correct development of the child in 5 months Many young mothers are interested in developmentchild 5 months. What to feed and how to care for it? This material will help them in this difficult issue, because often even experienced moms do not know how to correctly introduce complementary foods, how much to walk, and how to bathe a five-month-old baby.

Nutrition for five-month-old children

Development of a child in 5 months is very important for hisfurther life. To begin with, it largely depends on whether he receives food from his mother, that is, when the mother feeds her baby with breast milk, then the lure is not required. However, if your baby is on artificial feeding, then it is necessary to start giving other products from five months already. You can start to give fruit purees and juices. Mostly it should be apple, pear juices. You can give a little carrot. From mashed potatoes you can recommend cabbage and carrots. You must first give one spoon to the child to feel the taste. It is possible that he will not like the new taste, then you should stop giving this product for a while, but then you must try again. Another important product for complementary foods are porridges. You can slowly accustom a child to semolina. Cook it should be very liquid, so that the child does not choke on it, then you can give it even more when the child has already gotten used to eating porridge from the spoon. Porridge from corn flour is also very useful. It is cooked the same way as manna. bathing a child in 5 months

Walking with children, toys and swimming

For the development of children at 5 months are neededdaily walks. Better, of course, if the weather is good and windless, but if there is a slight rain, then do not sit at home! Take the stroller, the umbrella, do not forget to take the stroller cover, and go to the street! Fresh air during and after rain is very useful for the development of lungs in a child. Do not wear a lot of clothes on the child, when you go out with him to the street - the child can sweat, and then catch a cold. It is better to take a warm blouse with you. See for yourself: if you are cool yourself, then the child will be cold, and if you are hot at least a little, then the child will be uncomfortable if he is dressed like a cabbage. Walk with your child daily for at least one hour. If it's hard for you to constantly lower the stroller in the entrance, then arrange with the neighbors to help you. Accustom to walk your husband when he is at home, and not at work. You can put the child in bed, lower the stroller to the first floor, and then climb up behind the baby. So you will spend less and exercise less, and exercise (walking on the stairs - excellent gymnastics) and you will be sure that you will not drop anything on the way, because you will not be physically stressed. The kid in five months already asks to sit. Planting it yourself is not worth it. Let time pass, and the child himself will be able to sit down. And if it starts with five months against nature, then you can damage his back. Do not worry, if the baby can sit himself, it means his time has come. You can cover the baby with pillows so that he can try to sit on his own, but did not fall off the bed. At this time, the children usually become active and can turn over on their backs, and then again on their stomachs. With these rolls, they can reach the edge of the sofa, so be very careful. At the age of 5 months, many subjects become interesting to the baby. It is necessary to buy him various rubber toys, so that the small motor skills of the hands and fingers develop. Let them sort out their rattles, lying in bed. You can buy him a pyramid, in time he will collect it, fold it up so that its parts fit correctly. In addition, he will take a lot in his mouth, therefore, before giving a toy to a child, you need to boil it for 15 minutes in a large saucepan. At this age, you can begin to read small stories to the child, show bright colored pictures. He will memorize spoken language and learn to speak little by little, even in his own words, but still it helps a lot for his development. To bathe your little one in 5 months is already possible in a common large bath and do not add manganese there. Soap should be taken baby, neutral. It is best to use liquid soap in a jar with a dispenser, because it is very easy to pour soap into the hand if the other hand holds the baby. Of course, the best thing is to bathe the baby with your dad. Let dad sit in the bath and supervise the process itself, supports the baby under the tummy. Usually at this age the child swims well, especially if swimming was practiced since the diapers. To wash the baby is better together, too. Let the father keep his hands, because he has more strength, and my mother directly rubs the child with a soapy soft washcloth. In the bath you can run toys for bathing, let them glow, squeak - the baby is better to swim in a large bath, and the fear of the shower and soap foam will never appear, because it will be interesting to him. In conclusion, I would like to add that no toys and bright books will replace love, care and caress of parents. Therefore, follow these tips, but do not forget to consult a pediatrician. At the slightest cold, consult a doctor, because the baby's body is not strong and any cold can provoke a serious illness. And most importantly: give your treasure much attention, do it with pleasure, because children are flowers of life. They are the most precious thing that we have!