Features of choosing clothes for newborns With the birth of a child, parents have moreworries. First of all, you should choose suitable clothes for your baby, which many parents buy before they are born. In this case, you can take your time and calmly choose things in children's shops or order online. Often parents choose children's clothes help relatives who are trying for the future granddaughter or grandson to buy the most beautiful things. However, they should not only be beautiful, but also convenient and practical. Choose children's clothes is not easy, so even if you need to buy , you should approach this with all responsibility. Usually, natural materials are used for sewing modern children's clothing. The most popular of these is cotton. It is more preferable to choose clothes for children that do not have rough joints, and also with the presence of buttons, rather than buttons that are long and uncomfortable unfastening. In addition, the buttons often come off, and in order to avoid them getting into the respiratory ways of the child, it is better to refuse to purchase such things, or to tighten the buttons more tightly. The presence of lightning and appliqués in clothes for newborns is also undesirable. Such options are more suitable for older children. It should be noted that should be free, as well as warm andcomfortable. In this case, the baby's actions will not be limited, and he can actively stir the handles and legs. Currently, children's clothing is available in a wide range, so it's important to choose it right. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you can use the recommendations of friends who have one-year-old children. They will tell you which things are best to buy for a newborn. In this case, you can avoid unnecessary costs. For these purposes, you can use the Internet, where there is enough information about clothing, as well as from which manufacturers can be purchased. Such purchases are preferable to make in large chain stores, offering quality clothing in a wide range. When buying, pay attention to the fabric, which must be natural, and also soft and pleasant to the touch. Preference should be given to things sewn from 100% cotton or breathable fabrics that can not cause any discomfort to the very thin and sensitive skin of the baby. In this case, it should be borne in mind that children's things will have to be constantly washed and ironed. Therefore, it is better to buy at once warm and thin pajamas (5-6 pcs.), Warm blouses, sliders on buttons, as well as hats, caps and socks.