ointment from herpes on the lips About what is herpes on the lips, withoutexaggerations, everyone knows. It all starts with itching, tingling, burning, and the process is developing so rapidly that sometimes a person does not even have time to navigate and take protective measures and treat the rashes with the help of a suitable ointment. Now serious scientists are studying this viral disease in many countries of the world under the control of WHO, since the problem of herpes is relevant for the entire population of our planet, over 90 percent of which are carriers of the virus. At the same time, all should not be considered sick, because sometimes you can live with the virus all your life and never get sick. And there are people who suffer from this ailment all the time. And, of course, it is very important to find an effective remedy for this rather insidious disease.

Disease history

The beginning of the study of this disease refers todistant 1912, and the first to start this work Russian doctors, then the baton was picked up by German colleagues. The main goal they set for themselves is to identify the causative agent of the disease. The case dragged on for many years, since the research was financed very poorly. Finally, in 1964, a British doctor, D. Berkitt, confirmed the viral origin of the disease. However, how to treat herpes, doctors had no idea. Only in the late 70s of the last century in America appeared all known acyclovir, which is now widely used to treat herpes on the lips. However, to this day there is no medicine that can save mankind from herpes, but a number of medications have appeared that ease the course and illnesses and can prevent the appearance of rashes. ointments from herpes on the lips

Herpes on the lips and his treatment

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) of the first typeappears mostly on the lips, on the nasal mucosa. Many believe that paying attention to such a common disease as herpes on the lips, which passes, even if it is not treated, is not at all. But this is a dangerous delusion. Yes, if you have herpes on your lips every few years, then, by and large, there is no special reason for concern. This shows only that at some point, for some reason or other, immunity has fallen, and the virus, dormant in almost every one of us, has reminded of itself. Quite another matter when it comes to frequent manifestations of the disease - herpes on the lips occurs several times during the year. This is an excuse to be on the alert and visit a doctor, undergo a checkup to understand what is wrong with the body and why it is so vulnerable to HSV. How to treat herpes on the lips? The question, of course, is interesting, but it is not possible to give an unequivocal answer. Now they talk about vaccination against herpes, however, according to competent experts, this is a kind of "divorce" - no vaccine for this virus yet. And what is offered in many medical institutions, is nothing like a normal vitamin complex. Harm will not be, immunity will be strengthened - this ends all usefulness. And it is up to you to decide whether to do it or not. Today, when symptoms of herpes appear, special antiviral ointments are most often used, which relieve unpleasant sensations and contribute to the early healing of rashes on the lips and nasal mucosa. therapeutic ointments from herpes on the lips

Acyclovir, zovirax and others ...

Let's start the presentation with acyclovir, whichIt is offered in the form of tablets and cream (ointment) applied topically. When rashes appear, the ointment is applied directly to the vials several times a day, which helps to accelerate wound healing. People suffering from frequent manifestations of the herpes simplex virus, sometimes the doctor prescribes the use of the drug aciclovir in the form of tablets as a prophylactic. This is a fully justified appointment, especially during the seasonal outbreaks of influenza and other ARVI. It is not recommended to use aciclovir tablets during pregnancy and breastfeeding, ointment can be. Another popular remedy for herpes is zovirax. Strictly speaking, this is a variation of the same acyclovir - the main active substance of the drug (available in tablets and as an ointment for external use) is the same acyclovir. It is used in the same way as the above preparations. Apply also ointments fenistil, famvir and valaciclovir (the last two drugs are available on prescription). Determine the choice of the most effective means you will help the doctor. We advise you to read: