how to care for suede shoes "Suede shoes emphasize the taste of men, andwoman gives grace "- these words belong to the famous Coco Chanel. And they describe the sensations that a woman experiences, putting on expensive and elegant suede boots. The posture becomes smoother, the gait is lighter and more elegant. We subconsciously try to match this shoe, watch every movement, feeling like the most beautiful woman on the planet. However, this footwear has its drawbacks. Care of suede shoes should be regular and correct. Such shoes can not be worn in rainy weather, and on a sunny day it rarely turns out not to stain it. And we keep our favorite shoes only for the most special cases, because we are afraid to spoil it. Probably, there is no such woman who would not ask a question, how to look after suede shoes? After all, sometimes even a slight mistake can lead to the fact that the shoes will be irrevocably spoiled. In this article, we will try to describe in as much detail all the stages of care for suede shoes at home.

Shoe care in summer

It is in the warm season of the year that the footwear is taken care ofSuede must be particularly careful. When the street is windy and dry, suede quickly absorbs dust, which adversely affects its appearance. Having come home, be sure to process shoes with a soft flannel cloth or get a special brush for suede. Remember, you just need to brush off the dust, and do not rub it into your shoes. If your shoes are made of artificial suede, you can wash it. Only it is necessary to do it very carefully. Dilute a small amount of detergent in water and wipe the shoes with this solution with the same flannel fabric. After wet treatment, be sure to pat dry shoes with a dry cloth. Do not dry shoes in the sun or near heaters, just put it in a well-ventilated area. Care of natural suede at home is done with a special foam cleaner that absorbs all the dirt. Before using it, carefully read the instructions and act strictly on it. It is not recommended to wet natural suede. But what if you were caught in the rain, shoes wet, and after drying, the pile fell? Do not despair, in this case, you can use emergency resuscitation. Hold the shoes on the ferry for 2-3 minutes, so it will get the original look. care for suede shoes in winter

Winter Care Secrets

How incredible it may sound, but caring forsuede shoes in winter will require less attention from you. Here the biggest trouble you can get are traces of the reagents with which the roads are sprinkled. Remove such stains from winter shoes with spray paint. For artificial suede, the usual baby powder will be the salvation from stains. It must be applied to contaminated areas, wait 3-4 hours, then remove with a special brush with rubber teeth. In winter, often have to dry shoes. And that the boots have served you more than one season, drying should be done correctly. So, how to dry suede properly at home?

  • Never place shoes near heaters or near an open oven. By this you will achieve that the boots will part at the seams and deform. Then they can only be discarded;
  • Before drying, wipe the shoes with a soft cloth and remove any dirt;
  • In order to evenly dry the boots, fill them with paper - it absorbs all moisture. The more often you change the paper, the faster the shoes will dry up;
  • For drying, you can use and common salt. To do this, heat it in a frying pan, pour it into a linen bag and put it in boots. If the salt has cooled down, and the shoes are still wet - repeat the procedure.

At home, you can use andelectric dryers for shoes. They gradually heat up, evenly distribute the heat, so do not be afraid of deformation. By the way, for winter shoes it is good to get a water repellent spray. They need to process boots for a few hours before going outside. So you reduce the chance of getting wet a few times. care of suede shoes

Resuscitation of suede shoes

  • We get rid of the shiny spots

Take a teaspoon of baking soda and dissolveher in a glass of warm milk. With this solution, wipe the shiny places. Another way: mix half a glass of water with a quarter of a glass of vinegar. Treat the desired areas, and then wipe with a damp soft cloth. Dry it. There is an even faster way to get rid of this trouble - take a regular eraser and rub them problem areas. This method, of course, is not as effective as the two previous ones, but for emergency resuscitation it will do just fine.

  • Remove stains and greasy stains

Divorces from dampness can be removedonly with the help of dyes. But for the removal of greasy stains at home, gasoline or kerosene is used. Gently treat the problem areas with a swab dipped in liquid. Then wipe with a damp cloth and dry;

  • Return color

A brown shade is attached to the usual coffee grounds. Black shoes can be rubbed with a copier, and a light one can be treated with a swab dipped in milk. This is an emergency. For a more effective result, use special dyes.

  • We remove the unpleasant smell

To get rid of the smell, moisten the cotton ballin vinegar and put it in the boot for 10-12 hours. Before you remove shoes for storage, you can disinfect it with a special deodorant. Here are some simple tips to help you extend the life of your favorite boots and shoes. The main thing to remember is that home care should be regular. And be sure to get all the necessary tools to care for suede. Try to choose only high-quality products, because from it the life of your footwear depends first.