sling by one's own hands Modern women manage not only to give birth andTo educate children, not being detached from work and career, but also to travel around the world, without letting go of the baby. For greater convenience, it is possible to transport the baby both in a stroller or a special carry, and in a convenient sling. It is the sling that can be an excellent tool for carrying a small child and, most importantly, while leaving your hands absolutely free. The cost of this adaptation depends on the fabric from which it is sewn, and of course, from under what brand it was fired. But is it worth overpaying for a brand? It is much more reasonable to sew a sling-carry for your crumbs, in which he will feel comfortable and comfortable while traveling in transport or on foot. Convenience of any sling, first of all, is that it is possible to fix the child in a position convenient for him and for his mother. Ideal option is the transfer will be for nursing mothers, because thanks to the width of the canvas you can feed the baby almost anywhere, not embarrassing by the sight of strangers.

Types of sling

Before you start sewing sling, you needDetermine exactly what you need. After all, there are different types of slings - depending on the needs and age of the baby - May, scarf and others. The most practical are:

  • Sling - scarf

This sling resembles a scarf and fits perfectlyfor carrying children of any age - both newborns and year-olds. The only drawback with which it differs from other types of sling is that it is necessary to know how to tie it correctly. If you do not possess this skill, you will need a little time for training and skill.

  • Sling pocket

Such a transfer does not take up much space, it is easy andjust dressed for mom, it is convenient to get the baby out of it. And the main advantage is that it can be used for older kids who like to look around - the kids are very inquisitive!

  • Sling with rings

This is an easy enough to handle transfer, which will be convenient for walking. Incidentally, it is this sling that today is particularly loved by young mothers.

  • May sling

Such sling is perfect for wearing babiesafter six months, which are located face or back to the mother. Such a carry resembles a backpack, which is often offered in stores for children older than six months. But, of course, May Sling is much more convenient for both mother and baby. Special difficulties in creating a sling will not arise even among those mothers who can not boast of special successes in the field of needlework. The main necessary condition is your desire. If you suffer for a long time, then something will come out. To create a sling you need a fabric of a certain density, thread and special rings to fix the ends of the carrying. Ideally, of course, you will need a sewing machine. Although many mothers do without it. You will buy everything you need in a nearby fabric and hardware store. But let's talk about this in more detail. sling a scarf with your own hands

What should I buy for a sling?

So, how not to get confused in a tissue store andbuy exactly what you need? Carefully study the information below. And even better - write on a piece of paper and take it with you to the store - so you definitely will not forget to buy anything.

  • Tissue

When choosing the material for carrying-sling costsConsider not only personal color preferences, but also its density, durability and ease of washing. Best of all, if it is thick knitted fabric length of 220-250 cm and a width of not less than 90 cm. Choose the color and the thickness of the tissue is necessary, depending on the season. So, for example, in a sling of wool fabric in the summer, the baby will not feel very comfortable. But in the winter, he will become your child additional protection from the cold. If you do not have a sewing machine, we'll reveal a little secret to you - to avoid processing the edges of the fabric by hand, you can either choose a fabric that does not require it. Well, either the second option - go to the studio, where it will be done on professional equipment. It is especially important to consider this, if you decide that you need a scarf - this sling is quite peculiar.

  • Rings

Plastic - and even better metal ringsdiameter of about 9 cm, will be needed to fix the ends of the sling and adjust the position of the child in it. When choosing plastic or plastic rings, it is worth checking them for strength, in order to avoid breaking them at the most important moment. It's a matter of your kid's safety and you can not ignore him in any case!

  • Threads

No less attention should be paid to threads -they should be strong enough. Perhaps, this is one of the few cases when it is worth giving preference to synthetics - such threads will be much stronger.

Sling with rings

So, the fabric is bought - you can proceeddirectly to making a sling. To begin with, you need to fold the material with an accordion - you'll need about eight or nine folds. If the fabric "sticks", do not forget to pre-process the edge overlock or at least manually. For this purpose, lavsan threads, which stretch slightly under load, are best suited. After the fabric is folded into the accordion, pass one end of it into both rings and bend about three to four centimeters. Stitch the resulting crease - best on the sewing machine. It is better to make a few stitches, each of which will tightly fix the material. If you sew by hand - make sure that the seams are very, very strong. Everything, sling is almost ready. If you want your sling to be lined, then you'll have to work a little more. We lay out the canvas and take the gasket. By the way, you can make a seal under the back - this will provide a better fixation. Then pass one end of the fabric with a lining through both rings and bend the free edge into one of them. Tightly sew and .. all! You can safely sit in the baby's sling and go for a walk or a trip. One of the main amenities of this carrying is the ability to stir the child in any position: lying or sitting, face or back to the mother.

We are sewing May-sling

In order to sew a sling, you will needfabric, sintepon and the desire to create an original carrying for your baby. When choosing the material for this type of sling, it is necessary to consider not only its color, but also the texture. It is best to prefer tight jeans, jacquard, corduroy - for winter and dense flax - in the summer. The cutting of fabric with the tailoring of May-slings is carried out quite simply. We need a cloth with a width of about 90 cm and a length of about 200 cm. We cut out two parts 35 by 45 cm - for the future back, upper straps 200 by 20 cm in the amount of 2 pieces, the bottom strap 160 by 15 cm. As a sealer, it is best to use sintepon. After cutting the fabric, we collect the future sling: first, place the seams with tailor pins. If you do not have them at hand, you can resort to the help of marking sutures. Sew the back, laying sintepon. From the wrong side, stitch all the straps along the length, after which they are turned out. We put in the straps sintepon for softness and sew it on the ends. Everything, the main part of the work is done - you can start collecting sling. Remember a few tricks - first properly iron the fabric to straighten the seams. Secondly, that the sintepon inside does not slip and does not get stuck with lumps, it is necessary to stitch the strap with a decorative seam. Which, by the way, will give the product originality. Apply to the back of two identical straps, which will be thrown upward, tuck them at an angle of 45 degrees. To the lower part of the back we apply a shorter strap and also carefully sew it. Once again, iron the finished product. For greater convenience, it is worth sewing a pocket, in which you can put napkins or a bottle of water. It is equally convenient to make a fastening cushion so that the baby can sleep while walking. how to make sling your own hands

We sew a sling-pocket

With the sewing of such a product can handle anyMummy - even the one who, except for school lessons, did not take a needle and a thread in her hands. To do this, you must stock yourself with perseverance, get the right fabric and set aside a couple of hours for a hard work. Before you start buying a material, you need to calculate its number correctly. Too long or too short a sling-pocket will not be convenient either for mom or for baby. And keep in mind - for newborn babies sling-pocket is not good! It is better to pay attention to the scarf - we'll talk about it below.

  • Calculate the amount of tissue

For a correct calculation, you need a normalcentimeter tape and assistant. We measure the distance from the right shoulder to the left thigh. Having received a certain amount of cm, multiply it by two, and after to the final result add 16 cm. And also do not forget about the allowances for seams and their processing. In addition, it should be noted that to wear a sling in the winter, you will have to put it on a jacket or coat and, as a consequence, the consumption of fabric will be greater. Hence, you need to measure in outer clothing. When choosing a fabric, you should consider both personal preferences and the season, during which the sling-pocket will be used. For the summer, a tight cotton can fit perfectly. In winter, as the top (outer) layer, a jacquard, corduroy or jeans is suitable. The same cotton of different shades will fit on the lining.

  • Cream

After buying the fabric, you can start cutting it. Laying the first layer of material on the table by the inverted side, we put a lining cloth on top of it with the wrong side. We break them together by means of tailoring pins or a marking suture. We stitch canvases with a double seam along the length from both sides. If there is an overlock, you can also process the connection points to avoid excessive hairiness. Then we turn the workpiece of the future sling to the front side and steam off with an iron at the maximum temperature. After steaming the fabric, proceed to cut out the pocket in which the baby will be placed. Fold the cloth along the length in half and once again with short edges to each other. After measuring 10 cm from the outer edge, draw an arc, cutting off the excess. A cloth of cloth with two rounded edges is obtained. We fold the sling in half and staple them on the sewing machine. To avoid folding and hide the rough edges, start sewing from the middle. Carefully iron out the seams. We turn the sling on the front side, throw it on the shoulder and in the resulting recess seat the baby.

Sling-scarf for the most advanced moms

Original mummies prefer to choosean unusual sling - scarf, which can be tied in several ways and it is convenient to place in it a child of any age and at any time of the year. Incidentally, it is the scarf recommended for newborns. And the scarf is sewn very simply - no skills are needed. Depending on the season, choose a fabric that should not be not only too stiff, but also too elastic. For summer, an excellent choice will be tight jersey, chintz, coarse calico, and winter slings sew from thin, but dense wool, corduroy or denim fabric. If you want to sew such a scarf, remember - its length should be at least five meters, and the width - depending on the material - from 50 to 70 cm. It is also necessary to take into account how much the fabric stretches so that the child can not fall during the slopes or sudden movements. You should buy the material with a margin. And best of all, if the edges do not require additional processing on the overlock - this will allow it to shape itself without resorting to the help of a professional tailor. After all, the scarf should be moderately elastic and handle the edges properly will not be easy. For young children it is better to choose natural fabrics without the addition of synthetic fibers, which can cause the baby allergic reactions. Scarf can have several forms - your choice. A classic rectangle, the simplest version, is suitable even for those who never took a needle at all. Model sling "scarf" in the form of a parallelogram with truncated ends in different directions, it is most convenient in tying. A sling-scarf of oval shape will require mandatory processing of the edge on the overlock to avoid shagging the fabric. Model spindle is suitable for choosing a dense fabric, when tying the knot turns out too voluminous. As you can see, sling by own hands is not so difficult. So if you decide - dare, not postponing for later. After all, folk wisdom says that the road Then leads to the Square Never. We advise you to read: