeal, but the result is worth it. It is known that popes play a huge role in the upbringing of the child. Mom is the whole world of the baby, cozy, warm, native, giving safety, bringing love and consolation when necessary. What about Papa? The father is everything else: this is the way to maturity, this is freedom and inner strength - a huge world that also exists! There, outside the cozy family nest. The world of things that you need to know, in which you need to learn how to live. The main task of the pope is to try to give the child maximum attention, based on the circumstances in which he is, and you must help him in this. It is necessary to try to build with a crumb a trusting, friendly relationship, so that he grows confident that his father loves him very much.

Work is a wolf!

Today, parents work very hard. But increasingly, along with a successful career, we are acquiring a number of problems related to the lack of free time. It is difficult to pay attention to your child and participate in his upbringing, when it is a question of a non-standardized working day, overtime or business trips. The statistics are inexorable. But in fact the arranged way of life is not everything, more precisely, it is far from the most important thing. The most important purpose of money is freedom, but the most difficult task is to be free from its bonds, possessing wealth. So try to start by analyzing what you have to sacrifice for this particular job and can you achieve your goal by participating in this brutal marathon? Often the paramount task for a dad who gets a job is "the well-being of his family", but it also happens that over time this goal is lost, being replaced by "just well-being", from which the very family suffers most. Because a tight work schedule creates friction in the family and causes irreparable damage to the intimate life of the spouses. Because the children of successful careerists do not fall apart from the TV, they eat wrong, are not independent and are self-willed. And, finally, because millions of highly paid professionals around the world are at risk of undermining their health due to an irregular work day and exorbitant workloads. A woman in a family can strongly influence her husband's attitudes, his direction. In her power to help her husband slow down, change landmarks, change direction, it is the wife who can create or destroy. It is noteworthy that in the biblical parables very much is said about grumpy wives and nothing about grumpy husbands. Therefore, no matter how hard it would be for you to monitor the house while your father "hunts mammoths," try to avoid reproaches: after all, the husband works for the benefit of children and in the name of the family, and this can not be underestimated. Just need to help your loved one to understand what exactly is in your family is this very good, support the husband in his achievements, helping to not lose this goal on the way to your happiness.

Daddy comes home late

And dad's at work! What should I do? Adhere to the main principle: communication should be as intense as possible. What does it mean? First, do not shut yourself up. Tell your husband more about what is happening in the house: how the child behaved today, how he took the first steps, where he walked, what he was busy with. Tell me about how the kid has learned to cunning, how his teeth are chopped, that he learns to eat independently and loves to play in the water. Share your happiness with your husband, help him feel all the time involved in the events that happen to his baby. Make every effort to involve the pope in the upbringing of crumbs, to engender in his heart pride for his child, the desire to become attached to a small man, to feel how nice it is to be a father. Secondly, constantly tell the kid about his dad. Do not apologize to the child for the fact that his father comes late, or else he really feels like an orphan. Explain why the father is forced to work from morning till night. But do not say something like: "He works hard so that you do not need anything", do not put blame on your children's shoulders. Talking about his work or talking to your husband, do not complain about his workload or fatigue: instead of the child starting to repent for his father or mother, cultivate respect for the work that the father does, pride in his mind, professional competence and energy. Tell us about the benefits that the Pope brings, about how interesting his work is, tell us about his successes, about what he does for others, and about failures should be kept quiet. Well, the last thing: you need to do everything possible so that Dad could communicate with his baby, be present in his life. In breaks, he can call the baby and take an interest in his affairs, and even not so much by successes, as by the mental state of the child, by his friends, by life impressions. Even if the baby is silent and still does not know how to talk, answer for the baby, let him hear how he is talked about and how his mother is responsible for him, tell the child what his father said, how happy he is for him. Let your husband know: his call is a significant event for the child. He convinces the kid that his father misses him and constantly thinks about him. When you leave for work, your husband can draw small cards for crumbs or leave short letters, which you can then read to your child. It is not necessary to say something important, you can write: "Hello, my sunshine!", Or it's the sun to draw. Yes, and you and your child can prepare a small gift for the father during the day - this will brighten up the expectation. Going to work, you can hide small surprises for your son or daughter, so that the child can find them accidentally in your pocket, closet, under a pillow or in a children's backpack. Then he will miss less than dad. Apple, chocolate, ball, soap bubbles "from the pope", calls, cards and notes - all these techniques will constantly create the illusion of the presence of the father in the life of the baby. However, try not to abuse the purchase of gifts and expensive toys. This does not compensate for the lack of a dad, but can create additional problems in the relationship of the father and the child - yet for crumbs, his attention is more important. On the day off, the pope can sit with the baby, bathe him, read the tale - a crumb long and patiently waited for this moment. When the father is at home, do not step aside, wanting them to talk one-on-one: the child must feel that you are one family. What should I say? "When dad comes home from work, he will certainly look into your bedroom to kiss you, and tomorrow he will tell you when he returned."

Dad often goes on business trips

And dad's at work! What should I do? In this situation, you can apply the same tips that were mentioned above. Help the baby visualize his dad: "Imagine how he comes from a bakery with baguette ...". Advise her husband regularly at the same time to call the baby, send him emails and cards. Organize their communication through a web camera, it is especially useful to arrange such "video bridges" before a child's sleep. Together with the child put crosses on the calendar in anticipation of the day the pope returns. This will help him to better control the situation. Do not frighten your child with a strict father in his absence. And do not be jealous when the return of the pope becomes a real holiday for the child. Be prepared for the fact that when he comes home, the baby literally hangs on his dad and will not step away from him a single step, constantly checking his presence. The father must take seriously to the desire of the child to be near him, there is no need to repel the baby. It's okay if your husband rests and changes clothes later, when the baby is a little satisfied with his attention. Very little value in your case can play a small family tradition, which you can come up with together. For any tradition, there is a regularity: it can be any event, whether it is a joint trip for a city or a Saturday lunch. Such traditions do not require special expenses and do not cause difficulties, but provide an opportunity to feel the unity of all family members, the warmth and care of native people. Good customs easily unite all members of the family, tune to one wave and give a lot of positive emotions. Start rituals that show your love. They can be anything. Just timed your parental concerns to a certain time - that's going to be an excellent ritual. For example: "On Monday after dinner, we draw with Papa"; "We are going to the forest for the same glade at different times of the year"; "I wipe Dad from the window when he goes to work"; "I always tell a story before going to bed," etc. Children learn by imitating adults. And as a result, behave as parents: if you give the child care and love - he certainly wants to do the same. Here is an example of ordinary everyday rituals: Return of the pope from a business trip. By the arrival of the pope, we buy a big cake and spend the whole evening together. The pope gives me souvenirs brought from another city. And after that he bathes me and puts me to bed. Weekend. The daddy prepares the firm pizza or mum bakes an apple pie to tea, and before a supper we play a lotto. End or beginning of the season. Every winter my dad takes me on a winter fishing trip. Every summer we all go to the sea by car. In the autumn we build and hang out in the forest birdhouses and feed the ducks on the local pond. What should I say? In five days my father will come and take me away from the kindergarten with me. Bend your fingers every day. When you squeeze your whole hand into a fist, it will be the day when he comes! We advise you to read: