the causes of ingrown hairs on the legs All girls take care of their feet, removehair. But some have perfectly smooth and smooth skin, while others - on the contrary. Why is this happening? In all to blame the ingrown hairs on the legs. They not only spoil the appearance of the legs, but can lead to serious infectious diseases.

Causes of growing hair

  • The most important reason is incorrect hair removal. This applies not only to girls using a razor, but also using methods such as wax depilation, electrolysis. Incorrect procedures lead to the fact that the hair begins to grow inside the skin. As a result, the hair follicle will begin to inflame. There will be a feeling that your legs are irritated.
  • Sometimes it happens that ingrown hair appears from nature. This is due to the fact that the hair on the body is hard, the skin is rough.
  • This problem also happens in men, they have it by nature. But more often the inconvenience with ingrown hair is experienced by the female sex due to improper removal of the hairline. shave your hair on your feet preferably on the growth of hair

    How to deal with the "grown-up problem"?

    Redness on the legs can be removed with the help ofthe prepared compress. In warm water, dilute a crumbled tablet of aspirin. Wet a rag and put on an inflamed patch. Keep the compress for at least an hour. Hair growth should be prevented, otherwise the inflammation will grow, the appearance of the legs will deteriorate. You can even get to the hospital with an infection. You can get rid of problems from tweezers or a needle. First, you need to sterilize the instrument in hydrogen peroxide. At the site of ingrowth, the skin is well steamed, pierced with a needle, pull out the tip of the hair with a pair of tweezers and gently pull it out. Do not forget about disinfection. If the hair has grown so deep that you can not pull it out yourself, contact the professionals. You can turn to folk medicine. Try rubbing the skin with a fresh-water sponge. It is sold in any pharmacy, the price is very low. Badyaga improves blood circulation, eliminates redness. The only negative is that it dries the skin, therefore it is recommended to use it once every 2 weeks. You can prepare the following solution: 30 g of alcohol, 10 g of ammonia, 1 g of iodine, 5 g of castor oil. This mixture is well rubbed into the legs, then rinsed and lubricated with a moisturizer. If you want to hide redness or irritation, go to a tanning salon. It will even out the color of your legs, give them a nice look. But does not solve the problem of ingrown hair. If ingrown hair often appears, only you get rid of them, change the epilation method temporarily. Remember that the depilator gives a greater guarantee of ingrown hair than the shaving machine. However, after shaving, the hair grows much faster. Therefore it is better to use wax strips, only this procedure is not pleasant. moisturizing after shaving

    Prevention of ingrown hairs

  • The best method of prevention is the hair removal in the salon. Now the safest method is laser hair removal. It can cost you a little, but it's very safe.
  • Every week, do not forget to use the scrub. It deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead cells. Before depilation, peeling should be done! you can prepare a scrub yourself at home, the effect will be even better. Take coffee and honey, mix them in equal proportions and apply to the body. The skin after this procedure will be very mild. Instead of coffee, you can take sea salt or sugar.
  • If there are scratches or scars on the skin, it is better to temporarily stop hair removal.
  • Undressed skin is better served by hair removal.
  • To shave legs follows on growth of hair, to remove wax strias hair - against.
  • Shaving legs, be sure to use foam or gelfor shaving, do not shave dry feet. Do not press strongly on the shaving machine, do not use a razor on the same section of the body several times.
  • Regularly change razor blades!
  • After removing hair, apply a moisturizer to your skin.
  • After depilation during the day, it is advisable not to appear in the sun and not to wet the skin.
  • Use special creams that slow hair growth.
  • Shave your legs better before going to bed, then the skin can rest for a night. Before you wear pantyhose or stockings, it is better to refuse depilation.
  • You can smear your feet with anti-acne remedies. They contain salicylic acid, which prevents the ingrowth of hair.
  • Depilation must be done on clean skin, before the procedure, be sure to take a bath or shower, or even better visit the sauna or sauna.
  • If the girl follows these tips, especially on prevention, she should not have problems with ingrown hair. Be attentive to your appearance and stay always beautiful!