office hairstyles for long hair "Hairstyle influences how the day turns out, andin the end - and life. " (Sophia Loren) Long beautiful hair - the pride of any woman. Having a thick, elegant head of hair, it's so simple to amaze the people around with a variety of hairstyles! But this is - ideally. The reality is that the owners of luxurious hair rarely pamper themselves with new exquisite hairstyles. They every day repeat the customary since childhood ritual: someone grabs the tail of a crab, someone stabs an unchanged beam, well, someone stubbornly leaves the hair loose. Nevertheless, in the modern world, a working woman can not always afford to take liberties in choosing a hairstyle: in many serious companies there is a certain dress code. That is why many employees have to create office hairstyles for long hair, which will allow to look not only businesslike, but also feminine and stylish. There are several basic hairstyles for the office, ideal for owners of long hair. We will talk about three of them: it's a platen, a scythe and a ponytail. office hairstyle

The famous "Ponytail"

Do you know that there are more than 80ways to make a ponytail haircut? After all, having long hair, you can fantasize unlimitedly. Fashion for this hairstyle has appeared in immemorial times, its popularity has flared up, then calmed down, followed by complex and sophisticated ways of styling hair. But the time passed, and the pony tail again returned to its rightful place - at the beautiful heads of fashionable women with long hair. Do many hairstyles boast such tenacity? We will consider only two ways of creating a hairstyle: a ponytail on the vertex and a "stylish ponytail". By the way, for this hairstyle you need thick hair: if they are rare, you will not get a "horse", but a "mouse" tail! For the horse's tail on the vertex, you need to straighten the hair (you can use ironing). Then put the hair in the tail on the vertex and fasten with an elastic band or other hair clip. After that, you need to carefully comb the hair of a small comb to smooth all the hairs that fall out, and sprinkle with varnish. It is not forbidden to use a spray to give shine to the hair. Stylish ponytail is a great hairstyle for the office, the creation of which does not take too much of your time. Just gather the hair in the tail, and, holding one hand, scratch the roots. Now release the hair and fasten the tail with an elastic band. Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston appeared with such a haircut on the red carpet. Why do not you also shine in your office with such a tail? office hairstyles

Refined "Roller"

Another popular office hairstyle is a roller,or, as many call it, shell. This hairstyle really reminds a cockleshell because of a tight twisted hair harness. The French generally call a hairstyle a "banana" - you yourself understand from what considerations. The famous roller of any woman will make a refined and elegant, with such a hairdo, you can safely appear in any, even the most rigorous office. And if you show a little imagination and pre-think hair accessories, then after a day's work, you can go to the theater or any other event without changing your hair. To create a platen, carefully comb the hair and assemble it in the tail, without fixing the elastic band. Lift the hair up and screw it into the harness. Now fold the tail so that the top is a small loop, and the tips are hidden under the formed roller. Fix the hair with invisible hairpins, or beautiful hairpins with pebbles and rhinestones. Gently comb the hair from the front in order to avoid "cocks" and falling out of disobedient strands. Secure the finished hairdo with a hair spray. Another way to create a hairstyle: take in the tail is not all the hair, but only a part. Strands with temples and forehead simply fix for a time any hairpin. After you build a shell from the remaining hair under the previous scenario, scratch the collected strands. Then lift the combed hair up and, giving the strands neatness, fasten them to the top of the roller. You will get a lush, elegant hairstyle, which all office mice will envy, and men will look at you in a very special way. office fashion hairstyles for long hair

Long braid - girlish beauty

About hairstyles with weaving can write a wholethe book. What is the most popular hairstyle for women with long hair, starting with Kievan Rus, right up to our days? That's right, the braid. But modern office ladies can not simply plait three standard strands in a braid, but also weave a "French braid", "basket", "fish tail" and so on. Remember, at least, the image of Yulia Tymoshenko - her famous "basket" won the hearts of millions of people around the world. At the Fashion Week in Milan and Paris in 2006, almost all models sported "with a ripe ear" around their neat heads. However, unlike the previous versions of office hairstyles, it's quite difficult to make a complex weaving to ourselves - not every woman is capable of such a feat. It's great if you have a relative or girlfriend at hand, who can quickly and accurately prepare a hairstyle to go to work. But this is not often, and therefore, it is quite realistic to learn at least one reception of the weave, which is as accurate as possible for your image. One of the simplest types of weaving (besides the standard braid) is the "fish tail" hairstyle. At first glance, it seems rather complicated, but it costs you several times to practice in front of a mirror, and a triumph in the office is assured! Divide the hair into two equal parts. Now separate one thin strand from the left side and toss it to the right. Also, separate the strand from the right side and toss it on the left side of the hair. Try to keep the thin strands between each other. Do not forget that thin strands should be the same thickness. Gently continue the weaving to the desired length. There is a saying: "A woman's long hair is like a man's car." And in order for your head of hair to entice you and others, it is necessary to look after it. There are a lot of office hairstyles, but all of them will look attractive only if the hair looks healthy and well-groomed. So use good hair cosmetics and regularly visit the hairdresser to give your hair a well-groomed look. And do not forget about accessories for hair - with them office hairdresses will play in a completely new, attractive light. We advise you to read: