numbness of fingers Numbness of fingers, the causes of which can bevery different, is found in very many people. And some of them experience these unpleasant sensations quite seldom, and someone, on the contrary, suffers from them practically in a continuous mode. Not so long ago a similar phenomenon was most characteristic for people of an older age. In our days even very young people often wake up with a very unpleasant sensation of numbness in the fingers, a change in the feeling of tingling and "whining". Most often, the numbness of the limbs, especially if the fingers become cold at the same time, indicates that the person has significantly disrupted normal circulation in the hands. And in order to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, you need to know exactly what caused the numbness of the fingers. For example, in some cases, fingers numb for the most banal reason - in the morning, waking up, a person feels numbness and tingling in the limbs simply because the dream was in an uncomfortable position. The only thing that needs to be done in this case is a small warm-up, after which you can forget about the problem altogether. However, if the numbness of the fingers arises quite regularly, moreover, there is an increase in the frequency of seizures, a person should as soon as possible seek help from a doctor, whether he wants it or not. After all, not always numbness of fingers arises as a result of trivial violations - sometimes this symptom is inherent in extremely serious diseases that pose a real threat not only to health, but even to life.

The main causes of numbness in the hands

  • clothing

In the event that numbness of the fingers youyou experience immediately after awakening, pay attention to the clothes in which you sleep. Very often a doctor and a sick person tried to find the cause of this phenomenon long and unsuccessfully, while the answer was very close. In the event that the sleeves of night clothes are too tight, they clamp blood vessels, and accordingly, the blood circulation is greatly violated. After the blood circulation has been restored, certain substances begin to enter the nerve endings, which irritate the nerve endings in the fingers very much. It is because of this irritation and there is an unpleasant tingling in the region of the extremities. To get rid of the problem in this case is quite simple, it's enough just to change the clothes in which the person sleeps.

  • Osteochondrosis

Another common cause of numbnessfingers is an osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. And notice that in this case the numbness of the fingers of the left hand, or the right one, is characteristic. But practically never as a result of an osteochondrosis fingers at once on both hands do not grow dumb. In order to accurately establish the diagnosis, a sick person must necessarily consult a doctor.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

This name carries such a state of a person,at which the median nerve, which passes along the carpal tunnel, is pinched. And in this case, a person often feels not only a feeling of numbness and tingling, but also painful sensations. Fingers can be strong enough, depriving the sick person of peace. Incidentally, this phenomenon is most often observed if the specificity of the patient's work is such that the hands of his hands are forced to be in tension, and even in the same position - for example, at the computer. In order to avoid this ailment, during work it is necessary to do every half hour at least a one-minute break and a kind of warm-up for the hands to avoid stagnation of blood and pinching of the nerve.

  • Polyneuropathy

In this case, there is an organicdefeat of the nerve plexuses, both the hands themselves and the fingers. And as a result of this defeat, the feeling of numbness and tingling constantly replace each other. The frequency of their occurrence depends on the degree of nerve damage - from several times a week, to almost hourly attacks. Such a lesion can be a consequence of both various infectious diseases, and functional - for example, diabetes or pancreatitis. In some cases, provoke these lesions, enough shortage of a vitamin, or the presence of iron deficiency anemia.

  • Raynaud's disease

This disease is characterized by a violationblood circulation in the smallest blood vessels of the hands and fingers. Blood circulation is disturbed due to the damage of small arteries and capillaries. In such sick people, the fingers of both hands grow dull and aching, and in the cold not just freeze, but very much white. Only a doctor can diagnose this disease. And in order to avoid its development, a person needs to pay careful attention to their hands - do not hold hands in cold water for long periods, for example, wash dishes or wash, and in the cold, do not ignore the availability of gloves.

  • Thrombosis of the upper limbs

In the event that the artery located in theupper limb, clogged with a thrombus, a person begins to feel numbness. First, numbness is felt only in the fingers of the affected limb, but as time progresses, numbness does not disappear as usual, but continues to grow, rising higher and higher. Be sure to pay special attention to this nuance - if the feeling of numbness in the fingers, or even more so in the hand itself, does not pass within one hour, the sick person should seek medical help as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a very high risk that tissue necrosis will begin to develop - in this case, if there is no timely assistance, the risk of losing the hand is very high.

  • Corking of the cerebral vessel

Numbness of the hands can also testify,that a person is in danger of a stroke. As a rule, in such cases, a feeling of numbness occurs in one hand. At the same time, the patient has a very high blood pressure and severe headaches. Such a state is inadmissible in any case to be left without due attention. At the first alarming symptoms a sick person should seek medical help as soon as possible.

  • The so-called "Lover's Syndrome"

Another fairly common causethe appearance of a strong sense of numbness in the hand is the case when a woman falls asleep on a man's arm. As a result, during a fairly long time the hand is not only in a crushed state, but also immobile. And as a result of a strong and prolonged squeezing of blood vessels there is a strong feeling of numbness that does not pass for a long time. Therefore, no matter how pleasant the close embrace of a loved one is, make sure that the head still lies on the pillow, not on the arm.

  • Other reasons

In addition to all of the above reasons, numbnessfingers can be caused by various other systemic disorders, for example, trauma, endocrine system diseases, rheumatism, inflammation of the joints. And it is simply impossible to determine for yourself what causes the numbness of the hands in each particular situation is caused. In order to find out this reason, a sick person should seek help from a neurologist who will perform a special examination, the purpose of which is not only diagnosis, but also the selection of a treatment regimen. Correct and timely treatment started is very, very important - otherwise a person can lose mobility of limbs. numbness of the fingers of the left hand

Prevention of numbness of fingers

Equally important is the prevention ofstates. But prevention does not hurt in any case - a very small set of physical exercises that need to be performed only a few times during the day. These exercises will help to eliminate the unpleasant consequences that occur if a person leads an inactive way of life, a static position of the body and especially the hands during work:

  • In the morning, without getting out of bed, lift up and about 50 times squeeze and unclench fists. After that, extend your arms along the trunk and repeat the exercise again.
  • Turn your face to the wall, stand on your toes and raise your hands. Remain in a similar position for about a minute. During the day, this control must be repeated about five to six times.
  • Press your palms against each other, cross your fingers, then squeeze and squeeze them about thirty times.

Such a simple exercise will reduce the number of timesrisk of feeling numbness of the fingers. And, in addition, a physical warm-up will have a beneficial effect on the entire body. Be healthy! We advise you to read: