Japanese diet for 14 days To date, Japan is among the ten mostdeveloped and civilized countries with the largest number of long-livers and people who do not have weight problems. The reason for the excellent health of the local population is a correct, full and balanced diet. For them, a diet is not a panacea, but a lifestyle. Therefore, walking through the small streets of any, even the largest and most populous city, you will hardly meet more than two or three people with excessive weight. However, in our country not so fanatically treat healthy food, rather the opposite - almost all representatives of the fair sex prefer fried potatoes with meat, seasoned with a huge amount of salt, pepper and such spices and spices. And when it's time to stand on the scales, many girls discover that the arrow shows a minimum of five to ten kilograms more than it was a month ago. And if this, unfortunately, happened to you, it's time to sit on a strict diet. But do not risk your health and try on yourself a lot of all kinds of options, it is better to stop at the one that professionals have developed in the Yaeks Clinic. She prefers many slim and thin Japanese beauties. You will need to hold out only 14 days to return to the old forms. Japanese diet for 14 days

Caution, diet: principles, rules and precautions

Unfortunately, one desire to lose weight quickly,it is necessary to make sufficient efforts, establish restrictions and listen to the advice of specialists. It is quite difficult to achieve even minimal positive results if you do not follow established norms and rules. Preparing the body for unloading Sharp refusal of food can lead to stress, reduced efficiency, drowsiness, aggression and other such unpleasant consequences, so every girl before getting on a diet should prepare for her. So, five to seven days before the day of "X" should gradually reduce portions, do not take the supplement after a hearty meal and do not run to the refrigerator after six in the evening. Fans of sweet tea and coffee will have to moderate their appetites, and it is best to switch to green tea without sugar. Sweets can be replaced with honey, which is less caloric and more useful. Also for a while you will forget about salt, which is not for nothing in the people called "white death". It not only delays water in the body, but also badly affects health in general (worsens kidney function, increases blood pressure, etc.). Lose weight correctly

  • Rule one: observe precautions

The Japanese diet is calculated exactly at fourteendays, so it is worth it to sit on it only if you are completely healthy or in the near future do not anticipate serious physical or mental stress. Preliminary it is necessary to consult with your attending physician, to undergo a full examination in order to exclude any negative consequences.

  • Rule two: stick to the menu

As much as you do not like meat, fat,mayonnaise, ketchup and other "delicacies", strictly observe the diet. It's unlikely that you will receive the peace of mind of two hundred or three hundred grams of sausages or sausages, but it's a black matter to add fat to your hips and thighs, they will still be in time. Say solid no to baked goods, pastry to pastries and sweets, and then even the most simple diet will bear fruit.

  • Rule three: do not let yourself wither!

In the beginning, the body of a complete person leaveswater, and only then - fatty deposits, so whatever diet was Japanese, European or Central Asian, you should always drink at least one and a half liters of fluid a day. It can be a compote of dried fruits, green tea, mineral water without gas. Store juices, sweet colored water should not be drunk, since in this drink there are too many different harmful additives, concentrates and sugar (or salt, if it is, for example, Morse).

  • Rule four: we fight with beriberi

Any diet, which resulted in a rapidgo kilograms - harmful, this will tell any doctor. Japanese in this case is also no exception. Since within fourteen days your body will not receive vitamins and beneficial microelements, you should take some measures to avoid beriberi. To do this, it is sufficient to use the usual vitamins in the morning and in the evening.

  • Rule five: only natural and fresh products

The Japanese diet is fourteen unloadingdays, during which you only need to eat healthy foods. It is advisable not to buy instant coffee, since it loses all flavor even before packaging. It is best to buy whole grains, fry them in a frying pan, grind in a coffee grinder and cook in a Turk, then all the useful substances in the drink will be preserved. Vegetables and fruit should in no case be imported from abroad. First, they are not as useful as those grown at home, and secondly, such products are sometimes processed by chemistry, so that the fruit is stored longer and not rot during transportation. The Japanese diet greatly weakens the body, so it is twice as difficult to cope with such a load.

  • Rule six: tell the alcohol no!

The next fourteen days to drink alcohol onA hungry stomach, whether a glass of wine or a mug of beer in the company of girlfriends, is impossible. You'll have to choose: either you really want to lose weight, or you can let the second glass of hot and caloric drinks pass. correct Japanese diet for 14 days

Menu: we sit on a fourteen-day Japanese diet

The first day

  • Breakfast is a cup of black coffee.
  • Lunch is an egg brewed in a steep, cabbage salad dressed with olive oil, homemade tomato juice (if desired, it can be replaced with a small tomato).
  • Supper - fried or boiled lean fish, salad.

Day Two and Twelfth

  • Breakfast - on the second day the Japanese diet is more loyal, since in the morning it is allowed to drink not only coffee, but also to eat a small cracker.
  • Lunch is fish (fried with a minimum amount of olive oil or boiled in unsalted water) and a salad.
  • Dinner - two hundred grams of beef and a glass of fatty yogurt, which after a long starvation will quench a day's raging appetite.

Day Three

  • Breakfast - coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch - one raw chicken egg or four quail, preferably home-made and tested for lack of salmonella, a pound of grated boiled carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil. Do not salt the dishes!
  • Dinner - unfortunately, in the evening will have to eat only apples.

Day four

  • Breakfast - black coffee.
  • Lunch - no more than three hundred grams of roasted parsnip root (if necessary, can be replaced with parsley root) and apples.
  • Dinner - fruits (bananas, apples, pears). Sour and citrus are better to exclude, because after them you even more strongly want to eat.

Day five

  • Breakfast - raw carrots, grated on a large grater, seasoned with two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Lunch - cooked or steamed fish (not more than a pound) and tomato juice. In this case, it can not be replaced with fresh tomatoes.
  • Dinner - three hundred or four hundred grams of fresh fruit.

Day Six

  • Breakfast - a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch - cooked chicken fillet (five hundred grams), salad of fresh cabbage and raw carrots.
  • Dinner - two cooked in a steep egg, a carrot salad dressed with oil.

Day Seven

  • Breakfast - strong tea without sugar.
  • Lunch - cooked or steamed beef (no more than two hundred grams) and sweet fruit.
  • Dinner - at the end of the week it is allowed to choose a suitable option for yourself from the menu of the previous seven days, except for the third.

Day eight

  • Breakfast - green or black tea without sugar.
  • Lunch - boiled lean beef and salad.
  • Dinner - for the evening, as in the previous case, the menu is chosen by you.

Day the ninth

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch - half a boiled chicken breast, salad.
  • Dinner - two cooked chicken or five or six quail eggs, grated carrots with butter.

The tenth day

  • Breakfast - raw carrots with lemon juice.
  • Lunch is fish cooked or fried with a little oil, and two hundred grams of tomato juice.
  • Dinner - some fresh fruit.

Day the eleventh

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch - one raw chicken egg or four quail, boiled carrots (two hundred grams), hard cheese (fifteen grams).
  • Dinner - fresh non-acidic fruit.

Day Two and Twelfth

  • Breakfast - coffee and one small cracker.
  • Lunch - fish with salad.
  • Dinner - a small piece of boiled beef and two hundred grams of kefir.

Day thirteenth

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch - eggs cooked in a steep, salad dressed with vegetable oil, juice (tomato).
  • Dinner - fried, boiled or steamed fish.

Day fourteen

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch - as in previous days, fried or boiled fish, cabbage salad, seasoned with a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  • Dinner - two hundred grams of boiled beef, a glass of kefir.

the correct Japanese diet 14 days

Contraindications or who should not go on a diet

The Japanese diet is completely contraindicated to people,having problems with the stomach (ulcer, gastritis), kidneys, liver. Poorly similar experiments are tolerated by people with diabetes, girls in position, nursing mothers, and also women who hate coffee. Do not go on a diet, if you have brittle nails, hair falls out, there is dandruff, as the situation will only worsen. Pros and cons of fourteen days of starvation Japanese diet, like any other category of unbalanced, will help you achieve a positive effect in just fourteen days. However, even completely healthy women do not always maintain such a diet, and already at the end of the first week they have a sharp decline in strength. Also important is that you need to get out of the diet correctly, otherwise after a few days of the previous diet the weight will return. The first week after the completion of such a fasting, it is recommended to gradually increase portions, without throwing on buns, chocolate, biscuits and similar harmful sweets. Another disadvantage of the diet is a large amount of oil (vegetable and olive), which are refueled almost all salads. In some representatives of the fair sex, this can induce indigestion, indigestion, heartburn, heaviness in the stomach and nausea. Pay attention to the fact that you can resort to this method of weight loss not more than two or three times a year, otherwise the body can severely impair metabolism. For fourteen days it is not recommended to visit the baths, saunas, go to the gyms, as this will be another blow to the depleted body. However, after completing the diet, it is recommended to intensively engage in sports (fitness, aerobics) in order to support yourself in great shape and not get better again.