how to make makeup Makeup - a real weapon in the hands of a skillful woman. Using different techniques for applying makeup, you can appear in front of others in the image of a passionate lady-vamp, a romantic young lady or a sexy businesswoman. Unfortunately, a rare representative of the fair sex can boast of such skills. How to learn to do make-up, to always look "one hundred percent"?

Identify your skin type

All aural and decorative cosmeticmeans differ in skin type. Even if this information is not presented on the packaging, you should be aware of whether this tool is suitable for you or not. Otherwise, do not be surprised if the expensive foundation cream "swam" on your oily skin, and the transparent powder did not help hide redness on the skin. Means for oily skin have absorbing and matting properties, for the problem - antibacterial and drying, for dry - protective and nutritious. How can you make a beautiful make-up without knowing if cosmetics meet the requirements of your type of epidermis? To find out the individual type of skin of the face, use the simplest indicator - a paper napkin. Clean the face of dirt and debris from the makeup, thoroughly wipe it off. Two hours after washing, attach the napkin to the chin and forehead. Bold epidermis will leave on the paper bright traces of skin secretion, normal - slightly noticeable specks. Dry skin for such a short period of time just does not have time to allocate a drop of secret. Knowing the type of epidermis, you will be able to choose the right makeup. Oily and combination skin needs a special fixing base for make-up. Before using tonal and corrective agents, dry or normal epidermis should be moistened. When making makeup, use toning in the form of a gel or fluid, if you suffer from increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Are you haunted by the feeling of tightness and tormenting the flaking on your cheeks? Buy a tight tone for dry skin with nutrients. How to learn to do makeup if you have greasy skin? Girls with a fatty type of epidermis are familiar with the problem of selecting shadows. Cream and powder textures quickly mix with sebum and soak into the skin of the eyelids or roll down and crumble. To avoid this, powder the eyelids with loose powder before applying makeup and use gel or waterproof shadows. how to learn how to make beautiful makeup

Save money correctly

  • Do not experiment with inexpensive toners

On voice-frequency media to save in any caseit is impossible. Beautiful makeup based on powder for 60 rubles. you will not. In addition, cheap toning cosmetics are made from substandard, and sometimes dangerous ingredients - for example, mineral oil. This oil clogs the pores, causing the appearance of "black spots" and pimples. Quality products contain vitamin complexes and medicinal components - for example, essential oil of tea tree or Shea butter. Such a tone lies on a thin, even and uniform layer and lasts for a long time.

  • Cheap lipstick and cheap shine - what's the difference?

Inexpensive lipstick quickly slides and clogsin the corners of the lips and cracks. You should drink a glass of wine or a glass of cola, its shade becomes lighter and becomes almost invisible. This happens because the coloring pigment used in the production of lipsticks of any price category is very expensive. The company that produces cosmetics at the "mass market" level, saves on the amount of pigment and carnauba wax. Therefore, its saturated color can not be called, and the consistency of the contents of the tube leaves much to be desired. Another thing is brilliance. Most brands produce almost identical compositions and shades, changing only the design of the package and the name of the product. A translucent gloss texture does not require an increased content of pigments in it, so buying expensive shine makes no sense. The main selection criteria - the convenience of the brush and the lack of "stickiness" on the lips after application.

  • Dear carcass - yes! Dear lacs - no!

Luxury mascara is more resistant and less likely to fall undereyes black flakes than her cheap counterparts. Pay attention to waterproof options - with them you are not afraid of snow and rain. In expensive carcasses, proteins that promote the growth and strengthening of the eyelashes are often contained. Spend on nail polish is not worth it. First, it dries very fast, regardless of the value of the coveted vial. Secondly, you will not be able to use the tool until the last drop.

  • Buy high-quality makeup brushes

To make a make-up beautiful, you needcorrectly apply cosmetics. And what is needed for this? That's right, high-quality brushes. Some girls manage to shade pads of fingers shadows, tone and the proof-reader. Using a brush, you use a smaller amount of a tool and simplify the procedure for applying makeup. Choose brushes with natural nap - they are more durable. Remnants of decorative cosmetics - an ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria that cause skin diseases. Therefore, all make-up brushes should be washed once a week with soap under a stream of warm water, and then dried.

Emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings

  • Eyes

To make beautiful makeup, learnto emphasize the eyes. If they are small, paint eyelashes with ink with coal-black pigments. Under the lower eyelids, there were traces of yesterday's party? Put on them a green concealer, gently knock it into the skin and powder powdery powder from above. Make a glossy look a white or silver eyeliner helps. Draw them a thin line along the line of eyelash growth - this trick will help to "open" the eyes, visually increase them.

  • Lips

The best way to give volume to thin lips is shine. After applying lipstick, give them sexual humidity with a transparent luster. If you want to emphasize the aristocratic whiteness of teeth, use bright red lipstick. Hide the hated yellowness will help shine with a golden or silvery shimmer. To prolong the life of your favorite lipstick, apply 2-3 layers on the lips, covering them with powder every time. The last layer is not necessary to powder. The ability to apply makeup can not be learned in one day. The main thing - practice: having developed an individual technique of using decorative cosmetics, you will be able to control the most complex makeup in a matter of minutes. We advise you to read: