how to choose the right makeup George Bernard Shaw once said: "The color of her face shows that she did not study the painting in vain." Yes, every woman is a little artist. Well, how about it! After all, almost every day we paint, draw shadows and select a palette. It is, of course, about make-up. But how good are the artists? How to choose the right makeup? How not to be mistaken in the selection of colors, in the brightness of colors? How to learn to emphasize dignity and hide flaws? That's about this and talk. When we select makeup, several criteria should be taken into account: the age, the time of the day and the time of the year, for which case it is selected. Palette for a business meeting and a New Year's party will be radically different. In the end, a lot depends on your own tastes and habits. But, first of all, it is necessary to understand what color you are. how to choose the right make-up

Who are you - a snow queen or a spring fairy?

Why does one purple fit perfectly, andothers this color makes it look like a dried mummy? Why does someone refresh and refresh someone, while the other makes him tired and old? It's all about color types. According to this theory, each person refers to a certain color scheme, depending on the characteristics of his appearance - the color of the eyes, hair and skin. Stylists conditionally identify color types with the seasons. But only conditionally! Note that this has nothing to do with climate indicators. It would seem summer is the hottest season. But the color-type of Summer, like Winter refers to a cold color palette. But the color-type Autumn refers to a warm scale, as well as Spring. Of course, within each "season of the year" there are exceptions and nuances, but still experts identify four main color types. In order to correctly choose colors and shades, both in clothes and in make-up, you need to understand which of them you are. May Rose Cvetotyp Spring is a warm, clear and clean paint. At its representatives light, almost transparent skin with a yellowish shade. Hair is light and thin, with golden tint. The eyes of spring girls of different colors, but more often light colors - blue, green, golden-brown. In makeup for women of spring color, fresh and warm tones should be used. For eyes, shadows of the color of a young foliage, sky-blue, light-lilac, emerald, salmon and cream tones are good. Lipstick should be natural shades, slightly yellowish - peach, coral, brownish-beige. Elegant coldness The colors of the summer color are cool and, as if slightly dusted, muffled. Summer women are most often found in our latitudes. Their skin is pale with blue veins or olive tinge. Hair ashy. Eyes are most often gray tones - gray-blue, gray-green, however, there are also brown, nutty shades. Women of summer color in makeup should not use bright, intense colors. Smooth, smoky, non-uniform colors will do. For the eyes - gray-blue, gray-green, silver, smoky blue. On the lips, natural cold shades will look good, for example, pale pink. Red-headed beast The Autumn colors are warm and muffled. In women of this type, the skin is golden, peachy, often with freckles. Hair color, as a rule, red, with various variations - from carrot to chestnut. Eyes are always very expressive. Most often amber, honey, light green. But there are also bright blue, olive and dark-brown colors. In makeup for women of this color type, you can use all the autumn colors of warm shades - golden red, amber, mustard, yellow-beige. Lipstick is suitable for brown, bright red, golden-bronze. This is the only color, which to the face bright orange lipstick. Snow White ColorType Winter is cold, clean and contrasting colors. The skin of the "winter" women is transparent, like porcelain, with a blue tint. True, there is also a dark skin with olive tinge. Hair is often dark - from dark chestnut to blue-black. The color of the eyes is intense, without impurities - blue, emerald green, black. The iris contrasts sharply with the proteins. For make-up, winter women should choose bright and intense colors. For the eyes are excellent deep blue, dark green, dark purple. And for the lips the most urgent will be bright scarlet, dark cherry and fuchsia. A little more about color Even if you are at a loss to determine your color pattern or are accustomed to rely solely on your inner flair when choosing a make-up, still remember the important rule. In the warm range, yellow shades predominate, and in the cold range - blue. And it is extremely undesirable to mix warm colors with cold colors. They rarely look harmonious together, so try to stick to one color scheme. If you are in doubt, what colors to choose, then there is a little trick. Think about the lighting in the place where you are going. In cold lighting, for example on a cloudy day or in the light of neon lamps, make-up will look great in cold colors. And in sunny weather or when lighting incandescent lights, preference should be given to warm colors. how to choose the right make-up yourself

That "the feast" is good, then "the world" will not go

When choosing a make-up you need to know not onlyrules for the selection of colors. It is also important to take into account the time of day. And also to be aware of what kind of situation suits one or another style. Agree that the makeup for the festive party is unlikely to be appropriate for a business meeting. In the daytime, make up natural, pastel and muted tones for makeup. Cosmetics should not contain gloss. If you work in the office, then bright pink, blue and other multicolored shades in the palette are absolutely inappropriate. For daytime makeup matte lipstick is suitable. Lips should be well defined. Over the main tone, you can put a little hygienic lipstick - it's refreshing. In the evening, makeup can be limited only by your imagination. The shades can be bright and saturated. But be careful. You do not want your face to look like a theatrical mask, right? Remember the accents. If you decided to emphasize the eyes, then it is not necessary to separate the lips and vice versa. If you use bright colors, both for the eyes and for the lips, then the makeup will look vulgar. If you go on a romantic date in the evening, be sure to focus on the eyes. Well in this case, make up the "smoky-eyes" makeup. This will give a look of mystery, languor and sexuality. For the lips in this case, a translucent shine is suitable.

Little tricks

  • If you are painting your lips with a thick lipstick, put a tone on them before that - then lipstick will last much longer. If you are going to apply lip gloss, then the tone is not needed.
  • When applying blush, make sure that no stains occur. To do this, apply them in small portions and carefully shade.
  • When you tint your eyebrows, do not obscure them with a solid layer - it will look too unnatural and noticeable.
  • To ensure that the tonal remedy that you use does not dry the skin, mix it with a couple drops of moisturizer.

When a woman looks good, she is confident in herself. When a woman is sure of herself, she likes others. And to look perfect, like yourself and others, make-up should be perfect. You can be Michelangelo, or you can draw cartoons in the transition. Given all the nuances and tips, you will become a real artist in the art of make-up. We advise you to read: