how to succeed in life Everyone, in one way or another, throughout hislife always sets itself some goals. We all very much want to be successful, prosperous and prosperous. However, not everyone is able to achieve their goals, even if they do not imply any major achievements. And the point here is not that we dream about something unattainable. First of all, we simply do not always know how to achieve success in life and achieve the goal, and we wait for a convenient moment for our actions, then for some miracle, then for someone's help. And time goes by, moments do not turn up, miracles do not happen, and nobody is in a hurry to help. And the hope melts, the goal moves away, becomes blurry, and eventually completely disappears somewhere beyond the horizon, turning into an unrealizable dream. And we sadly say that here, they say, so wanted, but it did not work or was not given, but life passed by. And, in order to justify ourselves and others, we reiterate that the path to happiness and success is laid only for the elect. The rest remains only to be content with the small and not grumble at the same time to fate. What is not given, it is not given ... In reality, everything is far from the case, and fate has nothing to do with it. Dumping their inability to achieve success again and again and put the stigma of a fatal loser, of course, is convenient: what is the demand from someone to whom "is not given"? But it turns out that others with this brand will agree, and to calm yourself is quite difficult. Vaughn, classmate Seryoga or ex-girlfriend Svetka, for example, they achieved a lot, but they also learned worse, and they had less prospects. And now, come, you, one - the manager of a large company, and the other - a PR manager of a well-known company. And they live a complete and comfortable life. And we sadly dragging a web of mediocrity, jumping from one job to another, and count every penny. Why is it all to them, but nothing to us ?! It is unfair! Fair enough. Because both Serega and Svetka, in all probability, are guided in their lives by the slogan "Strive for success, go to the end!", And we - "Make it happen, if the case comes up." There is a difference? Even some! They are acting, and we are waiting for the moment. They go ahead, and we either trample on the spot, or, facing an obstacle, we turn back. Hence the failure, and everyday problems, and quarrels in the family, and many more troubles. How to be? How to achieve success in life and not only catch up, but also surpass all Sereg and Svetov, leaving them far behind? Let's try to understand this question. how to succeed in your personal life

Basic conditions for progress towards success

In order to escape from the trap of permanentfailures and take the first steps towards happiness and success, it is necessary to clearly understand several conditions for progress along this path. The first and, perhaps, the most important of these conditions is action. After all, what a sin to conceal, often we, even sometimes knowing how to achieve our goal, we continue to dream about it, calmly lying on the sofa. We make plans, discuss ways of achieving success, but do not take a single step in the right direction. This is what creates as a result a significant difference between the life we ​​would like to live and the one that we really have. Why does this happen? What prevents us from acting? Usual laziness, fear or something else? Of course, there are laziness and fear, but the main reason for our inaction are stereotypes of thinking and delusion. We all say to ourselves: "I want to succeed"; but few people are convinced that he has everything for this. People tend to think that to move towards a goal you need money, connections, luck, finally! And they are sure that if all this is not there, then there is nothing to think about any significant achievements. In fact, everything is different. People who know how to achieve their goal, claim that to achieve it they need:

  • Perseverance;
  • Industriousness;
  • Optimism;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Persistence;
  • Positive thinking.

All these qualities, of course, are far from beingeach of us. All of them help not only in building a career, but also in their personal lives, which is important. However, it is enough to have at least two of them, so that later, realizing that the goal is real, develop the rest. We need only realize that there is nothing impossible, and if we set ourselves a goal, then we have the opportunity to achieve it. And remember that this will not happen quickly - the more worthy the goal, the more time and effort will be spent on the way to it. The road to success is usually not easy, but if we are going to really go to the end, achieving success, we will be able to overcome difficulties. The main thing is a stubborn pursuit. The goal is seen, we do not notice any obstacles! However, before setting goals, it is necessary to determine what we want to do at the moment, and not at all in life - personal and social. Interests and abilities of a person change and evolve over time, and what we dream about today, in a year or two, may lose its relevance. It is necessary to act immediately. If we start to talk about how to succeed in business, the prerequisites for which there is still no trace, it is unlikely that we will come off the couch. But if we understand what we want today, and we will fire with a passion to satisfy this desire, then we will necessarily rise. Another of the conditions for achieving the set goals is to delete from his head memories of the past and regrets about something that was not done before. Back in the past and something can not be changed. And the memories that evoke emotions take away our strengths, which are very necessary when we, being successful, are determined to stick to the end. The next condition for successful pursuit of your goals is to stop grieving over trifles, whining and complaining about a lack of career or success in your personal life, believing that neither comes out. If we do not get something, then it's time to comprehend new knowledge and skills. And to proceed to such comprehension is necessary without groaning and sighing, because it is nothing more than self-improvement. To whom does self-improvement go to the detriment? From him only good, and even what! Having mastered new sciences and skills, we become not only more developed. We gain the advantages of significance, self-confidence and the opportunity to be always and everywhere in demand. And that means so much if we are thinking about how to succeed in a career or in your personal life! One should not think that those who are successful and advise others how to achieve their goals, initially had starting capital and connections. Even if there is a lot of money, we can not achieve anything in this life unless we are persevering, hardworking and passionately passionate about our goals. There are a lot of examples when people reached significant peaks in business or the sphere of art, starting their way to these peaks practically without a penny in their pocket. They just took as a guide the slogan "Do your best to keep to the end!" And went ahead, regardless of the obstacles. However, the main and most difficult obstacle to solving the problem of achieving the goal is usually ourselves. Or rather, our laziness, apathy, insecurity in our own strengths and, of course, fear. Striving for success, with laziness, apathy and self-doubt, one must fight; As for fear, there is a separate conversation about him. how to succeed in life correctly

The use of fear for success

Strange as it may seem, but it is fear that is one of thevery effective means for committing some time equivalent to the exploits of action. He has tremendous power and opens up in us abilities and sources of forces, the existence of which we did not even suspect. Let's recall a well-known story about a mother who was able to move and hold a multi-ton truck, saving her child from death. What gave the fragile woman the opportunity to raise an unthinkable weight? Fear for my son. And what allows a thin guy to fight off when attacked by a drunk company? Fear for your own life. And, finally, that he leads another successful person, forcing him to repeat himself "Do it again" and move on? The same fear of losing credibility and comfort of existence! Conclusion: if we lack perseverance and self-confidence and we do not know how to achieve the goal in life, we need a "kick" in the form of fear. This is truly a magical, though not particularly pleasant, way to achieve effective results. Practically each of us in a critical situation is able to activate the forces through which on the way to the goal you can simply sweep away all obstacles without even noticing them. Therefore, if we are really looking for ways how to achieve success in life, and are ready to leave the bored zone of inertia, but in any way we will not dare, we must consciously seek motivation for fear. The purpose of such motivations is to cause fear of inaction and to force a person to commit atypical actions for him. Based motivation on the principle: "I'm scared, and I have to do something, because besides me and no one will do it to me!" Thus, we create a very powerful stimulus for action, and having finally taken under the influence of fear what steps and winning, we finally gain confidence in ourselves and stop being afraid of some often far-fetched difficulties. Therefore, we gain courage and look for motivation for fear! It will help us to realize and feel all the power of our potential. Fear can well be used as a fairly effective technique for achieving goals. One problem: not everyone of us will decide to consciously seek motivation. Well, then we can do without a kick from fear and try to move forward, having first examined some of the advice of experts on this issue.

Tips for those wishing to achieve the goal in life

In order to achieve significant lifechanges, do not require any action of a global scale. A good result can be given and insignificant steps. The meaning of these steps is to change the attitude towards life and the way of thinking. They are included in the following actions:

  • We follow our speech, we try to remove fromlexicon phrases that can destroy our enthusiasm and strength, and replace them with new, positive phrases. In particular, one should exclude from everyday usage such expressions as "everything as always", "nothing new", "I can not do it", "it is not necessary for anyone", "I do not want anything", "I must." They are able to paralyze part of consciousness and instill in us a sense of hopelessness and personal insolvency.
  • We are looking for something in every passing day, for whichyou can thank your destiny, and every day we express to it a recognition for what you have already experienced, for what we have today and even for what we do not have. This will allow us not to get used to the achieved well-being and strives forward. In addition, constantly cultivating a sense of gratitude to fate, we learn to think positively and do not focus on the failures of the past.
  • Every morning, waking up, we reassure ourselves that the best day begins from all the days already lived, and we try to remember this until the evening.
  • We try to at least master the sphereactivity, which, as we were convinced before, is completely inaccessible to us. Discovering new abilities, each person experiences a spiritual uplift, a burst of inner strength and an uncontrollable desire for action. Thanks to all this, he unconsciously finds the shortest path to happiness and success and walks along this path without much stress.
  • Determine with their main goals, finding outfor this purpose in advance, which makes us cry with joy, than we can evoke in the surrounding people a smile, in what these associates see our abilities, from which we sincerely laugh that has changed us for the better and over what we can work the night away. This will help to choose a goal, the achievement of which will make us truly happy.
  • Let's take for granted that the difficulties are passing, and the changes in life happen gradually, and we will make a list of what is worth doing every day.

Following these tips, in the end we will be able to understand,what is important for us and how to achieve our goals. Without a clear idea of ​​what exactly we need, we can not even think of any success in life. If we rush forward on someone else's way, sooner or later we will understand that all efforts, even if they have yielded some positive results, are in vain. Because there is no inner satisfaction from this, the joy of the initial success turned out to be short-lived, and the desire to act every day becomes less and less. Then, when we follow our path, and the joy of accomplishing, and the desire to reach new heights, grow by leaps and bounds. However, it should be remembered that even knowing how to achieve goals in life, it is always necessary to take into account that lack of will power and hardness can be diverted from the intended path or can be thrown back. And how to cultivate in oneself willpower and firmness, if they are not enough? How to succeed in your personal life correctly

How to develop strength of will

In general, there are many ways to strengthen strengthwill, each of which is designed for the specific circumstances and inclinations of man. We will now consider five universal and fairly effective methods of developing the will, the application of which allows one to really learn how to achieve success in life.

  • We remember that the strength of the will of man is not unlimited, andtry to use it, choosing the path of least resistance. For example, in the case when we do not know how to achieve success at work, and using our will power to the fullest, start working for days, we will lose as a result. Energy of will power is an impulse that will flash, will push us from the spot, and then it will burn a bit and go out. The power of will can not be a permanent fuel. How to achieve success at work, so as not to exhaust all the forces? It is necessary to create a plan from a chain of events that facilitate the organization of forces and advance in the right direction with their metered use. Daily fulfilling the intended, we gradually accustom ourselves and our will power to a certain rhythm of actions, and in the end even complex work becomes habitual and given to us quite easily.
  • If there was a temptation to get off the roadto the goal and want to throw everything and fall on the sofa until better times, start thinking about your prospects. The best way to strengthen self-control is to present long-term goals and distract oneself from the temptations of the current moment. For example, we dream about how to achieve success in a career and take a good, excellently paid, position. At the moment, we have the opportunity to have a great rest in Hawaii, and really want to quit work and lie around on the beach near the warm sea. However, such an act means the collapse of a career, as a result of which the future will become blurred and questionable. Is it worth it to do? Hardly. Therefore, in order to destroy the temptation, we begin to think about our prospects, and interest in the object of temptation will immediately fall.
  • Making ourselves an affirmative achievement of the goalproposal and mentally repeat it as often as possible. Such a repetition, stating the goal, as an accomplished fact, is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the willpower. How to do it? For example, if we understand how to achieve success in business, but the seed money is very tempting to spend today to buy a car, you can constantly repeat to yourself: "My business is booming." In the end, the mind will switch from the car to the problems of an already existing business, and buying a car will be pushed into the background.
  • Every day, for at least a few minutes, we think overour goals, directing the vector of will power on the way to achieve them. Such daily contemplation leaves a trace in the responsible for our emotional memory level, which contributes to the correct choice of the direction of the use of willpower.
  • Strange as it may sound, but to strengthenwill-power need to have a good breakfast. This is explained by the fact that willpower is energy, the replenishment of which requires a large amount of glucose. Researchers say that a person who has been in a state of self-control for a long time, significantly reduces blood glucose. As a result, an inadequate quantity of it can become the reason that if you have to take yourself on hand, a person simply can not do it. How can he then achieve success and go to the end? The power of the will must be nourished, otherwise it will dry up at the most inopportune moment. And for this it is necessary to eat in the morning foods that allow to maintain the desired level of glucose in the blood.
  • All these techniques are not complex and do not requirefulfillment of some special conditions. Nevertheless, they are effective and extremely useful on the road to happiness and success. Undoubtedly, this way will present many surprises and surprises and can change both the style of life, and habits, and even life values. Such changes are often the cause of uncertainty and misunderstanding of one's own role in the circumstances. There is nothing terrible in this - we just have to adapt in a new environment and realize where our place is now. During the period of adaptation, a sense of humor, physical exercises, regular high-grade rest, communication with friends and relatives help to reduce stresses. The main thing at this time is to boldly walk forward, not looking back at all. Memories of the past give rise to doubts about the right choice, and doubts, in turn, can lead to significant losses. To prevent this from happening, we need to calmly and deeply analyze the current situation in order to thoroughly know all its pros and cons and gain guidance. Let us say to ourselves: "This path to the goal has been chosen by me independently." - and resolutely go to her, throwing away unnecessary speculation. And let luck and luck go everywhere, and a long-awaited goal and phenomenal success awaits us! We advise you to read: