birthday present for a child Probably, each person had at leastonce in a lifetime a birthday gift to a child, even if he does not have children himself. By the way, people who have not yet become parents choose a gift for the child is always more difficult. Who knows what can please the flower of life? Of course, you can go on the path of least resistance and bring money - they say, let the parents themselves decide that the child is needed. However, the child is more likely to be more pleased with the gift chosen with love than the envelope with money. Well, perhaps, with the exception of teenagers and very small people, of course. In fact, choosing a gift is not so difficult, if you remember the two basic rules. The first rule says that the choice of a gift should be approached with imagination - do not be afraid to experiment, the process is quite creative. And the second rule calls not to lose sight of the age of the child for whom you choose a gift. Well, if you know anything about the interest of the child and his skills, you are generally lucky.

Gift for a child up to 1 year

In case you need a gift yourselfa little man who also did not mention his first birthday, it is important that he was primarily useful. Since the crumb will not be happy with the gift due to age features, let his parents be happy.

  • Talk to your parents

The most reasonable decision is to talk with parentschild. Find out what the baby needs - this will avoid the situation when a child who is exclusively breastfed gives five expensive bottles. In order not to embarrass neither yourself nor your parents, be sure to accurately indicate the amount that you are willing to spend on a gift.

  • Chat with other donors

If you are invited to an event -for example, at christenings, you can cooperate with other guests and give something useful and expensive: a stroller, a crib, a car seat. And still, always talk to your parents! So your gift will be relevant and really bring a tangible benefit to the family.

  • Clothes and diapers

If you know exactly the size of the baby's clothes, you canto get some pretty suit - children have unique abilities to immediately spoil clothes. And the most unbeatable option will be diapers - and with a size to miss is very difficult, if you know the age of the child, and they will never be superfluous. birthday gifts for children

Gift for a child from one to three years

A one-year-old man is already quitean adult personality, which is no longer a striking rattletrap. Therefore, you have to approach the choice of a gift more seriously. We offer you several birthday gifts and not only that are almost universal:

  • Balls

The ball will not leave indifferent any child! Especially because the choice of balls is simply huge - for every taste and any color. The main thing is to correctly choose the size of the ball - the child must freely hold it in his hands and at the same time see everything in front of him, so as not to bump into furniture and corners. The only exception is the gymnastic ball. Also, by the way, a very good gift.

  • Wheelchair

Wheelchairs like and annuals, and three-yearthe baby. So why not take this love into account when choosing a gift? Surely you saw these toys - toys on wheels, to which a stick is attached, to push a toy or a string to pull it behind. Consciousness that he himself controls the toy, will lead the kid into indescribable delight - this toy does not bother children for a very long time.

  • Rocking Toy

Surely you had a woodenrocking horse? Time goes by, but nothing changes - the love for these toys in children remains to this day. True, the rocking chairs have become different - they are elephants, horses, and hippos, beautiful and soft. Such a rocking chair will serve the child for at least several years. The main thing that you should pay attention to when buying - it's on the pens. In cheaper models, they are not covered in any way - just wooden pieces. From such rockers it is better to refuse, since there is a risk that the child will be injured. Therefore, do not save on the gift, if you do not want the birthday is not a day of bruises and cones.

  • Educational toys

Do not forget about educational toys - theyAlso perfectly suited as a gift for the child. Pyramids, cubes, constructors - the choice is great enough. The main thing is to choose toys in which there are large enough details. After all, young children are very fond of learning the world "in the teeth" and can shove small details into the mouth. And in the nose and ears. Do not deprive of attention and books - little children are very grateful readers. But remember - they try books for strength, so choose the appropriate books - with thick cardboard pages. And remember - for such a small child, the most important thing is not the content, but the form - bright beautiful pictures and minimum text.

  • Nested dolls

Want to surprise not only the child, but hisparents? Buy him a matreshka for his birthday! Believe me, the child will be delighted and will appreciate this gift. Moreover - a nested doll is not only an interesting gift for a birthday, but also a wonderful developing material. And fine motor skills, and logical and imaginative thinking will remain in the black. presents for children on their birthday

Gift for a child of four to six years

For an older child and a gift should be more"Adults". In this case, too, will not be superfluous to consult with parents who will tell you what birthday gift will please their child the most.

  • A bike

Childhood without a bicycle - and not childhood at all. Therefore, if the child of the bicycle still does not have, the perfect gift is found. Of course, when choosing a bicycle, be sure to consider the age of the child. And check that the chosen model had safety wheels - they are necessary for the period when the child will learn to ride.

  • Sports Complex

If no financial framework you are notlimited, you can think of the acquisition of a children's sports complex - rings, crossbeams, swings, rope ladder - such a gift is not only unusual, but also very, very useful. If you stop the choice on the sports complex, do not forget to buy mats - they are simply necessary so that in the event of a child's fall, he does not get any injuries.

  • Educational games

Developmental games are relevant at this age. But, of course, they are becoming more complex - to replace the cubes comes the designer of "Lego", to replace the pyramid - puzzles. First, they stimulate the development of figurative thinking, logic and, what is very important, fine motor skills. By the way, the child's speech development directly depends on the general motor skills.

  • Role-playing games

After about four years the child wakes upinterest in various role-playing games. And, choosing a gift, this interest must be taken into account. For example, a boy can be presented with sets of "fireman", "doctor", "auto mechanic", and girls will certainly be pleased with the sets for the young hostess - toy ironing boards, washing machines, irons, sets of dishes.

  • Sports Gifts

It is difficult to find a child who would not have beaten throughedge power. And in order to channel this energy into a peaceful channel, you can choose the appropriate gift. Boys probably will be delighted with a boxing pear and gloves, a soccer ball, and girls - from skipping ropes and rubber bands. All without exception, please rollers and skates, small trampolines. The only "but" - such a gift can be done only if you know for sure that the child is absolutely healthy. Otherwise, you can get into a very awkward situation.

  • Universal gifts

You are still at a loss to choose a gift for children onbirthday or other holiday, pay attention to a number of universal gifts - do not go wrong. They certainly will please all children without exception. Good quality pencils, markers, wax crayons, albums for drawing, clay for modeling, stencils, brushes - the choice is simply huge. The older the child, the more choices you have.

  • Leisure

A very unusual gift can be tickets toa zoo, a circus, a water park, a theater. In addition, very many children's cafes sell gift certificates - both for one-time visits, and for organizing various holidays. For example, the same birthday is true, it's more for the parent the gift is obtained. In some cases, discs with cartoons, games, educational programs - naturally, corresponding to the age of the child can become a gift. Just talk with the parents of the originator of the celebration - who knows, suddenly the child does not have access to the computer, and the TV is forbidden to watch him for misconduct. And remember the most important thing - it is unacceptable just to give the child a gift and immediately forget about it, believing that the child himself is able to deal with the toy. Very many adults simply forget that with toys, too, one must be able to play. And it is adults who must teach this child. Together look at the gift, listen to the admiration of the child, support it. Show how to play with this toy, answer all the questions of the child, make sure that he understood everything. And only after this, leave the child to enjoy the toy. nice birthday gift for your child

Gift for a teenager

But to choose a birthday present for a teenagervery difficult. The age of the child is very difficult - it is very difficult to please a child. And the demands of modern youth, as it is not unfortunate, can not be called modest. So, what to give to a teenager so that he will not be disappointed? It's difficult, but it's possible. Girl - teenager If you are invited to the birthday of a young seductress, you can consider the following options for gifts:

  • Decoration

The girl is a girl - she will not remainindifferent to jewelry. A chain with a small pendant, earrings will surely appeal to the young fashionista. But come to the choice seriously - of course, no one talks about diamonds in five carats. But cheap jewelry, which the price of three pennies a market day, for a gift, too, is not good.

  • Soft toy

You may be surprised, but in a teenageage in girls love of soft toys is much stronger than in childhood. A huge plush rabbit or cat will make the girl jump from joy to the ceiling.

  • clothing

No, no, buy your own clothes in no wayIf you can not, you will not guess either with the size or with the model. Therefore, the best option will be gift certificates of stores. A young man - a teenager A young gentleman is not too difficult to please. He will be happy to receive for his birthday:

  • Computer Accessories

Rare little boy is not interested in computers. So the choice you have is simply huge - a good keyboard and mouse, game console, memory slats. And in this case it is much more reasonable to consult with the teenager himself, who will tell you about his needs.

  • Sporting goods

Board for snowboarding, surfing, roller skates -find out what the teenager is fond of, so that it would be easier for you to make a choice. Universal gifts In addition, do not forget about the universal gifts, which will equally please both the boy and the girl:

  • Mobile phone

Of course, in our time the mobile phone iseven among schoolchildren. However, the latest, most modern model, does not leave a teenager indifferent. But first consult with your parents - how will they react to this gift?

  • Mp3 player

Music - an integral part of modern lifeteenagers. So the MP3 player will have to court any child. Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive and will not break the gap in your budget. Of course, this is not a complete list of gifts that will please the child. But we hope that this article turned out to be useful for you and if it did not help to choose a gift, but at least directed your imagination in the right direction. And remember - the best gift is the one that was chosen with love for the child, and not just buy it. We advise you to read: