masks with jojoba oil Natural substances and materials are needed invarious spheres of life, for example: food products grown without pesticides, in clean regions, clothing made from natural fabrics, building materials, furniture. With hair care, women began to use more folk remedies, for example, jojoba oil for hair was just a panacea.

Jojoba in cosmetology

In cosmetology in recent years, allthe same trend. Just 10 years ago, most women did not even think about the makeup they use, and today they are closely studying the makeup of the cosmetics they buy. Many cosmetic companies began to use natural ingredients in their production. As such production is known to be expensive, so their products are much more expensive. But jojoba oil for hair and body has a restoring effect, the hair acquires strength and shine, and the body becomes gentle and tightened. For example, a substance such as spermaceti is extracted from the cavity of the sperm whale's skull and used to produce therapeutic cosmetic products. But now the extermination of these animals is prohibited, and companies had to replace something with spermaceti. Cosmetologists began using a natural substance - jojoba oil, which is extracted from the seeds of American shrubs. The substance is extracted by the method of cold pressing, so all useful vitamins and elements are stored. No plant in the world has such a rich composition. Long-term studies have shown that the content of nutrients in jojoba oil is several times greater than that of thousands of other plants, and even spermacete is inferior in properties to it. jojoba oil composition

Composition of jojoba oil

Jojoba contains proteins,amino acids and a large amount of vitamin E, due to which the product has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties and is an antioxidant. It has a long shelf life and does not acquire a bitter taste over time. And when you add it to other oils, it helps to extend their shelf life. In the study of pyramids in ancient Egypt, jojoba was discovered, which almost completely preserved its qualities. Despite the thick consistency, the essential oil penetrates quickly and deeply into the hair and skin, forming a protective layer, leaving no greasy shine. Jojoba - the best fat component, which was used in cosmetology due to its properties:

  • mitigation;
  • moisturizing;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • not susceptible to oxidation.

Chemists came to the conclusion that the structure of the ethericoil resembles a liquid wax. But for consumers it does not matter, they are satisfied with the healing properties of jojoba, because it can be used for inflammation of joints, skin, redness, dermatitis, acne, eczema, neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Essential oil properties As part of the cosmetic means jojoba is able to take good care of the skin, nourish and moisturize, penetrating deep into the pores. Usually it is taken as a basis and other ethereal substances are added to it, and since it does not smell - the oils do not lose their aromas. Jojoba, unlike other vegetable oils, has excellent protective properties, so it is often used in skin care for newborns. The resulting protective film makes it possible to breathe the skin, but at the same time prevents the overmoistening caused by the use of diapers. application of jojoba oil

Hair treatment with essential oil

Cosmetologists found that using jojoba forhair, you can significantly improve their condition and appearance. Broken, dry and dyed hair will become "alive", will acquire strength and brilliance. Wax will help protect them from damage. Essential oil can be applied directly to the hair or to the scalp. In its pure form, it can be applied only to small areas of the skin, and in other cases it is recommended to make a 10% solution. To enhance the effect, other essential oils are added to it. Jojoba hair can be used as an additional ingredient, adding it to shampoo and balm. You can achieve a good effect, if before washing your hair, apply oil to the scalp and the ends of the hair for 20-30 minutes. After the first procedure, you can see improvements, the hair will become soft and obedient. The substance is recommended to be used daily for combing, applying a few drops on the comb with sparse teeth. Often there is a problem of hair loss, to solve it jojoba becomes an indispensable assistant. It is necessary to make a mixture of oils, adding each few drops: cedar, pine, eucalyptus, ginger or sage oil. Apply when combing or rub into the scalp for half an hour before washing.

Application of oil in body care

When taking care of the body, fresh oil is usedcold pressing. It is not added preservatives, perfumes, dyes, so the oil is hypoallergenic and can be used for all skin types. Useful substances help to rejuvenate the skin and improve its condition, eliminating peeling, dryness and inflammation. Flabby and fading skin especially needs care, jojoba helps get rid of wrinkles and small cracks. With it, you can also fight against blackheads, minor injuries, stretch marks and cellulite. Well moisturizes the skin after shaving, bathing and tanning, helps to soften scars and scars. In cosmetology, the use of jojoba is becoming increasingly popular, with its help replaced mineral oils, triglycerides, lanolin and squalene. Cosmetics have become safer and more effective. For 2000 years, people have been maintaining health, beauty and youth thanks to jojoba.