oily skin of the face what to do Oily skin of the face delivers to its possessora lot of inconvenience. Shine on the forehead, nose and cheeks, clogged pores, "black dots", pimples - is not a complete list of "surprises" to which it is capable. Young maidens consoled themselves that with the overcoming of the adolescent period, such problems will disappear, but these dreams do not always come true. Unnecessary gloss afflicts both 25-year-old girls and 40-year-old ladies. Taming the excessive work of the sebaceous glands will help only a systematic and properly selected care.

Pros and cons of oily skin

Excess sebum secretion is clogged inpores and interfere with the normal saturation of the epidermis with oxygen. Hence the earthy complexion, and black dots, and small pustules. Together with the fat in the pores get the remains of make-up and dust. It is very difficult to choose the means for caring for this type of skin: usual moisturizing and nourishing creams only aggravate the existing position. Apply on the face a remedy for normal or dry skin - and it will repay you with subcutaneous inflammation and acne. The use of foundation provides similar effects, in addition, in an hour any, even the ultra-resistant make-up will flow. Greasy gloss has to be cleaned hourly with paper napkins, which is not always convenient. Despite all the above-mentioned disadvantages, oily skin has quite significant advantages over other types. It is not susceptible to early aging, as a thin layer of skin secret on the face prevents airing and serves as a kind of UV filter. Yes, it is rough - but it does not suffer from increased sensitivity and a constant sense of tightness and dryness. Bold epidermis is very elastic and quickly regenerated, so the scars and scars heal fairly quickly. very oily skin of the face

Causes of sudden "activation" of the sebaceous glands

However, the gloss on the skin does not have toaccompany you all your life. Sometimes the type of skin changes very unexpectedly - yesterday you did not know any problems, and now ... In the morning you wake up and see in the mirror where the comedones and eels come from. The forehead and the tip of the nose seemed to be greased, and small rashes appeared on the cheeks. What was the trigger for a sharp change in the "mood" of your epidermis? Most often, the skin becomes oily due to improper care for it. If you abuse peelings and other exfoliating remedies, believing that you need to cleanse your face "up to the creak," then there's nothing to be surprised at. Normally, the skin has a thin "veil" from secreted secret, which retains moisture in the deep layers of the seium, preventing dehydration. Using a scrub daily, you destroy this layer. Skin fat begins to be produced with redoubled force, trying to restore the balance broken by detergents. Therefore, when buying, choose the exfoliation of the fine fraction and apply it at most once a week. For each day, choose a quality gel for washing or foam. By the way, tonics with alcohol and all sorts of curative "talkers" from post-Soviet pharmacies with its content, have a similar side effect. Lovers of cakes, sodas and smoked products suffer from excessive fatness of the skin due to their taste preferences. Such food is poorly digested, the stomach "rebels," and on your face there are pimples and hateful gloss. Try to reduce the use of such products, or replace cakes with marmalade and dried fruits, lemonade - on freshly squeezed juice, and instead of smoked foods to enjoy boiled meat. Pregnancy, abortion and other hormonal "explosions" are also displayed on the female skin is not the best way. Because of the jump in estrogens and the decrease in testosterone (which should normally be present not only in the male body, but also in the female body), the epidermis can become too dry or vice versa, fat. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it - it remains only to maintain the purity and freshness of the face with the help of special cosmetics before delivery or the end of hormone therapy. If you are not pregnant, but have problems with the thyroid gland - ask your doctor to prescribe the appropriate tests.

Cleansing oily skin

What to do if you suffer from excessivethe production of sebum? Begin the fight for a person "from the cover" from the selection of a suitable cleanser. Do not treat this stage of self-care exclusively as a banal disposal of dirt and dust. You will give this procedure too little attention - the amount of acne and acne will grow exponentially. Microorganisms that cause inflammation in the upper layers of the skin, feel free and quickly multiply in a greasy secret. Gels, foams and soaps are suitable for your type. No, not "Children's" and not "Toilet", no matter how much it costs and what the manufacturer did not promise. The components from which it is made, violate the natural ph-balance of the skin and provoke the appearance of allergic reactions. The therapeutic version of this detergent is released solely on the basis of soap root and antibacterial substances. To cope with high fat, you will have to wash at least 3 times a day. Gel or mousse for cleansing the face should contain as an antiseptic - salicylic acid, essential oil of tea tree, zinc, benzoyl, bilberry extract or eucalyptus. Make sure that the gel does not consist exclusively of alkalis, parabens and dimethicone - oil products and mineral oils only contribute to the formation of fat and the "clogging" of pores. For a rare combination of fatty and sensitive types, a soft foam or fluid with calendula, glycerin or chamomile is suitable. Do not wash with hot water! The opinion that it dissolves sebaceous plugs and promotes deep cleansing is just a myth. The heat "awakens" the glands and after half an hour after washing your reflection in the mirror will resemble a pancake smeared with oil. Wash off the cleanser from the face of cool, and even better - cold water. It narrows the pores and tones the skin, giving it a healthy look. Exfoliate oily skin with scrubs can only be in the period of pimples and comedones drying out. If your face "blooms", and you regularly rub it with different peelings - do not wait for improvement. Scrubbing particles "rip off" the head of the inflammatory element and spread the infection to healthy parts of the epidermis. Once a month, use chemical peels with fruit acids. AHA-acids penetrate deep into the pores and promote their opening. It will help get rid of post-acne, keloid scars and red spots, improve the complexion. Complete the process of cleansing oily skin antibacterial tonic. Among the "forbidden" components is, in addition to alcohol: sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, neolon, acrylamide and phenolphthalein. This cosmetic product should have astringent properties to dry out inflammation and minimize pores after washing or mechanical cleaning of the face. Tonic is applied to a cotton swab or disk and evenly distributed, following the direction of the massage lines. Specially for the care of very oily skin, Clinique has developed an anti-inflammatory soap. It is available in two versions - solid and liquid. A bottle with a dispenser makes the product incredibly economical - for one washing there are enough peas. Lumpy Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar is aimed at drying and treating serious inflammation on the face and body. From the thick foam of this soap, you can also make antibacterial masks to brighten up blackheads and black spots. The composition of both species is enriched with extracts from aloe and green tea. ARNAUD Sebo Gel Nettoyant Purifiant is designed for deep cleansing of the face and removal of dead cells. By washing this gel twice a day, you will get a matte and radiant skin. The role of light fruit peeling is played by grapefruit enzymes, which also contribute to the disappearance of red spots left after acne. Keratin fills the microcracks, and zinc and salicylic acid prevent the reproduction of bacteria. Clean-AC Cleansing Cream from Avene is shown to young girls whose oily skin needs serious treatment. Gel with the content of thermal water and zinc gluconate helps to cope with acne (acne). Despite the strong therapeutic effect, it does not cause allergies and can be used even to purify sensitive epidermis. Scrub Clean & Clear "Control of the Glitter" is a very rare kind of exfoliant. It can be safely applied for daily cleansing of the face. Rounded polymer granules do not scratch the skin and do not injure the inflammation, which makes it possible to use it in the fight against large pimples and subcutis. The grass of lemongrass has a matting effect - you no longer have to powder your nose every half hour. Avon Clearskin differs unusual for chemical peeling method of use. Unlike other products containing fruit and AHA-acids, it is applied not for 15-20 minutes, but spread over the skin and left overnight. By morning, the rest of the peeling will turn into a thin film, from which you can easily get rid of. Tonic Garnier "Pure skin" is recommended to use after each washing. Salts of zinc, salicylic acid and clay narrows the pores and matiruyut. Eucalyptus extract significantly reduces inflammation and destroys bacteria that cause the appearance of acne. With regular use, the tonic balances the amount of secretions from the sebaceous glands of even very oily skin. Antibacterial tonic STYX "Tea tree" helps to resolve scars from pimples and draws pus from subcutaneous inflammations. Tea tree oil can treat allergic, autoimmune and infectious dermatitis. The infusion of arnica and St. John's wort dissolves fat, which "sits" deep in the pores and pushes it out. very oily skin of the face what to do

Treatment masks for oily skin

For a long time to save you from greasy shine,expanded pores and acne can only means of intense exposure - mask. Use them 2-3 times a week. Before the procedure, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned with a tonic or gel for washing. Bold epidermis has a very dense structure, so masks designed to solve its problems can "prick", pinch or tighten the face during the action of active components. Means based on white or blue clay are very useful for your skin type. Such masks draw contaminants from the pores and remove excess fat from the face. Oily skin will be grateful to you if it contains also oils of rosemary and lavender (rosemary kills pathogenic bacteria, and lavender eliminates redness and small rashes). If your nose is strewn with "black dots" and looks like a ripe strawberry, special plasters for the face will also be useful. With their help, you can do a deep cleansing of the pores as often as you want (and no preliminary steaming is required). Sticky strips for the nose are stuck on the skin, abundantly moistened with water. After 10-15 minutes, the patch is removed with a sharp movement, and together with it the contents of the pores are "sticks" made of dirt and fat. After carrying out all manipulations, the skin of the face should be moistened with a cream or gel. Nonicare Garden of Eden combines both the magic effect of chemical peeling and matting mask. Excess skin secretion helps to remove orange oil, a mix of several types of clay and natural vanilla degreases the upper layers of the epidermis. The juice of the plant Noni narrows the pores, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin of the face. Seeds of a dwarf palm are a very valuable component that, together with glycolic acids, excellently exfoliates and dissolves "black dots". If you regularly squeeze out comedones, but sometimes you do not have the patience or time to pre-prepare in the form of a steam sauna - buy a pairing mask for Garnier's "Clean Skin". Just 5 minutes - and your pores are opened and ready for deep cleansing. A mixture of clay, essential oil of eucalyptus and zinc when applied to the skin warms it, and salicylic acid - disinfects the existing inflammations. Eldan Herb Mask is similar in its action to laser peeling. With regular use, it improves metabolic processes in the upper layers of the seium and stimulates the accelerated regeneration of tissues in place of micro-trauma and post-acne. Oily skin becomes opaque thanks to sage and peppermint. The drug does not "muffle" inflammation - Herb Mask treats them at the cellular level. Guam Microcellulaire "2 in 1" First Mask "with a bang" will cope with all the shortcomings of your type of epidermis. This mask can be used to eliminate sebaceous gloss and narrowing of the portals, adsorbs fat, and vitamin C tones. To do this, it should be applied to clean skin for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Do you want to "pull" out all the "black dots" on the nose and chin? Spread the mask with a thick even layer over the face, avoiding the area of ​​the lips and eyebrows. After 10 minutes, the remedy turns into a film that can be easily rolled with fingertips. The easiest way to get rid of the "black spots", locally using plasters for the nose - for example, TianDe "Clean pores". You paste a piece of cloth impregnated with a special glue on the damp skin, and after a few minutes on the taped patch you will see the "columns" of dirt filling your pores. Coal dust in the "Velcro" - the best natural adsorbent, collecting excess fat from the skin is not worse than a sponge.

Moisturizing and Nourishing Care

Greasy consistency of creams intended fordry and normal skin, completely unacceptable for your type. Sebium, constantly suffering from increased activity of the sebaceous glands, is suitable only for a light fluid or moisturizing gel. Yes, it is the moisturizer. The fact that your skin starts to shine after half an hour after washing does not mean that it is oversaturated with moisture. Before applying makeup also use an emulsion based on thermal water or aloe juice. Regular moisturizing improves the complexion and accelerates the healing of inflammatory elements. Evening care for oily skin should end with the application of a night remedy. Here you can afford more saturated textures, because at night the skin "rests" from makeup, dust and dirt. For these purposes, a nourishing cream without silicones and fats in the composition is perfect. Did you know that oily skin is practically unprotected before UV radiation? In the summer, when the sun shines particularly brightly, it is necessary to use a day cream with a sun protection factor as a base for make-up. For example, Mattifying SunScreen from the Israeli brand Christina with an ultraviolet barrier of 15 units. Cetiaryl alcohol and inositol disinfect acne and small abscesses, and avocados and Shi moisturize and prepare the epidermis for applying decorative cosmetics. Fructose fibers adsorb excess fat - even very oily skin remains dull during the day! For oily, sensitive skin, Avene specialists have developed a therapeutic day-time gel-Clean-As gel, using only hypoallergenic components and pure thermal water. Apply it is necessary for 15-20 minutes before using tonal funds, paying special attention to the zones affected by comedones and acne. Bisabolol and active compounds of zinc will save you from them in a few days, and with regular application of the cream will be an excellent prevention from the return. Night gown of deep impact "Pure leather A" produced by Garnier will provide a decent care for your face during sleep. Eucalyptus oil refreshes and tones, and salicylic acid struggles with pimples, greasy shine and dilated pores. Gel-like consistency provides a rapid absorption and the absence of a greasy shine on the forehead and tip of the nose in the morning. Acne and greasy gloss on the skin - not a verdict. Provided regular and thorough care, as well as proper nutrition, the problems of oily skin can, if not cure, at least minimize. We advise you to read: