How to choose a washing machine with vertical loading Of course, the position of modern housewivescompared with their predecessors more than winning. Such quantity of household appliances to our grandmothers and mothers even did not dream! Yes there is a quantity! Still some twenty years ago, washing machines for domestic housewives were unaffordable luxury. Whether it's now! However, not everything is as simple as it seems. Today we have another problem - to choose. Here, for example, the same miracle-machine for washing. It would seem that it's much easier - he came to the store, compared the prices, chose a washing machine, bought and the satisfied went with the purchase home. But no. You have to choose not only among models and prices. We still have to take into account the size of our own dwelling, because not everything that is located in the trading pavilions can easily fit in our house. But the owners of modest apartments have plenty to choose from. And you need to choose a washing machine with a vertical load. What does such a washing machine represent, and what to look for when choosing? Let's figure it out.

Features of the washing machine with vertical loading

As you understand, the main feature of washingmachines with vertical loading - the layout of the hatch. If the front-loading machines have a hatch on the front wall of the case, then the second one is located on the top cover. This makes it very convenient for small rooms where there is simply no space left for the front door. However, a washing machine with a vertical load can not be hidden in a cabinet, in a cabinet or under a countertop. Therefore, to place it, for example, in the kitchen, you are unlikely to succeed. But in a small and narrow bathroom just for such a machine quite enough space. By the number of washing and spinning modes the machines with vertical loading, as a rule, are inferior to washing machines with a front hatch. However, the latest models can compete with the front washing machines. In all other respects, these machines are the same. All processes are carried out in an automatic mode: water filling, draining, heating, soaking, washing, rinsing, spinning and drying clothes. You just have to load dirty laundry, pour in the detergent, pour in the rinse aid and start the washing routine. If we consider both these types of machines on the technical side, the main feature of washing machines with vertical loading is the location of the bearings relative to the tank. For machines with front loading they are located behind the tank, and for machines with vertical loading on its sides. So the latter do not even have one bearing set, but two. And it is this, according to some experts, makes this washing machine safer. However, this statement is rather controversial. How to choose washing machines with vertical loading


Let's talk immediately the capacity of the machine with a verticalloading from the point of view of its dimensions. Such a machine can be just super-compact. Its minimum width is only forty centimeters. The depth of such cars is standard and is sixty centimeters (sometimes sixty-two). And the height varies from eighty-five to ninety centimeters. The design feature (vertical loading and small width) makes it possible to move such a washing machine to the wall not only with the rear panel, but also sideways. There are also more dimensional models of washing machines with vertical loading. Such machines are of the activator type and are designed for large rooms. The depth of activator verticals reaches almost seventy, and the width of seventy-two centimeters. But the height can be quite compact and not exceed the same seventy centimeters. But there are models and a height of more than a meter. As for the loading capacity of such washing machines, then, as a rule, it is standard. Six to seven kilograms of laundry will be taken by this machine for one load. Less than its capacity is designed for a smaller amount - four to five kilograms. But the activator machines of vertical loading can wash at a time more than ten kilograms of your things.

Types and control panel

Before choosing the model you like,find out what type of control this washing machine has. The type of control of the washing machine with vertical loading can be electronic, mechanical and combined.

  • Electronic type of control. This type of machine has an electronic programmer (electronic control panel). You select the washing mode and set the program, and everything else - the washing stages, the water temperature, the duration of each cycle - is automatically adjusted.
  • Mechanical type of control. Machines with a mechanical type of control require the manual setting of all washing parameters. It is controlled by switches that control the washing mode, water temperature and spin speed.
  • Electron-mechanical control combines the previous types. Such machines are equipped with an electronic panel and keys responsible for additional washing parameters.
  • Control panel in vertical washingmachines is more compact and is located behind the lid on a small elevation (a step). Due to the slope of the step, the panel is clearly visible. However, some models are equipped with a control panel located in front of the hatch. Often, consumers are confused by the small size of the control panel in vertical washing machines. However, a small panel does not at all mean limiting the washing modes and additional functions. Most often, it is machines with such panels that represent an electronic-mechanical type with additional programming. Vertical washing machines are usually equipped with a standard set of washing programs: cotton, wool, synthetics, thin fabrics. In addition, in these machines are often provided and additional programs: delicate and hand washing, soaking, additional rinsing, prewash, light ironing. In general, the set of washing programs and additional functions of vertical machines in no way inferior to popular washing machines for front loading. The control panel just looks different. How to choose a washing machine with vertical loading correctly

    Spinning and drying

    To choose the right washing machine,it is necessary to ask not only the washing regimes, but the maximum spin speed, as well as the drying function of the laundry. Note that if you select machines without this function, then you need to orientate precisely at the spin speed. After all, if the laundry can not be dried directly in the washing machine, then it should be squeezed as best as possible. The design of vertical washing machines is such that the spinning in them is much easier compared to the front washing machines. However, there are no such high spin speeds. 1800 and 2000 revolutions - in general an unattainable speed for a vertical. And the highest spinning speed of the machines available for sale is 1400 revolutions. But, as practice shows, for a domestic washing machine, even such a spin speed is more than sufficient. As a rule, housewives prefer to wring out laundry at a speed of 600 to 1000 revolutions. And be prepared for the fact that in vertical washing machines, the step of changing the speed is equal to 100 revolutions, while for the front ones it is 200 revolutions. The function of drying clothes in vertical machines is extremely rare, and only two firms are producing such machines: Brandt and Blomberg. These models dry the laundry evenly, and the drying load does not exceed two and a half kilograms. True, and there are such verticals almost two times more expensive.

    Protection and self-diagnosis system

    Today, choose a machine without a protection systemleaks almost impossible. So from such a mistake you are guaranteed to be insured. But you still need to find out what kind of system it is, and how it works. Machines with vertical loading are equipped with a system of protection from leaks, corresponding to the brand. That is, a vertical and frontal washing machine of the same brand will have the same system of protection. But the system itself can be different. Most often washing machines with vertical loading have protection on the case. This is a partial protection, carried out by means of double hoses with automatic shut-off valves or a float in the pallet closing the contacts of the drain pump. In machines with full protection, there are both these components, water monitoring sensors and fill valve sensors. Some washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnosis system that helps to understand the cause of the machine malfunction. Such a system is only for machines with a display, which displays information about the causes of the malfunction. This information is issued in the form of a code that can be deciphered according to the table in the attached instruction. However, there are not so many vertical machines with a self-diagnosis system.


    Despite the apparent simplicity, modernvertical washing machines are manufactured taking into account innovative technologies. Perhaps you will want to choose such an improved model. What interesting and useful can these washing machines have?

  • Brushless inverter motor. It works much quieter, allows you to equip the machine with accurate washing programs, it lasts much longer.
  • The induction motor. Structurally simpler than its predecessors, it has acoustic panels that reduce the noise level, is distinguished by increased reliability.
  • Direct drive motor. It has compact dimensions, low vibration and noise, it works more efficiently, and consumes less electricity.
  • Steam generator. Provides treatment of laundry with steam, straightening the fibers of the fabric and facilitating the care of things after drying.
  • Detergent dispenser. Determines the amount of the product, depending on the weight of the loaded laundry.
  • Among other innovative featuresvertical washing machines can be noted, for example, a system full consumption of detergent, a system of six additional rinses and a honeycomb. In short, every manufacturer tries to keep up with the times and use the latest technological achievements.


    Choosing a washing machine with a verticalload, focus, first of all, on your own needs and build on the dimensions and appearance of the model. By the way, most of the models presented in our stores are produced in Europe. And this, as you know, speaks about the quality of these washing machines. Among them, you will not find aggregates from Asian and Turkish companies (as opposed to front-end washing machines). And after determining the size, pay attention to the type of control, the number of washing regimes, spin speed and additional functions. Note that most buyers prefer averaged model of a washing machine with a vertical load. And this model looks like this:

    • White color,
    • standard dimensions,
    • loading up to five kilograms,
    • electronic control,
    • spinning 800 revolutions,
    • partial protection from leaks,
    • water consumption 52 liters,
    • the price is from 12 to 22 thousand.

    Believe me, it is easy to make a choice, if you know what exactly and what you need to choose from. Good luck with your choice and pleasant shopping! We advise you to read: