kangaroo or sling Slings and kangarooos - this is something without whichmodern moms and dads could hardly do without. To date, there is a lot of controversy surrounding these adaptations. Someone believes that because of them, babies can have their legs, handles, back bent. Others protest, as the crumb can get fat. But, even opponents of these children's accessories agree that such convenient and practical things make life much easier for parents.

What is sling and how to use it?

Sling is a special device forwearing a baby made of dense fabric. There are so many different models on the shelves of stores that even the eyes run out. Slings with rings, in the form of scarves, May- or pipe-manufacturers have developed many convenient designs so that moms and dads could find the right one for themselves. After all, depending on the model, your child can be put, put on his stomach, hip or back. And yet, quite recently, these adaptations looked quite simple. A normal cloth flap was taken, which was connected in a special way and was worn on a woman. A child was placed in the free part of the matter. Thanks to this, the mother's hands were always free, she could do household chores, work in the field or buy food on the market. slings and kangaroos

Advantages of sling before stroller and other transfers

  • Development

In the course of experiments and scientific observations,it was noticed that the children of such parents developed much faster, because it was easier for them to learn the world. The same kids who are constantly in wheelchairs, cribs or arenas, do not have the opportunity to observe what is happening around. Therefore, they are a bit behind in development. Plus, the more your child contacts you, the more he will trust you in the future.

  • Ease of use

Mom, to feed the baby or lull him, notwill have to break away from domestic chores. You can cook, clean, manicure, and your hands will be free. If, for example, the baby wants to eat in a store or in a cafe, a special sling design will allow you to feed the baby, while hiding the breast. And no one will guess what the child is doing at that moment. If the kid starts to be capricious, you can put him in a sling and go, for example, to stroll around the shops. Or just do something around the house. The bag will be slightly shaking while walking, lulling the child. Plus, if he does not want to sleep, then at least he will be distracted by extraneous objects. And silence for parents is, perhaps, the most important in the first three years.

  • Getting used to a baby

Often, women who endured a child,face postpartum depression. As a result, they do not even want to see the baby, and not to look after him. But if the child is always there, then the maternal instinct begins to appear in the fair sex. Also a tired woman will not be annoyed by an eternally crying and screaming little man, since in a sling he behaves more calmly than in a stroller. Why make hysterics, if he is already near my mother.

Which sling is better to choose: advantages and disadvantages of structures

Sling with rings: suitable for quiet children This device is a kind of holder that is worn and worn through one shoulder. Adjust the length of the free flap can be with the help of rings. Thus, you can use the sling for more than one month, lengthening it when the baby grows up. In this case, the child will be able to both sit in it and lie down.

  • pros

The advantages of this design areconvenience of wearing the sling itself and transporting the baby. Unlike the stroller, you can take this thing with you and to rest, and to the clinic, and for a walk, and to work. If you buy a really high-quality thing, then washing and caring for it will be very easy.

  • Minuses

As for the shortcomings, it follows thatmention that not all babies like to be pinned to their parents. Sit back and see nothing - what could be interesting in this? Therefore, it all depends on the nature of your child. If the child is freedom-loving, he is unlikely to be comfortable. But there is a way out - to wear it on your hip. The second negative is the asymmetric load. The fact is that every half hour-hour parents must change the side on which the sling is worn. But, unfortunately, moms and dads forget to do it. As a result, the neck, back, hands begin to hurt in the evening. And the baby, of course, is uncomfortable to be turned in one direction. Plus, the fabric is constantly sagging, because of what the child can lie crooked. But if you follow his position, everything will be fine. Sling-scarf: cheap and practical Sling-scarf is a certain length of a piece of cloth (from 5 to 7 m), which is tied and fixed by the parents themselves. It can be used both for wearing very young children, and for more adults. However, in order to put the child inside, you need to show skill and ingenuity.

  • pros

Unconditional advantage in this caseis that the sling is located exactly in the middle. Since full symmetry is observed, the load is evenly distributed to the muscles of both the mother and the baby. If you correctly wear this device, your baby will be completely safe. It's simply impossible to fall out of it. And, as in the previous case, if you stain the fabric, you can simply throw it into the washing machine along with other things. Plus, the cost of such a sling will be an order of magnitude lower.

  • Minuses

Again, does not fit freedom-loving children, soHow to hold down their movement and limits the angle of view. The kid does not see what is happening around, can not be played, so he quickly becomes bored. Another drawback is the complexity of exploitation. Yes, sling is convenient to wear, but for assembly and fixing, first time will have to spend a lot of effort. Only with time mothers learn to quickly tie the cloth. May-sling: an ideal option for modern moms This is perhaps the best option, in which there are practically no shortcomings. He simultaneously fixes the baby so that he does not fall out, and allows the child to move his hands and feet. May sling is a cross between a traditional bandage and a kangaroo bag.

  • pros

The child feels comfortable duringmovement, he can calmly look around. Also, the kid does not fall out, if you somehow turn around wrongly or when he tries to free himself from the "captivity". You can wear sling both on your back and ahead of yourself.

  • Minuses

The only downside is the lack of supporthead and spine. Therefore, it is better to use this option only when the baby can already sit on his own. Also, if parents plan to travel with the child for more than an hour, you need to remember to change the position of your child. Otherwise, you can run up your legs, get a backache. And do not forget about the load that is given to the spine of the parents. Wearing weight for a long time is not recommended. Therefore, buying such a sling is better for those moms and dads who do not plan to walk too long. that choose a kangaroo or sling

All about kangaroo bags: what parents should know about

As in the previous case, the kangaroo bagliberates the hands of parents, so that they have the opportunity to do their own business without leaving the baby unattended. Most often this device is used all the same for walking on the street, going to the store, etc. At home, such a thing is not very convenient to use because of the dense construction and rather large sizes. When choosing a kangaroo bag, you should pay attention to such details as the material, fasteners, the density of the backrest, the comfort of the seat, the reliability of the straps. It is best to buy such a thing in a specialized store, so as not to buy low-quality products, which will break the next day. In this case, you risk the health of the child. Mothers using a kangaroo backpack will have to follow certain precautions. Firstly, if you are wearing this bag with your child, you can not bend over. To lift something off the floor, you have to squat with a flat back. Secondly, you need to go down or climb the steps only sideways to see where to put your foot. If the foot slips, you can not hold the balance. Thirdly, it is necessary to refuse heels. Otherwise, either turn the leg or the back of the nip.

Kangaroo bag or sling: which is better to choose

Well, if you have the opportunity to purchase andthen, and more. You can, for example, at home use a sling, and on the street - a kangaroo. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to buy so expensive things, when a small child and so much is spent. And then the problem arises, what should be given preference. When choosing the appropriate option, consider the following indicators:

  • Weight and age of the child

Backpack-kangaroo is suitable for children whose weight is notexceeds 8 kg. But at the same time the kid should already be able to sit himself or, at least - keep the head. Sling can also be used for wearing newborns, and for older children (up to 20 kg on average). If you use a sling-scarf, then the back of the mother will not be so much sick, because the load will be distributed evenly. With a backpack to the evening, the aching waist will be exactly secured.

  • Comfort of the kid

In kangaroos the baby will not be able to sit out for a long time, sincea few minutes later, his legs begin to sweat. If you plan to walk in the cold season, you will not be able to use this variant of transportation, since the child dressed in overalls simply can not fit there. In the same sling, you can wear a baby, even if it has a diaper, pantyhose, pantyhose and a lot of other clothes. Plus, he will not feel uncomfortable, as with normal wearing on his hands. Another advantage of the sling in front of the bag is that during the movement your baby will not talk and beat on the back or stomach with legs. But the more grown-up a child, the harder it is for parents. In kangaroos, your child is given complete freedom: he wants, pulls his mother's hair, wants - he tries to pinch his hand.

  • Position and load on the spine

In the bag the baby is in a sitting position,and so, as on an armchair or a chair with a dense back. And as you must remember, at such a small age, such a load on the spine is dangerous for the development of some serious diseases. The construction of the sling allows you to position your child so that the lower back is not strained at all. The load in this case is distributed evenly and on the thighs, and on the handles, and on the back. Plus, due to the fact that the legs of the baby will be divorced while in the sling, you can avoid such trouble as dysplasia of the hip joints. By the way, in some cases pediatricians and orthopedists recommend using this device as a prophylaxis for some such diseases.

  • Recreation

If you put the child in a kangaroo bag, thenyou can not hope that he will fall asleep in this situation. He is uncomfortable, as the fabric presses, but with no support. In the sling, the baby falls asleep pretty quickly, enough to lay it horizontally. While walking, the bandage will sway, lulling your child.

  • Convenience for parents

When mom wants to feed the baby, she will have toget it out of the kangaroo bag. If it is slinged, it will be enough to pull the baby to the breast and hide behind a curious eye. It will be more convenient also in that case when it will be necessary for a child to repel or change a diaper. Remove the baby from the sling easier. The second thing that plays an important role is the wearing of the device on the shoulders. Backpack straps are thinner and denser, they strongly dig into the skin. And if you go out for a walk with a child, then within an hour and a half you will want to get rid of the backpack as soon as possible. Thus, as you know, in the duel of a backpack-kangaroo - sling wins the latter. Although for several decades, manufacturers are trying to modernize bags, so that parents can more conveniently walk with them. The sale was recently received by small backpacks, in which many shortcomings were eliminated. Therefore, after all, the final choice is yours.