matras In order for a sleeping place to givethe owner of a sound and healthy sleep, you must regularly maintain its purity. And only washing and changing bed linen here is indispensable. After all, easily breaking the layers of blankets, blankets and mattress covers, dust and rubbed onto the mattress, penetrating the pores of its textile cover and deep into the filler. As a result, a favorable environment for the multiplication of bacteria and small parasites is formed, the bites of which cause the strongest allergy even among those who are not initially predisposed to it. Particular concern such "roommates" can deliver to children, since the delicate and tender baby skin is for them "most appetizing." So, how to properly clean a children's mattress, so that it does not cause a variety of diseases and a "house" for ticks?

Let's start cleaning the baby mattress

To maintain the purity of the mattress, hygienistsrecommend that it be cleaned at least once a half a year. To products on the child's bed, more stringent requirements are imposed - they must be cleaned every month and a half. And this, however, is not surprising, because the mattress in the children's room absorbs not only dust, dirt and secretions of sebaceous and sweat glands, but often children's "embarrassments", as well as tea, juice, ink, paints and other consequences children's creativity. Therefore, if you, as a caring mother, cherish the health of your child - give the cleaning of the children's mattress 30-40 minutes a day cleaning the apartment.

  • To start, the mattress should be vacuumed. For this purpose, the nozzle-brush on the vacuum cleaner is perfect. Install it and carefully walk it across the entire surface of the mattress, then turn the product over to the other side and repeat the procedure. Do not forget about the side parts - they also need a thorough cleansing.
  • After removing the mattress from small litter on the surface,it's time to start wet cleaning. To do this, take a soft sponge and dilute in a pelvis or bucket a specialized cleaning agent so that a thick foam is obtained. Take it on a sponge and as carefully as possible rub it into the mattress. If there are stains or stains on the product - apply a lot of foam on this place and leave it for a while, so that the stains "leave" under its influence. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the product, and do not forget about the side parts.
  • For wet cleaning, use only foam, nottake the sponge with water. Otherwise, instead of getting rid of stains, you risk increasing their number, as water leaves stains, from which it is very difficult to get rid of.
  • After completing the cleaning procedure, give the mattress asshould dry up - put it on the edge and open the windows. Leave the product in this position for a couple of hours, and then brush off any remaining detergent with a stiff brush or a dry sponge.
  • The final stage of cleaning the mattress is steaming. If the steaming function is not provided for in your iron, regular ironing is quite a worthy substitute. Walk through the iron on the entire surface of the product on each side of it. Thermal treatment will get rid of microorganisms, "settled" in the mattress, as they die under the influence of high temperature. For the same reason, bed and underwear, blankets and pillows after washing also need to be stripped before use.

And, finally, the main rule. Spilled liquid on the bed must be removed immediately! The deeper the contamination penetrates the structure of the product, the harder it will be. If, however, your mattress has "suffered" for itself for many years not removed in time spots, but you want to restore its original appearance, then you will need professional help. It will be glad to be provided by the specialists of the company "Eco-cleaning", which produce at home. With the help of modern equipment and powerful cleaning agents, they will remove contaminations of any complexity, including old spots. The means used for cleaning the mattress are absolutely safe for humans and pets, they do not cause allergic reactions and are completely washed away. As a result, you will get a perfectly clean, like a new, mattress, and your child is a really healthy dream on it and excellent health in the morning.